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Research Paper Topics Global Warming

Research Paper Topics - Global Warming

Global warming continues to be a major threatening issue since the end of ice age. Its threat is increasing day by day. This is a very common topic when it comes to scientific research. Anybody who is given the task of writing a research paper might get overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of information one might find regarding this topic. One might think everything has been said on this sector of study. But the reality is that there are still many unresolved issues. A research paper on this subject should include different aspects of global warming and endeavor to answer the unanswered questions on this subject. And so, selecting the right topic is very crucial when it comes to a subject like global warming. Below are some very interesting research paper topics for global warming you can work on which is sure to catch the eye of the reader:

  • History of Global Warming: The proper history of global warming is still unknown by a lot of people. The discovery of global warming, the factors which cause the change in climate, and the evolution of global warming are some of the details still unknown to a great number of people. A lot of extensive research is possible in order to uncover the answers of these questions. These questions can be answered after a thorough research, after which, the research paper will turn out to be a unique piece of creation.

  • Causes of Global Warming: The reason behind global warming is still the most important topic when writing considering to write a research paper on global warming. Though the internet is abundant with write-ups on these topics you can still excel on it if you research thoroughly. There are a lot of unique and interesting questions to be answered like- Is industrial revolution having a huge impact on greenhouse effect? Is burning fuel resulting in noteworthy change in the increase of greenhouse of effect? Is the overload of carbon which is produced from burning oil and gases working as a major catalyst in the rapid increase of greenhouse effect? Questions like these and a few others if looked upon with proper focus and researched on can make your article very unique and interesting for the readers to read.

  • Human Contributions Towards Global Warming: Human activities, according to the reports of National Science Foundation is one of the main reasons behind global warming or greenhouse effect. This is a very common piece of information. The unique part about this is that no single activity of human beings is still considered to be the main reason behind global warming, which gives the writer a huge diversified array of areas of human activities to work with and try to prove that a certain activity is the main contributing factor behind global warming. This is an amazing topic to dig deep with research, as it is a more than apt topic for writing a research paper on global warming.

  • Conflicts Among Scientists: There has been a lot of speculative conflict among scientist all around the world regarding whether to blame the activities of human beings as the leading cause of global warming or accept the fact that the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon which would have happened either way regardless of human contributions. This is a very interesting topic to research on as you will get to see a wide array of information on both sides of the contradiction. Some contradictory ideas are yet to be solved which would make your research paper very unique. Researching on certain aspects of this topic will bring out fascinating information nonetheless, which will eventually make for an amazing research paper.

  • After Effects of Greenhouse Effect: The after effects of greenhouse effect are reportedly very deadly. Though majority of the discussions people have regarding the greenhouse effect turns out to be extensive dialogues about its deadly effects, all of the outcomes of global warming are yet to be discovered. Since the deadly effects of global warming are very far-reaching, many researchers have limited their reach only on environmental effects. Extensive research can be done on how the greenhouse effect is having and will continue to have diverse effects on the economic, political, and to certain extents psychological sectors in the countries of this world. Extensive research can be made on these eventful topics which will result in a noteworthy research paper that would be appreciated by all. Plus another thing you can do regarding the after effects of greenhouse effect is that you can keep asking yourself how the greenhouse effect affects everything around you. Just by answering this question, you will be able to get further interesting topics to research on.

  • Pollution: As days pass by, pollution increases. And as different types of pollution increases, so does its deadly effect on the environment. Pollution due to industrialization and nuclear power are two such sectors which greatly damage the environment resulting in the increase of greenhouse effect. Extensive research can be conducted on how to handle the pollution from these two very sensitive working sectors. If a new solution can be found through thorough research, then that would greatly contribute to the change in the degrading environmental scenario, resulting in a successful research paper.

  • Intervention of Global Warming: Regardless of whether the activities of human beings are the main cause behind greenhouse effect or if it is a natural cause, it is pretty evident that this has become a massive problem which is increasing as time passes, and hence, it needs to be reduced to the bare minimum. Different government and scientific organizations have proposed different ways of intervening. But there are still options for different ways for intervening with this massive problem as very few of such actions previously taken have brought any notable change in the increase of the greenhouse effect. Hence, through extensive research, if you are able to find a new and more efficient way of putting a stop to the rapid increase of global warming, then the research paper will truly fulfill its purpose.

In the above discussion we have looked extensively at some very genuine and unique topics for writing a research paper on global warming. Some of these topics are very specific, while others are generalized to certain extents. If the writer follows these topics he/she will be at liberty to conform the generalized topic into something they find interest in. It is also to be remembered that while researching for information very specific data should be considered while coming to conclusion regarding any solution that you may find.

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