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Sample Research Paper

Sample Research Paper

Sample research papers are extremely handy to use when you are writing your own research paper. Each subject follows its own sample and hence, you will have to find one that is related to your subject of study. This article will give you one sample research paper outline which you can use as a template for future papers.

Sample research paper outline

Title of the paper: Thomas Paine's Common Sense and the way it affected US political thinking

Thesis: Common Sense by Thomas Paine presented the Colonies' anti-British sentiments in such a powerful and unique way that American political thought underwent a permanent change.

Introduction: Will have the thesis statement along with a brief background of the topic and your reason to choose the topic.

Main Body Part I – Mention the elements that Common Sense handled differently. Some sample points:

  • Till then the British monarchy and the British constitution was looked upon as a brilliant foundation to create a great society. Common Sense denounced this claim outrightly. It pointed out inherent fallacies in both the constitution of the English and the monarchical approach of the British rulers. In fact, Americans were able to see that the constitution appeared to be made specifically to protect and safeguard the monarchy.

  • The Common Sense exhorted the Americans to disassociate from this flawed system and come up a new one that would meet the sensibilities of the American society. This work raised doubts in the minds of the Americans who till then believed that the Colonies were an inseparable part of the British Empire. The work gave them a separate unique identity. They began to believe that they were Americans and not Britons.

  • Thomas Paine's work set up an outline for a republican government which greatly influenced the ideas and thoughts of the Founding Fathers when they were creating a new government

Part II – The immediate effect of Thomas Paine's work on the Colonies of America:

  • There was a paradigm shift in the thinking process about the British Empire; from a reconciliatory attitude to an attitude of total independence

  • The Common Sense was distributed and read by a large number of colonists and many of them decided to unite together to fight for total independence

  • The intelligentsia among the Americans made a clarion call for independence by releasing the Declaration of Independence within six months of the publication of Thomas Paine's work.

Part III – The long term effects of the Common Sense

  • The word 'revolution' became a buzzword in the times and took on connotations that reflected innovations and new ideas instead of merely being a renewal or renovation of existing ideas

  • The concept of non-hereditary and republican nature of government was deeply embedded in the psyche of the Americans. Many of the ideas outlined in Thomas Paine's work were carried into the American Constitution

Conclusion: Permanently changing the political thought process in America, the Common Sense's unprecedented, articulate, and eloquent arguments even today reverberate with brilliance.

Final Notes

When you make a clear and focused outline like this for all your research papers, you will find it very easy not to waver from the thesis statement and meander all over the topic. This focus is essential in ensuring the readers feel engaged and interested in your paper. An outline like this allows you to make categories of all the primary points of discussion and helps you organize your paragraphs in a logical order that suits the topic.

Moreover, by crystallizing your scattered thoughts in an outline, you will not feel stuck at any particular point because you have clearly marked what you want to say at every stage of the research paper. Outlining your ideas and thoughts will ensure you have not forgotten any important aspect of the discussion. It is an essential aspect of the groundwork that is needed to create a great research paper. I hope the above sample research paper outline will give you an idea of how to create them on your own.

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