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Sample Essay Writing

Sample Essay Writing

It is always helpful to have sample essay writing passages handy. They will help you understand how sentences have to be formed and how ideas have to be arranged in a passage. This article is dedicated to giving you some samples of introduction, main body paragraphs, and concluding paragraphs.

Samples of introduction of an essay

Your introduction must include the following elements:

  • A hook to catch the attention of the reader

  • Background of the topic

  • The outline of your argument

  • Thesis statement

Sample – Did you know that there is a long history of kinship between pumpkins and rats? Yes, you read right, pumpkins and rats! The study of this rather unusual kinship seems to have started somewhere in the 19th century by a famous scientist who lived in the wild for seven years to observe and record the relationship. After a detailed study, this scientist has been able to prove that wherever there are pumpkins rats will not be found close by. Finding myself unable to resist the curiosity of checking this weird phenomenon, I chose to try the experiment at home and soon my house was filled with rats.

Samples of paragraphs of the main body

Each paragraph in the main body of your essay will consist of one central theme that supports the thesis statement in the introduction. The topic sentence in the introduction will let the readers know what the central theme of this particular paragraph will be. The following 3-4 sentences will consist of sentences that support and/or develop the central idea of the paragraph. The last sentence in the paragraph will wrap it up by reinforcing the main theme.

Sample – Learning to write is an important skill for all college students to do well in college. This is because most of the professors use different forms of writing assignments to check the students' level of understanding and depth of knowledge. These writing assignments play a significant part in getting students great grades. In fact, in courses such as history, literature, and psychology, there are over 25 writing assignments to be submitted each term. In science-based courses too, there are many essays to be submitted for grading. Badly written assignments will get you low grades and you will not be able to clear the course. Hence, it is imperative that every college student learns and masters the art of writing.

Here are some more examples of topic sentences:

  • There are multiple factors that make the city of [name of the city] the most polluted in the country.

  • There are certain characteristics you need to build and develop if you want to become a CEO

  • There are many reasons for increased global warming

  • Fortune hunters face a lot of challenges, some of them insurmountable, when they explore a shipwreck

  • Having a dog for a pet improves your happiness and longevity

  • Providing sexual education early in school can reduce increased teenage pregnancies

  • Getting a college education will help in landing you a great job.

  • The birth of child calls for major adjustments from both parents

  • A successful kitchen remodeling exercise requires an eye for aesthetics and oodles of patience

Samples of concluding paragraphs of an essay

The conclusion paragraph of your essay should summarize the main points argued and reinforce the thesis statement without simply repeating what was said in the introductory paragraph.

Sample – Therefore, adolescents who are lesser than 16 years of age must also be allowed to go alone to shopping malls and other public places. They should be exposed to varying environments (which have controlled security features) so that they learn how to identify and manage dangerous situations. If they are not exposed now, the chances of them never learning to handle difficult situations well will be very high. Hence, they must be allowed to visit secured public places alone so that they get some amount of exposure to real-life situations.

Sample – Therefore, an effective way to create a great essay is to organize your ideas, write an outline, write the first draft, review and revise the draft till you are satisfied, and finally, edit and proofread your essay for all kinds of writing error mechanics. Following this process will ensure you get a wonderful essay for submission.

Sample – Hence, it can be concluded that the book [name of the book] has been authored by multiple people who have all chosen to remain anonymous. The only way we have been able to put a chronological date to the work is through the details of grammar and vocabulary used which give us a fair idea that the book has been written somewhere in the 12th century. Therefore, it can clearly be argued that no single author can lay claim to this magnum opus.

Final Notes

Sample essay writing help is a great way to aid you in your essay writing process. When you are stuck for an idea or in the middle of a half-formed idea, you can always refer to these samples to help you out of the sticky situation. At Prescott Papers, you can order for papers on any subject. They will all be written by our team of professional, qualified, and skilled writers who are specialists in their respective subjects.

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