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Music is what frees the soul. It's food for your mind. Where words fail to make an impact, music does the job. A world without music cannot be imagined, that is how great of an impact music has on this world. You couldn't have chosen a better sector to write a research paper on if you have chosen music. Research papers on topics like music are more enjoyable to write on compared to other research papers on scientific topics because of the fun you have while writing it. However, the predicament lies in choosing one specific music research paper topic from all the various aspects of this brilliant art form known as music. We are here to help you with that. Below are some genuinely interesting topics on music to help you write a research paper on from all the research paper topics on music you might find.

  • History of music and its evolution: This is a very resourceful topic. Music, according to reports, existed from the Paleolithic age. There was a flute discovered by the name of The Divje babe flute which is thought to be more than 40,000 years old. And so, since then, music has only evolved further. From the initial flute, clarinets, and percussion based music to the wide varieties of music we hear now, music has changed greatly. This change in music came from the invention of different kinds of instruments from time to time. As newer instruments were invented, newer styles of music came into being. The evolution has continued with no signs of ceasing. There exists a vast opportunity of research on the history of music and its evolution. Thorough research can be done on what caused a change in taste among people and how people started accepting different types of music which came into being from time to time. Therefore, the history of music and its evolution will work as a great topic to research on, and in the process make for a great and interesting research paper.

  • The effect of music on mental and physical health: Music according to several studies and reports has profound impact on the mental and physical health of a human being. Though not all types of music works in the same way, every genre of music has its unique effect on the human mind. It is widely accepted that creating or listening to music has positive impact on the human mind and well-being. Music can help reduce the sensation of chronic and post-op pains. Music has positive impact in pain relief, reduces blood pressure, promotes post stroke recovery, acts as a remedy to chronic headaches, boosts immunity, etc. However, that is not all. A lot of scientific reports has established that music has positive impact on intelligence, mental development, and IQ as well. So from all these we get a short idea on the effect of music on mental health, but more details can only be discovered through extensive research, as detailed theories can be found.

  • Genres and forms of music: Music has a lot of excellent genres and forms. There are some genres which are very similar to each other while others are very different from one another. The classification of genres itself is very controversial as a lot of genres overlap with each other. Different kinds of music have different of impacts on us. One genre works on our energy levels while another works on our emotional state. The whole categorization of the genres is a great sector to conduct extensive research on. A thorough research can be done on how music is categorized, its legitimacy, and its impact on the listeners. This topic works as a great topic from the list of persuasive speech topics on music.

  • Contributions of influential musicians in different eras: The list of legendary influential musicians never seems to cease. A lot of individuals have made very significant contributions to different sectors of music. Some musicians are regarded as the creators of some genres while others are famous for redefining the genre they made music in. From musicians like Ravi Shankar to George Harrison, David Gilmour and many many more, these people are accredited with lifelong achievement awards for redefining the whole concept of music and making it more ethereal for us to listen to. Thorough research can be done on how legendary musicians of different times contributed to specific genres and how they achieved immortality in the process.

  • Music as anti-depressant: There is a very common saying which is "Music frees the soul". Music is that object in your life which, to a certain extent, will work better than any other anti-depressant in your life. Music has the power to uplift your mood in a matter of minutes. Studies suggest music has helped more people out of depression than anti-depression meditations have ever managed to. As music also helps to develop higher brain functions, it not only helps the people suffering from depression to come out of their depression, but it also helps them lead a life of better mental health. This is the power of music. Research can be done on the process of how music can make a person who is suffering from severe depression come out their depression and how it helped them further in gaining back their previous happy life. Hence, this topic works better than most of the argumentative essay topics on music.

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