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Sexuality Topics For A Paper

Topics to Write a Research Paper on Sexuality

Human Sexuality is a very intrinsic issue in the modern times. Fundamentally it is the study of the sexual orientation of a human being. As time goes by, people are becoming more and more aware of their sexuality. Hence, the areas to cover while writing a research paper on sexuality are very diverse. Choosing apt sexuality topics for a paper is of utmost importance in this case. The research paper should contrast an overview of human sexuality. Topics should be as liberal as possible. Below are some very interest topics which can be chosen as topics to write a research paper.

  • Human sexuality and its history: Now this is a very interesting topic not known by a lot of people. To a certain extent, we might know what human sexuality is and its basic types, but what most people don't know are the specifications regarding it. Also another part of this topic is the history of human sexuality. The actual origin of human's sexual orientation is yet to be confirmed properly. A lot of research can be done on its history. Hence, human sexuality and its history can work as a fascinating topic, as it provides scope for a lot of research and has many unresolved questions.

  • Gender identity: Gender identity is also another topic which falls under the human sexuality category. Gender identity fundamentally is one's own realization of perceiving oneself as male, female or other. It necessarily doesn't come from birth. The process of finally identifying their gender by themselves is quite complicated and happens to different people in different ways. The process of identification of gender therefore works as a very interesting topic to work on as it requires extensive research on how the process actually works.

  • Religious morality regarding sexuality: Religious morality regarding sexuality is indeed a very controversial issue. Different religions look at this differently. Some religions look at sexual behaviors as spiritual relationship, while others look at it as completely physical. Some religions completely disregard homosexuality or bisexuality as forms of human sexuality. Some religions tend to promote celibacy as a measure against homosexuality and heterosexuality. They promote it as counter measures against it because they think it causes a grave threat to the society. And so, in every religion there exists several views regarding human sexuality and its morals. Therefore, this kind of topic provides us with a vast scope of research. Since there is a vast scope of research on this topic, this can be an excellent topic to work on.

  • Sexual violence: Sexual violence is a very serious issue which concerns the physical and mental health of a human being. Sexual violence has very deep impacts on the physical and mental state of a person. The impact in certain cases becomes long term. Physical health problems include reproductive problems, higher probability of suicide, HIV, and murder due to sexual assaults. In most of the cases, women and girls are the victims. That does not mean that it does not occur to men, it can also happen to guys of different ages. Extensive research can be done in many sectors of this topic including the effects of sexual violence on human minds and health, how the victims deal with these effects, how steps can be taken to reduce sexual violence, and how it can be eradicated once and for all. This can be a great topic to work on because of the wide range of possibilities that it provides and also because of the various new solutions that are discovered every day.

  • Effect of premarital sex on the durability of marriages: A lot of reports have given us the theory that people who tend to have frequent physical relationships before marriage tend to end up in a divorce fairly quickly after their marriage. Is it true? What do experts have to say about this theory? The best way to discover the answers of such questions is to do your own research and find out through your research paper.

  • Psychological aspects: Sexuality in human beings result in very deep and complex emotional and psychological responses. The thought process and lifestyle of heterosexual people to a certain extent differ from the thought process and lifestyle of homosexual or bisexual people. This brings up a lot of questions and theories. Extensive research can be done on these differences in the psychological aspects of people with different forms of sexuality. This makes for a very interesting topic to work on as well as for people to read about, since such a topic is controversial and will result in a lot of debates.

From the above discussion some very interesting topics for writing a research paper on human sexuality have been pointed out and discussed which is surely going to clear out your predicament regarding choosing a proper topic.

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