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Ideas For Classification Essays

Ideas for Classification Essays

Classification essays are essential for those who are actively involved in scholarly research and academia. In this type of essay, the essay writer has to organize or sort particular things into certain categories. Almost every field imaginable in research work and academia can be categorized as such. Be it the different periods of American history, classification of biological specimen or even TV shows by popularity or gross rating- anything and everything can be categorized in an organized and systematic manner. Hence, finding ideas for classification essays is fairly easy for any area of research that you may be involved in. Once the writer has the idea, it is not difficult to categorize the concept into different classes.

How to Effectively Classify Topics?

Before moving on to ideas for classification essays, one needs to know how to effectively classify objects or concepts into different categories. For the best classification essays, it is very important that your classification is seamless, clutter free and can be understood easily by the readers. The classification should be in the best order that makes sense. Harder concepts should be explained after easier ones have been explained. There are three basic steps of effective classification-

  1. Sorting into meaningful categories

Your categorization should be meaningful and should make sense to the academic personalities reading your classification essay. If the categories do not make sense, much of the purpose of writing a classification essay is lost. Hence, getting the best ideas for classification essays as well as having a good grasp of the concept that you want to classify is important in this case. Meaningful categories help the readers to understand the topic better without unnecessary effort.

In order to be effective, one needs to be thorough and careful not to leave out important categories. An example would be water sports of Hawaii. If an essay speaks about sailing and snorkeling but leaves out an obvious category like surfing, the classification essay remains incomplete as it is one of the most famous water sports in the world almost anywhere.

Another thing to be careful about is not including too many categories, which simply reduces the need for so much classification. For example, if one of your ideas for classification essays is sports shoes, your principle of organization is on the basis of activity. In this situation, you would not include designer heels with trekking and running shoes.

  1. Single principle of organization

As a writer of a classification essay, you need to ensure that the categories are made following a single principle or pattern of organizing. One should avoid using many different ways of classifying in the same essay as much as possible. For example, if one is trying to maintain alphabetical order as well as chronological order of historical events, then there is confusing regarding which event happened at what period of time. In this situation, following the chronological order is appropriate. Again, using alphabetical order for, say, the must watch TV shows in the US can be a wise choice. Then again, using their TRP rating or popularity rating can also be a way to go. Unique ideas for classification essays can be found in this way.

Once you have decided upon the categories you want to work with, it has to be ensured that they fit into the same principle of organization. A different principle should not be allowed to pop up out of nowhere. If one's unifying principle is 'fine dining restaurants', another unifying principle such as 'local food trucks' should not be included.

  1. Examples

Incorporating examples in scholarly articles where complex concepts are spoken of is of utmost importance. Including examples in your classification article enriches its content quality as well as helps users understand each category relating it with the example given. It is best if you add a short explanation with each of the examples where applicable.

Conventionally one should include the same number of examples i.e. write the same quantity of content for each head of classification. If you have reserved the most important category for the last; that might require more elaborate explanations than the rest.

Finding Ideas for Classification Essays

Finding the perfect ideas for classification essays can be a challenge when you do not know what kind of categories you want to work with. In order to classify or sort things in a logically sound pattern, one first needs to figure out the categories they want to put them into. For example, if you have to sort a stack of papers lying on your office desk, you would rather sort them by relevance rather than putting them into random piles. The categories can be throw-away papers, urgent ones, papers to be read, papers that need to be passed on to the next desk, papers to keep in files etc.

Some sample ideas for classification essays are given below-

  • Classification of countries of the world (territory, population etc.)

  • Classification of motor vehicles

  • Types of cancer

  • Classification of historical events in the UK

  • Most popular TV shows around the world

  • Classification of plants (season, nature of stem, root etc.)

  • Classification of computer accessories (function)

Classification Essay: The Thesis Statement

In order to write an effective classification essay, the thesis statement of it has to be to the point and precise. It should include the topic and in what way it was classified. The categories are sometimes named in the thesis statement. The format is given below-

(topic)….(classification method)….(category 1) (category 2) (category 3)


The organs of the government on the basis of function are: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary


Often, the best ideas for classification essays require catchy and neat looking transitions to move from one category to the rest. Some common transitions for classification essays are mentioned below-

  • The first type, the second type, the third type

  • The first kind, the second kind, the third kind

  • The first group, the second group, the third group

Other than the above, classification essays can make use of numbered categories or categories under bullet points. Subheadings and sub categories should be properly indented and numbered.

Getting Professional Help

If you want your ideas for classification essays to be well formed, well constructed in order to make a strong statement, you might want to consider getting professional help with your essays and essay topics. Prescott Papers is an excellent place to get it done due to the fact that we maintain very high standards in preparing essays and essay topics. Great care is taken regarding the grammar, sentence structure and punctuation in all of your essays.

Classification essays can get quite tricky when there are innumerable categories involved and very complex topics. Hence we have writers with adequate experience who can write your classification essays for you. Special care is taken at Prescott Papers so that the ideas for classification essays chosen for every client are solid, sound and well formed. The topics are chosen carefully in order to ensure optimum results and have an excellent impression on your teachers, audience, readers and examiners. If you need to present a classification essay, leave it to us to prepare for you an excellent essay that would leave your readers awed at the quality and sheer research. At Prescott Papers, we ensure that you get the best possible customer service from us when you trust us to help you with ideas for classification essays.

It is important to remember that in classification essays the writer is to sort or organize things into various categories. The three steps to keep in mind while writing an effective classification essay can be of immense help for those involved in research. Meaningful categories, using a single principle to organize and providing examples can strengthen your essay manifold.

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