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Interpersonal Communication Paper Topics

Research paper topics on Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is essentially the most basic form of communication which includes exchange of information verbally or non-verbally that happens between two or more people face to face. A successful interpersonal communication happens when the message the sender is willing to send is properly understood by the receiver. Studies on this topic don't focus on what is being said, it mainly focuses on how the message is being said. The study of interpersonal communication is vast. This form of study contains a lot of sectors to research deeply on. Hence, when it comes to writing a research paper on topics which provide a vast scope for theoretical research, the study of interpersonal communication is one of the finest branches of study you can work on. Below are some very intriguing topics from which you can choose a suitable one from the wide range of interpersonal communication paper topics.

  • Communication through non-verbal methods: Non-verbal communication is the type of communication which happens through visual cues and expressions. It consists of means like kinesics (body language), Paralanguage (physical appearance of voice), haptics (touch), oculesics (eye contact), etc. This field of study seems very fascinating because it involves saying something without actually saying it through the conventional ways of communication. This topic will surely give you a lot of flexibility and freedom to conduct your research on.

  • Social exchange theory: Social exchange theory describes the reason why a person reveals information about themselves to other people. According to this theory a person only reveals certain information regarding themselves to others when it is beneficial for them after a cost benefit analysis. Human reaction or interaction according to this theory is very similar to economic transactions where you always want maximize the benefits. Hence, deep research can be done regarding the psychology behind this theory and whether or not this theory actually exists in real life.

  • Relationship: This is a generalized topic to work on. Relationships among people, be that of any kind, is one of the fundamental necessities for interpersonal communications. People want to interact more and more with people they are comfortable with and less with people who are unknown to them. Also, the level of interaction depends on the level of intimacy you have with the other person in the relationship. You might be very directly related to somebody but not have the intimacy you require to open up or talk to that person. Though this topic might seem hackneyed at first, but as you dig deeper on the intricacies of communication which varies with relationships, you will find fascinating things nonetheless.

  • Deception in interpersonal communication: Ironically, one of the fundamental truths about life is that everybody lies. Interpersonal Deception theory (IDT) attempts to explain how an individual consciously or subconsciously handles deception during face to face communication. It depends on individual goals. Intentional deception mainly requires a high level of cognitive exertion. Non-verbal cues work wonders while identifying these deceptions as explained by Dr. Sigmund Freud. Interestingly enough, some deceptions by time have become culturally acceptable. Thorough research on this topic will introduce you to a lot of new information on this very intricate theory regarding human life which is surely going to result in an amazing research paper.

  • Social cognition: Social cognition is a sub topic of social psychology. The study of social cognition explains how people perceive and apply information about other individuals. It also sheds light on the cognitive processes that comes into play during our social interactions. Social cognition affects our day to day social interactions with people. Every action you perform with one individual will consciously or subconsciously influence your actions with another human. More research on this topic will bring about the more fascinating intricacies regarding this and consequently result in an amazing research paper.

  • Power and conflict: Your power and conflicts over the people you are about to interact directly with interferes with the kind of conversation you are about to have. Though more often than not people try to hide their conflict in order to have a necessary conversation with the other person, people don't try that hard to cloak the power they have over them. Simultaneously, while having conversation with people who are more powerful than you, you try to comply as much as possible in cases you wouldn't have complied with other people on the same level of power as you. Therefore, this seems like a promising topic to work on as it shows sectors of research on psychology of people regarding interpersonal communications.

From the above discussion, we have shown you some rather uncommon and intriguing interpersonal communication essay topics which will definitely help you choose the proper topic while writing a research paper on interpersonal communication.

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