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Law Enforcement Research Paper Topics

10. Law enforcement research paper topics.

Research papers are tough, impressing professors with thousand word write ups, tougher. The challenge begins with the topic choosing. Regular everyday topics will not fetch you a thousand words let alone your teacher's attention. Therefore choosing a suitable yet satisfactory topic is crucial.

Law enforcement provides a wide base for numerous topics, but researching on law and the government is no easy task given how complex these issues are. Speaking to and spending time with relevant sources such as political science professors will give you the correct factual information for your research paper.

Below are some possible law enforcement research paper topics with little explanations as to how to execute them.

1. Law enforcement on laws on immigration.

This is a great argumentative topic to work on seeing the fact that there are pros and cons to both sides on should this be implemented or not.

2. Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement.

Till this day, racism exists in many parts of the world, and African Americans or colored people are deprived of many opportunities and rights such as voting, applying for jobs etc. A research topic on where the law stands with this racial profiling would make a good topic.

3. Law Enforcement and women.

There have been statistically less number of women working in law enforcement than men, mostly because of the conflicts of work environment and coping up with stereotypes. However the picture is changing and women are taking numerous steps to end this stereotype and make their way into law enforcement.

4. Partialities in law enforcement.

Often it is seen that people of higher wealth status or political status do not get caught in laws or regulations but seem to get out without any trouble despite them being at fault because of their social status. On the other hand, poorer people with less or no connections get caught in between the crossfire and are unable to resolve it. This makes for a great topic seeing that it is something most people experience in their everyday lives and can relate to.

5. Race and Ethnic-specific in law enforcement.

The law oftentimes seems to be different towards people from different races and who are ethnic specific both in positive and negative ways, different in different times. A detailed research paper on this topic could not only be a good paper but provide to be helpful to people of different races.

6. Law enforcement and technology.

In today's world it is almost impossible to live or work without the help of technology, hence an analysis of how law enforcement uses technology for its benefits make for a good research paper.

7. Debate on legalizing use of force in law enforcement in the United States.

An argument on if this situation is legal or under what circumstances it is such as in the case of self-defense.

8. Psychology behind reasoning in law enforcement.

Topics such as psychologies behind the Ethical Dilemma situations, which are situations of mental conflicts that evolves from the choice between two proper directions. The challenge here is disregarding either one for another and for what reasons the dilemma might be caused.

9. Discrimination of Women in Law Enforcement.

A major reason why there are less number of women in law enforcement is because of the discrimination that comes with it, and is therefore a situation not only to be looked into but also to be dealt with. Citizens in crisis do not want a female officer when they are in need of help because of their doubts if she can actually help them out the way a male officer can. Hence it is a matter of protection and security that people face and so want and look for male officers of the law instead of female. However, discrimination is still discrimination towards the female and solutions are of dire need.

10. Importance of equipment in law enforcement.

Law enforcement is a job with many dangers and therefore proper protection and equipment is more than necessary to keep officers of the law safe and sound from their dangerous profession. Accidents and occurrences are a common scenario in this field of work so they must be prepared and equipped in order to be safe.

11. Law enforcement under U.S homeland security.

Law enforcement that operates under the United Sates Homeland Security is very much different from other law enforcement departments. From their responsibilities to rules and sectors of work they operate much different from that of others. Hence this makes for a good topic to work on, researching in detail what makes this particular law enforcement different and in what ways, are they good or bad, advantages and disadvantages etc.

12. Law enforcement rules at crime scenes.

Law enforcement officers often have to come across crime scenes which can sometimes be brutal. Numerous rules have to be followed to not mess up the crime scene for future investigation. A detailed analysis of the methods law enforcement officers use in such situations such as how K9 dogs are used to locate bodies and drugs is a very useful tool to the law. A collection of these rules and how they are implemented make for a good research paper.

13. Law enforcement and National security.

Law enforcement was basically created to keep the people safe from harm's way. Another department that deals with safety is National Security, but on a much larger national scale. Where law enforcement falls under National Security, how it comes in handy to national security, its overall relation to national security, all together makes for a very detailed specific research paper.

14. Law enforcement and their code of ethics.

Law enforcement officers whose number one duty is to serve the people, safeguard lives, protect the innocent and weak from deception and intimidation, correct disorder in society and create peace must have a list of ethics they follow. An analysis of their code of ethics, how they follow it, why they follow it, what are the consequences if they fail to it all together create an interesting research paper.

15. Law enforcement officers and Stress Levels.

With so much responsibility and work it would be shocking if these officers did not get headaches. Stress come with this job and it comes a lot. While most people might think it is just police officers writing speeding tickets, there is much more to the job than meets the eye. A detailed analysis if how hard it is for these officers, the level of hardship they must go through in order to protect and help civilians and the huge amounts of stress that comes with it would make a great and thoughtful research paper.

16. Thoughts on Capital Punishment.

Capital Punishment is one of the most controversial topics in the law enforcement of the United States today. Whether it is right or wrong, whether it is justifiable to kill other human beings or not, all these create some good argumentative topics for a research paper.

17. Law Enforcement Websites.

Law enforcement websites have numerous information categorized about the job and duties of law enforcement officers, one could do an overview of the inter sites of law enforcement to create research paper based on the website contents.

18. Innovations in law enforcement.

Every five or six year's major changes take place in Law enforcements, from rules and policies to many other sectors. These innovations are needed because of changing times and to cope up with today's technological world. Therefore an overview of what innovations have taken place over the years, what innovations could be seen in the future, what kind of innovation people look for or are actually required all together collected make a good research paper on law enforcement.

19. Outlaw of Handguns except for law enforcement officers.

Handguns in the Unites States are too available to the local people for purchase, which is one of the main causes of so many accidents and tragedies in the U.S. hence this petition of outlawing handguns except for law enforcement officers was created to reduce the number of accidents and increase control. A detailed research on why handguns should be outlawed but not for officers of the law would prove to be a good research topic on law enforcement.

However, if you are still looking for more fresh topics, here are a few to help you get started.

1. Counterterrorism

2. Criminal Defense

3. Criminal Justice

4. Electronic surveillance

5. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

6. Law Enforcement History.

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