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Stem Cell Research Paper Topics

20. Stem cell research paper topics

A stem cell research paper is somewhat different from other research papers and tend to be more advanced than your standard paper, mostly because it requires scientific knowledge or hard scientific facts. These are never easy and they require quite a good deal of research and technical information to be glitch free. While these may be difficult to do, they are definitely not impossible. However, an adequate amount of concentration and fact finding is necessary for an A+ paper on this topic.

How to start

First off you start by understanding clearly what your write up is about. Stem cells are actually numerous cells in the human body that can reproduce over and over, regenerate plus repair themselves. Most importantly, these are the cells needed to create a new human being. Because of these properties, stem cells are now a huge focus of research in the medical industry. Researching on stem cells is a controversial issue at the moment and is often questioned and called out for moral, ethical, and religious arguments given the fact that these are obtained from the human body.

Stem cells possess the ability to turn into other sorts of cells, hence scientists find them very useful in treatments and in understanding diseases. They can be used to generate new cells in laboratories to replace tissues or organs that have been damaged. They could be used for various types of research such as genetics and the process of cancer cell development. Stem cells could also be used to test out new drugs to see if they are safe and effective. These numerous functions of stem cells are what makes them so attractive in the science world and so great for a research paper.

Putting aside all controversies both political and religious, stem cell research papers can still be done properly with factual information. One could write on how it is affecting the world, or how it was invented, the history behind the innovation, etc.

Once you find out what topic you want to write on, you must find credible sources for further information for the report, given that it is such a sensitive topic. The best way to obtain information is to go to scholars or professors, maybe even doctors with enough knowledge on the topic. Because of all the confusions and controversies not all sources might be credible for factual information on the subject.

Second, opt for a topic that you are comfortable and confident to work on. You could either work on topics on the ethical issues or just stick with plain factual information.

If you are moving towards the ethical approach, then make sure you know what you are doing inside out so as to not cause debates. The controversy around stem cell research is because they are obtained from human embryos or fetuses normally after a miscarriage or abortion takes place. To many people, even an embryo, irrespective of its stage, is an unborn child, hence all the dilemma around the topic. If you are looking to present your paper from an ethical point of view, make sure to put in enough pros and cons to balance them out. Furthermore, try to keep all personal opinions to yourself for this particular topic.

If you are moving towards the scientific approach, steer clear of all political or religious controversies surrounding the topic and strictly follow hard scientific facts from credible sources. For this, you must provide data from experiments, their positive and negative sides, why the experiments are being conducted, what problems are being faced, is it to cure other diseases or not, if so, what could be expected from it in the future, etc. These sort of topics should be focused on when doing the paper from a scientific point of view with supporting evidence of course.    

Last but not least, academic formats matter, especially in the case of such sensitive topics which could raise questions. The academic formats must be on point so as to not cause other dilemmas. Academic formats mean a proper introduction, a proper thesis statement, a proper detail of the sources of information and their credibility, mentioning the methods used in experiments, and of course, the results and a relevant conclusion.         

Finally, do keep in mind that a research paper on stem cells is far different from any other regular research paper. It will require several factual information and a lot of medical data which should be obtained from doctors and not Google, as supporting evidence. Hence, remember to be extremely thorough in the research and definitely proofread a few times to make sure that you haven't left anything out, added anything in, or put in personal points of view that might cause controversy given that it is a sensitive topic.  

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