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Good Title For A Research Paper

Good Title for a Research Paper

A research paper is something which reports the final result of an original research. It is done on a specific academic sector. Later after it is finished and tested on originality it is published on a scholarly journal. Picking a proper title is very important for any kind of article, and the same goes for research papers too. To a certain extent, choosing a proper title for a research paper is more important than choosing a title for any random articles; it is a dire necessity. Whether an article will be read depends partially on its title too. Ignoring the importance of a good title is a grave mistake which is often made by a lot of writers while writing a research paper. What they don't realize is that, if the title isn't promising enough, no reader would go through the trouble of reading a huge research paper. Below are some pointers on how to properly write a good title for a research paper topic you have worked so hard on.

Keeping it precise and attractive

A lot of writers often make the mistake of choosing an extended line as a title. This is a very serious mistake which needs to be avoided by writers. The title needs to be short and precise. The more precise and to the point the title will be, the easier it will be for the reader to read the title and decide if going through this research paper is worth the time. Also, the title shouldn't seem boring at all or else the reader would get discouraged after just reading the title. The title should include a catchy word if possible. Hence, in order to choose a title for a research paper initially, you should keep these two points in mind: be precise and make it attractive.

Containing Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases through which you get a one liner idea of the article. Every research paper has its own set of keywords. It would be a good idea to edit the keyword just a little bit and turn it into the title. The main function of the title of the research paper is to give the overall idea of the research paper in just one sentence. As the keywords contain the gist of the whole research paper, it would be fruitful if it is used as the title of the research paper.

Avoid the use of lesser known abbreviations

Abbreviations in general should be avoided if possible. But in the scenario that it has to be used, then widely known abbreviations such as AIDS or NASA can be used. But attention should be placed on the fact that lesser known abbreviations should not be used while writing the title of the research paper. It is highly advised that if the writer has to use any lesser known abbreviations, he/she should change the topic itself. The rule is that if the abbreviation is not believed to be familiar by the mass people, it needs to be avoided.

Deletion of redundant words

Redundant words are words which is unnecessary to put before or after any specific word(s). Redundant words are something the writers need to avoid when writing a title for the research paper. Redundant words seem very awkward in the whole article itself, let alone the title. It also tends to lengthen the title, which is something that you must try and avoid in every way possible. Hence, due care should be given while the title is written so that redundant words are not used.

Using words that create positive impact on people

While writing a research paper title it should be taken into consideration that the writer needs to form a title with words that should leave a positive impression on the reader. On the other hand, a negative themed title is a mistake which needs to be avoided. However, it should also be kept in mind that words that leave a positive impact on the readers should not be forced in the title. As mentioned earlier, if the content doesn't allow any positivity, then positive words shouldn't be forced. It should be used in other cases where use of positive words won't seem forced. In other words, try to make use of them as you see fit depending on the context of the paper.

Show a relationship among the variables which supports the important hypothesis

One important thing that the title must convey is the proper relationship among the variables of the research paper, as this essentially supports the article's major hypothesis. Different variables support different hypotheses. But among those variables are some variables which directly support the major hypothesis of the research paper. These variables remain scattered in different parts of the hypothesis. A one liner relationship can be shown in the title. Such a sentence which shows the major hypothesis of the research paper essentially works as a great title.

Exclamation marks should be used very rarely

Exclamation marks are something which needs to be avoided in the title. It should be used only in cases when it is an utter necessity. Unless a sentence doesn't seem right at all without the exclamation mark, it needs to be avoided.

Use of Quotes

To a certain extent, the use of a quote which is directly relevant to the research paper might be used as a title. If the proper title which directly relates to the research paper is used, then it can turn out to be a very creative topic nonetheless. But it needs to be checked that if a quote is used as a title then the source of the quote needs to be cited as a footnote in the research paper. Otherwise there might be complications if the author of the quote sees the article and complains about it.

Using the title as a question to which the answer is given in the research paper

The research paper gives a solution to a very fundamental question. Therefore, you can choose to direct this important question directly at the readers in the title itself. The research paper itself will provide the answer to it. In this way the reader might get a very good idea on what the research paper is actually on, and not only that, it can also entice curiosity and encourage the readers to continue reading.

From the above discussion we have given some pointers on how a proper title should be written. These pointers will help the writer create a topic which will definitely make any reader who goes through the title read the whole research paper.

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