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Nursing Essay

Nursing Essay

Nursing is one of the noblest professions that could exist in this world. Caring for the sick, elderly, and the wounded requires one to delve deep into their pockets of compassion and come up with an attitude of caring and love.

The healing love that a nurse can spread has the power to heal the deadliest of diseases because this love helps the patient to find the strength and courage within himself or herself to overcome the sickness. This nursing essay is aimed at giving you some great benefits of the nursing career other than the nobility aspect. The article also includes some great topics for nursing essays.

Benefits of a nursing career

Nurses will always be in demand – The medical profession is growing by leaps and bounds. Longevity has increased multifold and the population is also growing resulting in greater need for medical care and attention. All this is driving demand for nurses. Moreover, nurses will always be in demand because medical care is here to stay.

Job flexibility is high in the nursing profession – Not many professions offer the same kind of flexibility that the nursing profession offers you. You can work part-time or full-time. You could even work with temporary contracts. You can shift between these options or do a combination of them.

If you choose to work in a school as a school nurse, you get the benefits of summer, Christmas, and other vacations that schools get. You could align your working time to match with that of your school-going children and be there for them as a parent when they need you and yet have a great career.

The nursing profession offers you plenty of travel options – You can choose to become a freelancer nurse and this will allow you to travel to different places on work. You could choose to take up a project at one city and when you finish it, you could take another one in another city. If you like traveling and would love to get paid for it, then nursing is a great option.

Nursing allows you to change your career – Once, you qualify and gain some experience as a Registered Nurse, you can change gears and choose to work as a legal nurse consultant in the justice system, a teacher, a researcher, a writer, and many more options.

Multiple nursing specialties – There are innumerable nursing specialties that you can specialize and get certificates in making you an expert in that particular segment. There are specializations in geriatric care, pediatric care, ambulatory care, forensic nursing, surgical nursing, and more.

Nursing Essay Topics

All nursing courses entail plenty of essay writing assignments. Nursing students are expected to do ample research and write multiple essays during their entire course for successful completion. Here are a few nursing essay topics:

Should nursing courses have residences just like the medical courses for doctors?

Is the role of a doctor more important than that of a nurse?

Would you recommend giving global visas for medical professionals to enable them to work anywhere in the world?

Are nurses more exposed to medical hazards than doctors?

What is the best working relationship between nurses and doctors?

Home nurses: their boons and banes – How big or small do you think is the problem of power abuse by or against home nurses?

Are nursing jobs best restricted to women? Shouldn't the government offer incentives to men to take up the profession too?

Should night nurses be compensated more than day nurses? Explain your stand with reasons.

Should all nurses in a developed country be compelled to do at least one year of service in an underdeveloped nation to build his or her nursing skills better? Do you believe this experience will enhance the sensitivity of the nurse which is a key attitude for delivering great nursing care?

Should home nurses be empowered with more oversight than nurses working in hospitals?

Are the skills and experience that a nurse earns while on the job worthy enough to confer additional degrees?

What is the ideal number of nurses in any hospital?

Is racial discrimination a big issue in the nursing profession? Include some remedial suggestions in your essay.

Should raises in nursing remuneration be based on the amount of overtime?

Should you relate bonuses for nurses to patient outcomes?

If a nurse works overtime or extra hours, does his or her quality of work get affected negatively?

Would you agree that experienced nurses should be allowed to prescribe medicines? Support your stand with reasons.

Do nurses get the same dignity, prestige, and attention that doctors get?

Should it be ethical for nurses to participate in medical-assisted suicides?

How different are the impacts of doctors and nurses on the working of the medical care industry? Do you think one has the upper hand over the other? Explain your stand with reasons.

Final Notes

Nursing essays are tricky to write because it combines specialist knowledge and great writing skills. Yet, as part of any professional nursing course, writing essays is an extremely important assignment to demonstrate your acquired knowledge and your ability to implement it in real-world situations.

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