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Political Science Term Paper Topics

Topics for Political Science Term Papers

Political Science is essentially the scientific analysis of every kind of political behavior. It deals with the systems of the government. Political science is also concerned with subjects like sociology, philosophy, history, economics, law, anthropology, geography, etc. Hence from this, we get an idea that political science is a topic with a lot of aspects to write a term paper on. The sheer amount of information you will find while making a term paper on any specific topic of political science will amaze you. Hence there should be a lot of focus on choosing the right topic while making a term paper on this. The main purpose of creating a term paper is answering a question with brand new information and on the process solving that problem. A good political science term paper topic will answer the good political science research questions. Hence a political science term paper should also answer political science research questions. Below are some apt political science term paper topics which will ensure that you will create a very interesting paper which will attract the desired attention of the readers.

Capitalism versus Marxism

Capitalism and Marxism are compelling theories on social, economic, and political issues which have dominated the political scenario for many years now. Capitalism is based on the fundamentals of individualism when it comes to economic concerns. In capitalism, every person has right to own private property, whereas Marxism fundamentally opposes this theory and supports the idea of communal equality and hence is often interchangeable with the theory of communism. This clash between Marxism and capitalism has been going on for a lot of years. Research can dig deep on this topic. Capitalism versus Marxism is a very good topic when political topics for research paper are concerned. Plus this is also a brilliant topic from all the political science topics for research purposes.

Historical Events

This, in fact, is such a topic that you will never ever lack information to research on. From time to time there have been a lot of historic events, revolutions, wars, treaties, and things of that sort which redefined the face of politics forever. And so, all you have to do is simply pick a historical political event form the myriad of political events that happened and simply show a new side of that event in your term paper. New sides may include newer perspectives on how that political event has affected certain parts of living, for instance. As historical events are such generalized topics, you can feel free to conform it according to however you wish. This topic gives you the liberty to do that. This works as a great topic among the various different political science topics for research paper.


Election is a very interesting topic to write your research paper on. The election process of different countries is different. You can just choose the election process on one country and write an extensive report on it. Regarding subdivisions of elections, you can write extensively on the total election process, its pros, its cons, and its effectiveness. You can also write thoroughly on the acceptance of the election by the people living in that part of the world. So, as you can see there are several sectors for you to conduct deep research on when it comes to writing a paper on political science which has election as a topic. This topic is sure to provide you with ingredients to write an amazing piece of paper. And so, if you are to choose from good political science research topics, this works as a great topic.

Foreign Policy

Foreign policy of every country is very important for the development of that country. Foreign policy mainly deals with the relationships of foreign countries and how they are maintained. Proper foreign policy is not only necessary to develop the image of the country to the rest of the world, but also for the development of the life of people living in the country. Proper foreign policies can drastically develop the face of the country and develop the lifestyle of the people living in the country, but not being able to design proper foreign policies will result in the degradation of everything. Extensive research can be done on the function and design of foreign policies and in the process, newer solutions can be dug out. Therefore, foreign policy is a brilliant topic to choose while looking for political science paper topics.

Education Policy

Education as we all say is the backbone of the nation. The more educated a country, the more developed it is. Having an effective education policy in the country is of utmost importance. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The things they learn now, they will execute later. It is more than necessary to give the students proper education facilities and keep endeavors so that no single person in the country remains uneducated. Thorough research can be done on this topic to formulate a very effective education policy which will be simultaneously beneficial and feasible for the country to execute. Therefore, education policy works as a brilliant topic for those that are interested.

National Security

The security of the country itself is a matter of very serious importance. Ensuring the life of the citizens of the country is one of the topmost duties of the government. Threat on the citizens and also the resources of the country can come from two sectors- locally and internationally. Effective security measures need to be ensured so that no disturbances occur in the lives of the citizens when the security of their life is concerned. Deep research can be done on how to make an effective national security policy so that it protects the country from the security dangers it might face in the near future. The first priority should be to make sure no disturbances ever happen regarding the security of lives, also backup plans for countermeasure are necessary if things go wrong. Among the political topics to write about, this works just find for a term paper.

Tax Policy

Establishing a proper tax policy is a very important function of the government. The tax money essentially keeps the country functioning. Without sufficient amounts of tax money, it is not possible for the country to develop properly because every development works on a nationwide scale and needs a lot of money to execute. Proper planning needs to be done on how much tax should be imposed on which sector so that maximum amount of tax can be collected without causing too much of a hindrance in the lives of regular citizens. Taxes should be imposed on such a level that it doesn't greatly affect the everyday lives of people, because if that happens then people will be discouraged to pay the taxes and hence, that will result in a shortage of money required to run the country. Henceforth a lot of research can be done on how to make a proper tax policy which will ensure the proper running of the country. Which is why for political science research paper topics, this will work brilliantly.

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