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Good Topics For A Cause And Effect Essay

Good Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay.

What is a cause and effect essay?

Cause and effect research topics deal with why and how things occur, which is the cause, and what happens as a result of that occurrence, which is the effect. It is a usual method of discussing ideas. When writing a cause and effect essay there are a few things to keep in mind. Always distinguish between the cause and its effect. Oftentimes numerous causes can result in a single effect or a single cause can lead to numerous effect.

Now, choosing topics for cause and effect essays may just be one of the easiest to do given that it can be written on almost anything and everything.

Write on history and events

1. What caused colonialism and what were its effect?

2. What were the causes and effect of The Civil War?

3. Causes and effect of Drug wars

4. Effect of illegal immigration

5. Causes of militancy in North Korea

6. Effect of globalization on women

7. Effect of Christianity on the Roman Empire

8. Causes of online businesses and their effect

Topics on relationships

1. Causes of divorce

2. Causes of conflicts in relationships

3. Effect divorce has on children, what roles they play in these situations

4. Effect of long distance relationships

5. Causes of sibling rivalry and what effect it has on the family

6. Causes of children rebelling against parents

7. Effect of social media in relationships

8. Causes of grandparents raising children and what effect it could have on the children

9. Effect of growing up in single parent households

10. Effect of extramarital affairs on children

Topics on social issues

1. What causes poverty in children and what are its effect?

2. causes of homelessness and its effect

3. causes of poverty in first world countries

4. Effect of food insecurity

5. Causes of polluted water

6. Causes of inefficient sanitation and its effect

7. Effect of religious oppression

8. What effect do natural disasters have on children?

9. Cause and effect of racism and discrimination

10. Causes of disabled people being unemployed

11. Effect of the lack of education on a nation

12. Effect of the educated population on the society

13. Effect of poverty on a nation

Medical topics

1. Causes of HIV and AIDs

2. Cause and effect of vaccinations

3. Effect of dental checkups and their importance

4. Effect of not maintain prescriptions

5. Effect of stress on overall health

6. Causes of herbal supplements taken over medicines and its effect

7. Causes of cancer

8. Cause and effect of abortion

9. Effect of weather on diseases

10. Causes of not going to doctors for diagnosis and its effect

11. Cause and effect of the lack of medical insurance

12. Causes of dramatic rise in overweight population and its effect

13. Effect of birth control

14. Causes of poor eyesight

15. Causes of developing allergies

16. Causes of cardio diseases.

17. Social effect of braces

18. Effect of technology in medical industries

19. Effect of regular exercise on the human body

Topics on technology

1. Effect of mobile phones on young adults

2. Causes and effect of having mobile phones at an early age

3. Effect of video games on children

4. Causes and effect of online shopping

5. Causes and effect of spending too much

6. Causes and effect of Cyber bullying

7. Causes and effect of few social media sites being extremely popular while others shutting down

8. Causes and effect of prioritizing social media by young adults

9. Effect of numerous devices on our daily browsing time

10. Effect of touch screens and why they are preferred over keyboards

11. Causes and effect of Google

12. Social effect of cell phones

13. Causes of social media being used by businesses and what effect they are having

14. Effect of social media on family bonding

15. Effect of social media on young children

Educational topics

1. Cause and effect of being labelled as a student either in a positive or negative manner

2. Effect of Dyslexia and ADHD on children and how it affects their education and social life

3. Causes of students being bored at school

4. Effect of inefficient teachers on students

5. Effect of standardized testing and how it affects dropout rates

6. Causes of banning cell phones in class

7. Effect of using technology to teach such as projectors and computers

8. Cause and effect of not using books anymore but tablets

9. Causes and effect of homeschooling on children's social life and education life and how they feel about it

10. Causes of bullying in educational institutions

11. What effect do school programs have against bullying?

12. Cause and effect of single gender classrooms or campuses

13. Effect of uniforms both positive and negatives

14. Effect of campus size and location of school on students

15. Causes and effect of distressed teachers

16. Effect on schools when students do not pass

17. Causes and effect of different educational systems in different continents

18. Causes and effect of extracurricular activities on students

19. Effect of early morning classes on students

20. Cause and effect of parents being involved in educational matters

Topics on culture

1. Effect of mass media on audiences

2. Cause and effect of learning new languages

3. Effect of cheating in exams

4. Causes and effect of body shaming

5. Effect of reality shows on children

Topic on sports

1. Effect of sports or exercise on the human health such as better immune system

2. Effect of sports on communication skills and confidence in children

3. Effect of sports on memory and productivity

4. Effect of sports in reducing stress

Topics on environment

1. Effect of mental pollution on society

2. Causes and effect of greenhouse gases

3. Causes of increasing number of diseases and plagues

4. Causes of pests and the effect it has on food shortages

5. Causes and effect of underwater life extinction

6. Cause and effect of floods on society and on the poor

7. Effect of inaccurate weather forecasts

8. Causes and effect of increasing population, decreasing land, and urbanization

9. Effect of coal fired and nuclear powered power stations

Topics on optimism

1. Effect of optimism on immunity

2. Effect of bicycle on traffic jams

3. How mobile phones effect family relations in a positive manner

4. Effect of happy marriages on families

5. Effect of going to college and how it pays off in the long run

Miscellaneous topics

1. Effect of cramming on test scores

2. Effect of downloading music too frequently and how it affects an artist's creativity

3. Effect of good movies on people and their morals

4. Causes and effect of Insomnia and how it affects a person's intellectual ability

5. Causes and effect of overusing Facebook

6. Causes of mood swings and how it affects a person's daily life

7. Effect of reading fictional books or watching fictional movies

8. Good effect humor has on people

Always make sure to choose a topic that you are comfortable with and one that has importance to you. That way the essay comes out as more interesting.

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