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Leadership Research Paper Topics

Leadership Research Paper Topics

When doing a research paper on a certain topic one must first be fully aware of the topic itself. What is leadership? Leadership is like a process through which an individual creates impacts on others to work for or towards a certain goal, personal or industrial. Leadership is always deliberate and goal-oriented. Often people seem to confuse leadership and management. Leadership is simply influencing others to do better, set better goals, and aid them in achieving those goals, while management deals with other things such as organizing, directing, etc.

Most great things begin as a theory and so did leadership, as the leadership trait theory, which suggests leaders are born and are not made. This is a classic theory and was implemented during the 1930s to 1950s. However, as time has passed, people's views have changed and so have their opinion on this theory. This creates a great argumentative topic on leadership. A research paper on how leadership was seen before and how it is now. The change in perception of leadership amongst people, leadership then and now, etc.

The behavior approach is another way leadership was once studied, which focuses on the behavior of the leader instead of his or her traits. Studies from Ohio State University showed two behaviors- production oriented and people oriented. These behaviors could be further studied and turned into an impeccable piece of research paper focusing on either one behavior, or both.

Another approach known as the contingency approach also makes a good topic to work on when you are researching on leadership. This approach looks over how organizations and work groups have an impact on leaders and their behavioral traits. Not only that, but there are numerous theories too, which could be individual topics altogether such as the path-goal theory, the Vroom-Yetton-Jago decision-making theory, and many more.

When talking about leadership, leader subordinate relationship is more than important for good end results, and that relationship is discussed broadly in the LMX or The Leader-Member Exchange theory which is one of the first in many alternative theoretical approaches. This makes it a good topic to work on while discussing the LMX theory and maybe even personal opinions on the matter.

Transformational leadership, a theory that looks for connections between a leader's effectiveness and charisma, has been explained by quite a few people. Bass's transformational leadership theory, Conger and Kanungo's charismatic leadership theory, and House's Charismatic leadership theory. These numerous theories make for great research topics.

Another theory substitutes for leadership, which tries to demonstrate the lack of connection between the traits and behaviors of leaders and the success of their employees. This particular theory provides a good research topic because it explains how different traits and behaviors affect different employees and in what ways. The same behavior might influence one subordinate but not another, the same trait might discourage an employee but not another and vice versa. It explains how different people have different needs, when working individually the traits one looks for in a leader are different than the one the same employee looks for when working in a group. It discusses how the same leader needs to have different traits for different employees to be able to influence them to succeed. Hence this particular topic makes for a great argumentative write up.

The number of entrepreneurs are increasing every day, which makes Entrepreneurial Leadership an excellent topic to work on. Entrepreneurial leadership is something that makes leaders work towards a certain goal with passion, perform great, adapt and in turn influence his or her subordinates or employees to do the same and look at the bigger picture. They encourage their subordinates to move towards a higher position in today's competitive business market.

Just like that, leadership is a topic which can be analyzed endlessly. However, when a research paper is to be handed in, one must limit themselves to a single specific category or concept they find interesting or are eager to work on, so the paper does not lose its significance and become plain boring. Since leadership is such a wide topic with so many varieties and theories to look into, one must explore it properly first and eventually look into a certain section.

How to choose a sector?

If you have searched a lot, and you are still struggling to come up with a genuine topic, here are a few to guide you, and help you get started.

Topics on leadership:

1. Gender roles in leadership; who is superior; does one gender have problems in accepting the other as a leader?

2. A comparison on impulsive leaders and disciplined leaders; which is better and why.

3. What effects do leaders have on followers?

4. Social media and its influence on leadership.

5. Can students be leaders?

6. Moral ethics that a leader should have.

7. How is someone chosen to be a leader?

8. Leadership qualities.

9. Leadership requirements for businesses

10. What is Charismatic Leadership? Should such a thing exist?

11. Is leadership based on education?

12. What makes effective leaders effective?

13. Leadership theories

14. Can one become a leader with the proper training?

15. Leadership psychology.

Leadership is very particular to each and every person, and every leader differs from the other in numerous ways. Whatever topic you choose, keep putting real examples of actual great leaders for every trait you mention, even if the leaders are different ones.

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