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Persuasive Essay Topics Animals

Persuasive Essay Topics Animals

Writing a persuasive essay can indeed be a challenging task as one has to convince the reader to believe the views presented in the essay. Even though your readers, teachers or examiners do not necessarily think the same as you regarding the topic, you have to convince them that you have stated your points well. Persuasive essays are all about defending your standpoint, or in many cases, the given standpoint. More than often, it becomes rather difficult to write a persuasive essay when the given topic is not something you believe in. However, the ball is in your court when you choose the topic yourself. In both cases, you have to make a strong statement about the issue you are putting forward to your examiner or teacher. Delivering a persuasive speech becomes easier when you have the rough outline of it already prepared, and same goes for persuasive essay or research paper topics.

Animals, especially animal rights are a great sector to find some very strong and convincing persuasive essay topics from. Finding persuasive topics about animals can be a daunting task when you have very little time. As the deadline approaches, this article is here to help you find the perfect persuasive speech topics on animals so that you do not have to struggle to find one at the last moment.

How to find persuasive topics on animals?

The very nature of persuasive speeches, essays and research papers is that an opinion has to be presented and defended strongly in them. Perhaps the topics on animals where there is the most scope to present your opinion in a concrete manner stem from animal rights. In today's world, more and more people are becoming conscious about ethical treatment of animals, questioning practices that threaten the natural habitat and lives of animals. It is such a vast arena that almost anything and everything can be correlated with animal rights issues. Be it the choice of a vegan lifestyle to animal testing in the cosmetic industry- a wide variety is the main advantage of choosing to design your persuasive speech topics on animals. There are thousands of research paper topics about animals which focus mainly on their ethical treatment and rights.

Another major advantage of choosing animals as your persuasive essay topic is the fact that almost everyone feels strongly about their ethical treatment. If you, for example, argue that animals should not be kept in confinement then the chances of your examiner or your audience agreeing with you is almost a hundred percent. It may be a little less so if your topic is against say, consumption of meat, but it is easy to say that animal rights is a safe area to choose persuasive topics from.

Important and useful topics

For convenience and better understanding, some different topic branches are given for persuasive essay topics on animals. You can either choose a topic from the ones mentioned below, or choose your own topic to put it under a topic pool. The different branches are-

  1. Animal habit and habitat

There can be many different topics on animal habitat that you can incorporate in your research paper or speech. Some example topics are- 'animals should not be kept in confinement', 'we should not promote caging of animals', 'zoological gardens or zoos should be shut down to free the animals', 'we should not keep pets', 'agriculture is detrimental to animal habitat', 'violence of animals is a result of our wrongdoings', 'we should build more animal shelters', 'new animals should not be domesticated' etc.

  1. Animal testing

One of the greatest debates in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is whether or not animal testing should continue. Some companies have already given up animal testing, claiming themselves cruelty free. You can easily choose a persuasive topic on animals that speaks about conducting tests. These can be great research paper topics on animals too. Some examples are- 'we should not support companies that test on animals', 'we should not buy from animal testing companies', 'animal testing should be banned once and for all', 'China should stop testing on animals', 'the FDA should take a stand against animal testing', 'cruelty free businesses should get support from the government', 'cruelty free businesses should be encouraged and bought from', 'the price of beauty should not be animal lives' etc.

  1. Animal slaughtering and human eating habits

To go vegan or not to go vegan- that is the question. The interesting thing about this branch of topics is that people are still very much divided as to whether we should or should not stop eating meat. Persuasive topics about animals that speak on this issue can be very interesting and can put forward totally different points of view in before your audience if you are speaking. Some example topics are- 'we should give up eating meat', 'vegan is the way to go', 'vegetarians should consider switching to a vegan food habit', 'being vegetarian is not enough', 'we should eat meat to keep the food chain balanced', 'we need to eat meat for nutrition' etc.

  1. Ethical treatment of animals

Animals all over the world suffer silently as animal cruelty is rampant globally. Many believe that human psychology is twisted to a point that they would harm animals just because they can. Some great persuasive topics on animals and their ethical treatment are-'animal cruelty should be a punishable offense', 'one should be sent to prison for unfair treatment of animals', 'animal cruelty should stop', 'except necessary domestic animals, no other animal should be killed without a reason', 'animal rights should be as fundamental as human rights' etc.

  1. Pet animals

Pets are a great source of joy and companionship to people all over the world. Pets make us compassionate, caring and conscious of the rights of other animals. However, it is debatable whether we should keep pets at all as many animals are not suited for a home environment. This can be a point that you can speak in favor of or against in your persuasive speech topics on animals, examples of which are- 'every household should have a pet for children's healthy development', 'children should keep pets from an early age', 'we should not keep pets', 'we should adopt pets only from animal shelters', 'we should not purchase animals from the market', 'pet shops should be banned', 'pet shops should be bought under legal jurisdiction if standards are violated', 'pet shops are a breeding ground for animal cruelty', 'pets make us more compassionate human beings', 'we should not cage birds' etc.

Getting Professional Help

If you want your persuasive speech topics on animals to be well written, well constructed in order to make a strong statement, you might want to consider getting professional help with your essays and essay topics. Prescott Papers is an excellent place to get it done due to the fact that we maintain very high standards in preparing essays and essay topics. Great care is taken regarding the grammar, sentence structure and punctuation in all of your essays.

Persuasive essays can get tricky to write; hence we have experienced writers who can write your persuasive essay for you. We take special care so that the logic presented in your essay is solid, well formed and sound. The topics too are handpicked for optimum results and excellent impression on your readers, examiners, teachers or audience. If you have a persuasive speech to deliver, leave it to us to prepare for you an excellent speech that would leave your audience spellbound. We ensure that you receive the best possible customer service when you choose us to pick your persuasive speech topics about animals.

When it comes to animals, the topics to mainly consider are the ones where their ethical treatment, rights and sufferings are most highlighted. Hence choosing proper persuasive topics on animals can be an easy task to accomplish if you know how to hit the right notes regarding animal cruelty and fair treatment of animals.

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