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Social Justice Research Paper Topics

Social Justice Research Paper Topics

Social justice is valued because it is important to make everyone comfortable in the society they live in. The feeling of acceptance along with the feeling of belonging to a community is something that is very special. Through social justice, fairness can be achieved, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, color, etc. By making social justice evident in our society we can go a long way into teaching the residents and the students about how to learn more about the issues of social injustice and stand in solidarity with them. Because injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere, you should consider the many different research topics for social justice that you can look into.

Social justice and agriculture

Most people would agree that one of the most fundamental needs of any society is a lasting sense of social equity or justice. Therefore there is a need for a sustainable food and farming system that will allow the farmers to produce more crops and stop the destruction of fertile land A food and farming system that does not meet the needs of the people in a society will not prevail in the society, regardless of the ecological favorability or the profit that can be exacted from it. However, the system must also be such that the productivity of the land is not over-exploited. The questions that arise can be answered through a research paper that delves deep into the field of agriculture.

Social Justice and Wage

Quite recently there was a protest by the name 'Fight for $15' to raise the wage of the people who worked in fast-food joints. This campaign has been expanding since then and now it has become a movement for social justice and represents a motley crew of low-wage workers. By lowering the minimum wage, the purchasing ability of the working class people has been restricted and as a consequence, this is hurting the economy. According to economists, the low value of the minimum wage is one of the major factors behind the heavy hits the middle and the lower class have received in the past 30 years. In order to observe fairness in the society, the minimum wage must be increased.

Social justice in the waging policy is a burning issue of the recent times. And in light of all of these unvarnished facts, research on social justice in the waging system can be quite fruitful. Since this is an issue that goes way back, there will not be any shortage of essential facts. Overall, the writer can shed a lot of insight into this matter if he delves deeper.

Social Justice and Education

Academicians and educators, in these modern times, are designing curriculums and activities based on their aim to eradicate various forms of oppression that are evident in schools, such as racism, classism, and sexism. However, these attempts have earned themselves the status of controversies. To many people, classrooms should be kept out of these because according to them these are all political agendas.

The difference and disagreement are something that is inevitable in the study and practice of social justice, but astonishingly the scholars of social justice stand in solidarity whenever there is a need for identifying and defining social injustice. If these facts are taken into account then this topic will open up new doors for researchers and allow them to explore this particular field.

Social Justice and Fashion

Fashion is something that feeds on social injustice. The energy and the inspiration of fashion are derived from social competition. Often times, fashion juxtaposes the social justices with the injustices and the effects are augmented and the data that is found is then tactfully used to mitigate the injustices. Fashion can be seen as a platform where people disclose their identity through the things they wear; it gives them the opportunity to creatively decorate themselves. Though it is a wonderful thing, fashion however also has a tendency of reflecting one's status, environment, income or even the company that the person hangs out with. There always has been a gap between the people who dress good and others that do not. In this modern age, there are places where one needs to maintain a specific dress code for admission into the event.

From the aforementioned facts, it can be understood that a research into this controversial industry will get the writer to collect data and figure out important things through research.

Social Justice in Sports

In the years not long ago, sports were a neutral discipline. It welcomed liberals and conservatives, heterosexuals and homosexuals, or the rich and the pool, with arms wide open. They would play the game and watch the game together, keeping aside all the differences. But in the recent times, the NCAA has pulled out of seven championships because it believes that boys and girls should use bathrooms that match their biological sex. And as a protest to this, a lot of sports organizations are standing in solidarity to promote these transgender and homosexual issues. It has also surfaced that the NCAA would reap benefits from the poor and minority students by imposing economic restrictions on them. As most of these college sportsmen do not go on to play professionally, it means that they are not earning what they should even though they are in their prime. Research can be conducted in light of all the aspects mentioned here

Social Justice and Health Care

In the field of medical and health care, social justice means that everyone will be treated equally and would be helped to avoid the diseases that can be prevented and escape premature death. But often times it so happens that while a certain groups succumb to a disease and die without good treatment, while another group just reaps the benefits of modern science and taking the advantages of health care provisions, political persecution, racial discrimination and a lot of other factors. Everyone is entitled to receive the health care and become healthy both mentally and physically. Such issues have a lot of gravity and open up a lot of opportunity for completely new research.

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