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Professionalism Essay

Professionalism Essay

In today's highly competitive world, professionalism is the buzzword for success. You could be great at your job but if you cannot behave in a professional manner, then your talents have no value. This professionalism essay addresses the following points:

  • Who is a professional and what is professionalism?

  • How to build professionalism in your attitude?

  • Samples of professionalism essays

Who is a professional and what is professionalism?

Professional is the word used to denote a person who has had special training and/or ample experience in his or her work. However, just knowing the skills of your job doesn't make you a professional; it requires more than that. A professional is one who displays attitude, values, and beliefs that puts somebody's else needs above his or her own.

So, a professional from the medical field will put his or her patients' above their own, at least during the time they are practicing their profession. A professional from the legal field will put his or her own needs after that of the clients' needs. And so on and so forth.

Professionalism combines many traits and is especially by the personal traits of the individual too. Here are some attributes the combination of which could be used to define professionalism:

Specialized skill and/or knowledge - This is the first attribute that separates a professional from the ordinary citizens of the world. Professionals are specifically skilled and trained to obtain special knowledge in a particular field of study. They are committed to learning and mastering the skills required to make them a professional in the field they have chosen.

Some professions might need you to clear specialized and formal educational course along with experience to get the tag of a professional while some might only need the experience to get the tag. Both kinds of professionals never waver from their commitment to build and develop the latest skills to remain relevant in their particular field.

Competency – Professionals are highly competent and reliable. They will get the job done once they have given their promise. Else, they will tell you upfront there could be hitches or even tell you that your expectations are unreasonable. But, once they have promised to get something done, they will not make excuses and will complete their work.

Integrity and honesty – A true professional will keep his or her word and can be trusted implicitly in terms of doing the right thing even if it means they have to take tough and unpopular stands. Additionally, professionals will not hesitate to accept the fact that a job or project requires skills that are beyond their scope.

Accountability – Thorough professionals will make themselves accountable for their actions, words, and thoughts. This is especially true when mistakes happen. They accept personal responsibility and are willing to make amends or take penalties for their mistakes. This attitude is a close cousin of integrity and honesty.

Self-regulated people – Professionals need not be supervised to do their jobs well. They are self-regulated people who can handle pressure. For instance, a customer service professional will never lose his or her patience even when an irate customer is behaving irresponsibly. The professional will be firm with the customer but will do everything necessary to help the irate customer get his or her work done.

Professionals maintain a professional image – You will never see a professional turn out tackily dressed or late for an appointment or with unkempt hair. They will dress appropriately for their professions and hence exude a sense of confidence to their clients.

How to develop professionalism in your attitude?

Here are some tips to build and develop professionalism in your attitude:

Build expertise – You have to learn and master the knowledge and skills that will make you a professional in your chosen area. Make sure you keep updating your skill and knowledge levels to the latest in the industry. You must remain committed to constantly improving your expertise.

Build your emotional intelligence – Learn to manage and handle your emotions intelligently. You must be able to read and understand your coworkers' and clients' emotions and handle them well too. Always be polite and courteous and don't allow your emotions to dictate your interaction with people around you.

Always honor your promises – If you have made a promise to do something, you must not back off from your promise. Whatever you have told your client, your teammates, your employees, your boss, or anyone else in the profession, always live up to the promises made.

A corollary to this point is if you are uncertain of getting something done within a stipulated time, then please let the other know about it especially your customer. This will build trust which, in turn, will build your professional foundation.

Samples of professionalism essays

The importance of having a professional attitude at work – Professionalism is not connected only with people in the higher echelons of power in any organization. A professional attitude in the people at all levels of the management structure is important for the success of the business. Any employee irrespective of his or her position in the company, his or her educational background, or his or her salary levels must exhibit a professional attitude at work to ensure the organization as a whole is run and managed professionally.

Professionalism in the nursing industry – Professionalism is manifested as courteousness, conscientiousness, and a business-like attitude. A true professional will conform to set regulations and standards of ethical practice as defined and accepted in the industry. Professionalism in nursing gets a little trickier than other professions because the exhibition of compassion and kindness towards sick patients can end up being misunderstood and misinterpreted many times by the patients.

Compassion ends up being interpreted as unethical love and kindness gets misinterpreted as weak and easily malleable resulting in rude behavior by some patients. Nurses, therefore, need extra work on the art of emotional management so that their compassion and kindness attitudes are not compromised and yet, patients know where to draw the line and treat them with respect.

The teaching profession is the root of professionalism in the society – From time immemorial, teachers have been looked at with respect and admiration because it has always been believed that teaching is not a mere profession but a calling, a vocation. Teaching is taken up by a person because he or she loves to teach.

Teachers make future professionals because the art of professionalism which includes positive attitudes such as politeness, emotional management, strength to accept failures, and more are taught from the beginning by our teachers. Our primary school and high school teachers take our first class on professionalism. The values they taught make the professionals of the society today.

Final Notes

Writing professionalism essays calls for some amount of reading and practice. Your parents and your professors are the professionals you see and interact with almost on a daily basis. Take inputs from their behavior too. However, also remember that not all people will behave professionally and exhibit professionalism. So, use your judgment and make sensible choices of the professors you choose to follow.

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