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Native American Research Paper Topics

Native American Research Paper Topics

Native Americans are immensely misunderstood, since a huge portion of people don't take into account the fact that the ethnic group known as "Native American" does not relate to one single ethnic group. The original Native Americans were actually composed of quite a few tribes, bands, and ethnic groups of the pre-Columbian age. Hence, the prospect of research on this topic are seemingly uncountable. Choosing a proper topic for a research paper on this, however, is a tough job. Topics for a research paper on Native Americans are numerous; it can be hard to choose one.

Well it is always a tough job to find one specific topic to write on from a range of endless possibilities; one has to balance a sea of information for the sake of the readers. While writing a research paper on Native Americans, one should elect topics that would illustrate an overall image of Native Americans, eradicate common misconceptions, and be compelling as well as understandable for readers. Below is a set of apt research paper topics on the subject, which is sure to create a lot of research opportunities for the writer and hence, fulfil his/her purpose of writing a research paper on this topic which delineates a clear understanding of the subject.

  • Identification of Native Americans: As mentioned earlier, identification of Native Americans is a very controversial subject. Older natives self-identify themselves mostly as 'American Indians'. New generation of Native Americans like to call them 'Indigenous' or 'Aboriginal'. Some other identification terms are considered racist by Native Americans. Thorough research can be made on the fact that the proper identification of Native Americans is surely a mystery to a lot of people. If the writer probes deep enough, he/she might find out the real story and amaze the readers with their brilliant insight regarding this. For all these reasons the identification of Native Americans works as a brilliant topic.

  • Pre-Columbian History: Native-Americans didn't come into existence from the time Christopher Columbus discovered them when he set foot on American land. Native Americans existed long before the arrival of Columbus and they were in their purest form. Like the previously mentioned topic which is identification of Native Americans, this very topic is also something on which majority of the readers have limited knowledge on. It is very important to properly discuss the history of the Native Americans which includes the history of their existence during the pre Columbian era. There are scopes of vey thorough research on this topic. And so, because of all the above mentioned reasons, research on this subject works as a brilliant topic among all the other available Native American research paper topics.

  • Economic condition of the Native Americans: This is a very intriguing topic to work with. The native Indian-Americans were considered to be the poorest ethnic group among all the ethnic groups in America. Though times are changing for the better, around 30% people of this group still live in dire poverty. Due to their feeble economic conditions, most of the people of this group are highly prone to various diseases including malnutrition. Also, an average Native American child doesn't get to study for more than 10 years because of this. The rate of dropouts among Native American students is actually double the average amount of dropouts in the entire country. According to reports, in some parts of the country the rate of unemployed native Indian Americans reaches around 80%. This information gives us a brief idea of the economic condition of the Native Americans. Through extensive research on this topic, the writer can come up with answers like how the native Indian Americans ended up with such dreadful state of economy and what steps they might follow to lead a better life economically. If these questions and other questions which relate to the poor economic conditions of the Native Americans can be answered, then an excellent research paper can be written on this topic.

  • Youth cultures of the Native Americans in the modern era: The development of a group of people relies heavily on its younger generations. The young Native Americans of today are becoming well aware of their rights and their changing position in America. They are creating a position for themselves in America as they should have a lot of years ago. But the good news is they are trying to climb up the ladder to establish themselves as much as possible. Through research, different solutions can be thought up as to how the youth of this group can work to develop the state of their tribe further which will be worthy of a thorough discussion.

  • Gender and Sexuality: This certainly works as a very interesting topic. An interesting yet unique piece of information is that among the Native Americans, there exist people of a completely different gender and they call themselves "two spirit people". They are known officially in the world as LGBTQ. Thorough research can be conducted on almost all the sides of this very interesting gender and the people of this gender and their lifestyle. This topic will present the writer with a lot of opportunities for proper research.

  • Clans and communities: As mentioned before, Natives Americans aren't one single entity or group. The Native Americans are actually composed of quite a few numbers of clans which is a big part of their identity. All the different clans and communities offer a very large field of research and as a result a fantastic piece of research paper.

  • Racial threats: Being in a racist environment, Native Americans face a lot of real life problems including racism. Through thorough research the writer can bring out how they are facing it in their lives and what steps can be taken to eradicate this racism from their lives once and for all. This is an issue which should be raised and brought into light for the people all around so that they can acknowledge and work together for the eradication of it.

From this extensive discussion of topics, we covered a lot of sectors of Native American community. From its inception to its structure, evolution, and development, most of the important noteworthy topics which can be used as great topics for Native American research paper has been discussed here. The study on Native Americans is essentially a very vast sector of research. Topics are to be selected with utmost care so that people might become seriously interested to read along the paper as they hear the topic of the research paper. This article will greatly help you in this regard.

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