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Global Warming Topics For Research Paper

2. Global warming topics for research paper

Global warming is one of the leading problems of this age. It affects the world in more than a few ways, and it affects animals and human beings in many more, which means it is a pretty serious issue at the moment, and is widely being taught in schools and universities around the world for a better understanding of the matter and for future solutions. Students of schools and universities face many reports and assignments on global warming and its solutions, and are expected to come up with catchy and bold topics for their research papers. Often this task for some students can become quite the challenge when trying to come up with topics to write on.

First and foremost, students need to obtain a clear idea of what global warming actually is. Then the students need to pinpoint what section of global warming their research paper is based on, for example is it on what causes global warming? Is it on its effects? Or is it on global warming in general?

Global warming is caused by the heating of the earth's surface which in turn heats up the environment and everything in it including oceans and ice caps. It is an issue most have noticed or come across in recent years. Big issues always create great topics. The topic here could be anything from "how to prevent the earth's surface from becoming heated" to "aftermath of a heated environment".

Environmental protection Agency is an agency clearly out to protect the environment. You can put together such information to come up with statistics and research based topics on global warming. Topics such as "How protection agencies work against global warming", and "past and future of Global warming" or "Global Warming statistics" are good places to begin.

Now, not all reasons for global warming are the same. Some are natural causes, while some human. Either way, the thing that affects this situation the most are greenhouse gases which can be produced by man, machinery and nature. The increase in population, economy and the need for energy have all contributed to global warming highly because of the production of greenhouse gases. Since greenhouse gases play such a big role in the happenings of global warming, it makes it a great topic to work on. Topics such as "human roles in the production of greenhouses gases" all make a great write up on global warming.

Other than greenhouse gases, a major cause of global warming is ozone depletion, which is the disintegration of the ozone layer which is increasing every day. This is caused by CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons used in industries and refrigerators. Numerous topics can be extracted from these from the effects of CFCs on the planet, to ozone depletion and raising awareness about CFCs in households.

Lastly, after seeing so many causes and effects of global warming, the reader will be eager to read about how to come to a solution for all these problems. Numerous awareness programs take place to let people know of these situations, and these are started by the government or businessmen and NGOs. However there are some effects which cannot be turned back like the melting of polar ice caps, people would want to read about that too. They could both be turned into great topics-"awareness programs on global warming" and "disasters of global warming".

A feasible solution to global warming is turning to clean energy and reducing the use of electrical energy. A topic based on "ultimate solution for global warming" or "what humans can do to save the planet" with thorough explanations of the alternate energy sources and what sources to avoid provide a very detailed solution to the current problems.

Finally, good topics must have good titles.

Titles on a certain subject could be anything from a single word to an entire sentence depending on the report itself. If a title is of one word, the writer needs to make sure that that one word is catchy, interesting and that it stands out for it to be noticeable. Just a plain "global warming" is not enticing at all to the reader and most definitely will be skipped or will not be given much importance to.

However, if one points out as to what the topic is in the title in a few words, it tends to become more attractive to the reader. Titles such as: "causes of global warming", "global warming and its effects" etc. point out what the research paper is based on and will give the reader a bit of information as to what they are expecting in the write up.

Questions make for a great topic sentence or title. They make the readers wonder as to what to expect, which is more interesting than not expecting anything at all. Questions such as "what is global warming?" and "how is global warming effecting us?" give the reader something to think about, for which they find the answer in the research paper.

Titles could also be argumentative. An argumentative topic asks the question, yes or no. This is even more interesting and catchy than a plain question. These topics discuss as to why something happens, and if so, how or for which reason. It basically discusses two different sides and points of view of the same write up or story. This gives readers something to grasp on to, it makes the readers wonder and evaluate their own point of view on the subject and overall makes for a good read. Argumentative topics on global warming could start with "why or why not's" or could end in "agree or disagrees".

Global Warming is a huge issue with more than one side to look at. Hence, you must concentrate on a certain part of the problem, be it the cause, effect or solution, then dig deeper into the facts and statistics, and then you can eventually come up with more than one topic to write a research paper on.

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