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Love Essay

Love Essay

Writing a love essay can be a lot of fun for some while some could feel quite flummoxed at what to write. This is because love could have different connotations to different people at different times. Some might look at love only in the romantic sense and some could look at it as a form of an unconditional feeling of affection and concern that close family members and friends have for each other.

The trickiest aspect of love is its fluidity. The feeling of love keeps changing shape and form. The person(s) you feel love for also keep changing. It is, perhaps, the most fluid yet the most powerful emotion in the world and depending on the degree and depth of the feeling, the outcomes of love can be constructive or destructive.

Considering the vastness and constantly changing nature of love, searching for topics on love essays or even deciding how to proceed with writing a love essay can be quite a challenging task. This article is aimed at giving you some examples of love essays.

Love and Heartache

Why is it that people who love also feel heartaches? It is a very difficult thing to explain and the only way you can understand this emotion which is a double-edged sword is by experiencing it. The experience of love is so complex that it is difficult to make it a standalone emotion. Pure love is fictional and doesn't truly exist. When you love somebody, there are many ways the love can hurt you as much as the love can give you joy and happiness. While the reasons for outcomes of joy and happiness are welcome, the causes of hurt result in heartaches.

Different forms of love

Love exists in myriad forms and the physical and emotional manifestation of each form can vary greatly. There are different forms of love based on different categories of relationship. For example, the love between parents and children is natural, inborn and require little efforts for its upkeep and maintenance, the love between friends and lovers are developed with time and requires a lot of effort to build and develop into a strong bond. While there could different ways to feeling love, there is no doubt that each form of love is powerful and capable of doing good as well as doing bad for the people involved depending on the degree and intensity of love.

Sample topics for love essays

Love in a Sexual Relationship

Should love between children and parents be given more importance than that between lovers?

Is love restrictive and prevents you from being free?

Isn't it better to let go of those kinds of love that give more pain than happiness?

How can you define love?

Take two of your favorite romantic novels or short stories and compare and contrast the use of love in both the works.

How does love affect a relationship? Can too much of love restrict freedom of the partners to such an extent that both feel stifled? Do you agree with this or disagree with this? Argue your point of view using personal experiences.

Final Notes

Love essays may appear a little tricky initially because of the sensitivity of the emotion. Moreover, some people may not find the courage and strength to talk about a private feeling openly and uninhibitedly. This could also lead to difficulty in writing love essays.

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