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My Writing Experience Essay

My Writing Experience Essay

How will you write an essay which has the topic, "My writing experience essay?" There are many ways to tackle this and this article hopes to give you some insights on how to write an essay on your writing experience.

You can include any or all of these elements in your writing experience essay:

  • Your challenges

  • Your motivation

  • Your victories

  • The lessons learned

  • Tips you can give from your writing experience to new writers

In this article, I will be focusing on challenges of writing and tips to overcome these challenges.

Challenges of writing

For novices, the activity of writing can be one big challenge that is insurmountable. However, it is easy to overcome a seemingly huge challenge by breaking it up into small manageable tasks. This section of the article talks about these sections which add up to the big challenge of writing. Let us look at them in turn:

Lack of confidence – This is the first and foremost challenge novice writers are overwhelmed. When they read novels with great intriguing plots or excellent articles written with beautiful vocabulary, novice writers believe that this cannot be achieved by them. This lack of confidence in their ability is the first challenge of writing you have to be aware of.

Fear of being ridiculed or rejected – This is another emotional challenge that gets hard to beat. Writers are so scared of being ridiculed for their mistakes or their essays rejected for errors, they don't even want to make an attempt. While I am using this as a case in point for new writers, I think this fear is common across all professions.

Boredom – This challenge can be a huge block to your writing success. For most college students, it is easier to talk and lecture rather than sit down and articulate their thoughts in the form of writing. This is not necessarily because of lack of skills but because they 'feel bored' to write.

The next few challenges are specific to college writing.

Developing the skill of academic writing – While writing for college papers, you must develop the skill of academic writing. Till students reach the college level, their writing style remains quite informal as high school essays do not expect high levels of academic writing skills. Moreover, students are used to communicating on social media platforms where the format of writing is very different from what academic papers need. Hence, college students find the process of writing in academic language a fairly huge challenge to overcome.

Focused writing – Another key skill needed in academic writing is to write with a purpose. You cannot simply scatter your thoughts and ideas around in your paper. You first need to organize your thoughts, plan what you want to write, and then approach the writing process in a focused manner. Many students find this aspect of academic writing quite a daunting challenge to overcome.

Lack of preparation skills – For a new college student straight from high school, the task of writing simply means to sit in front of the computer and start typing data. There are not aware of the humongous preparatory work that is needed before the actual keying in of text onto a document to result in an essay. The following elements (and this list is not exhaustive) need to be prepared before you start the writing process:

  • Understanding the topic question

  • Collecting data through research and reading

  • Organizing the data in a logical order

  • Creating an outline map of your paper

All the above steps take a lot of time, effort, and skills to complete. Only when these steps are done accurately, can your academic paper turn out well. This lack of preparedness is a big challenge for college students.

Tips to overcome challenges of writing

Challenges are meant to be overcome; that is why you face them when you do. This section of the article helps you with some tips to overcome the above challenges.

Pick up writing skills - Attend a workshop or talk to a counselor in the writing center of your college and find resources from which you can learn writing skills. These skills are developed slowly and surely. You cannot write a fabulous novel or an error-free article with great vocabulary the first time you start writing. It takes learning and practice to achieve greatness. So, instead of being overcome by a lack of confidence, find ways to become skilled at writing.

Embrace failure and fear of ridicule - Both these are needed to become better at what you do. Firstly, there is no way anyone will ridicule you. Even if they do, learn to laugh at your own mistakes. This way, not only will you learn from your writing mistakes, your personality also will become more positive. If failure did not exist, you will not know the joy of success. Only when you face failure, can you find the strength to achieve success. Do not fear failure. Embrace it.

Overcoming boredom – One way to overcome this challenge is to wait out the boredom phase. The other side of boredom has a lot of fun, I can assure you. Change the way you write. Take a break from writing and read instead. Change the subject you are writing for; this will serve as a break as well as help you finish a pending task in another subject.

Practice, practice, and practice – Nobody can achieve perfection without practice. You have to find time and energy to practice your writing daily. Write one small paragraph a day focusing on the academic language. Learn and master the art of formatting so that you know how to present your essay in the way your professors want it. At Prescott Papers, we offer you formatting services of any type. Call us for help. Learn the art of researching. This also comes with practice. Read up material and learn how to discern between useful and irrelevant data. This ability improves with practice.

Final Notes

Writing about your writing experience can be fun as well as daunting initially. This is because you will first have to gain experience of writing and for this, you will have to practice writing daily. You will have some problems in your freshman year of college. But, as you write and submit writing assignments, you will see your confidence levels rising and you will, one day, be able to write "My Writing Experience Essay" with élan.

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