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Teenage Pregnancy Essay Introduction

Teenage Pregnancy Essay Introduction

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most pressing issues that affect societies all over the world today for several reasons. The causes for teenage pregnancy, and the consequential effects, are in abundance. Accordingly, for your essay, there are a variety of aspects for you to examine or analyze. But as with any essay, you need a good, strong introduction with an overview of the content of the rest of your essay. Of course, your thesis statement should be a part of your introduction (posts on thesis statements are also available on this website). Keep reading to discover how to craft your perfect teenage pregnancy essay introduction.

What is teenage pregnancy?

Always a good place is to start is a comprehensive and extensive description of the topic itself, before going into any specifics. Teenage pregnancy is defined as pregnancy in females of ages under 20 years old. There is no clearly defined minimum age for teen pregnancy, as the age of menstruation (which signals sexual maturity in human females) varies from one girl to another. However, the youngest teenage pregnant mothers are usually aged between 15 and 16, and this amount is, in fact, quite high. Notably, a large proportion of teenage parents are unmarried. You may also find a good amount of content in analyzing why some teenage pregnancies end in abortion.

Why does teenage pregnancy happen?

Depending on the main content of your essay, you may choose to start with a brief overview of one or more of the causes that contribute to teenage pregnancy.

In most studies regarding the subject, teenage pregnancy is attributed most strongly to a lack of education and knowledge about safe-sex practices. Most sexually active teens tend to skip the most effective contraceptive methods in favor of a more pleasurable sexual experience. Unprotected sexual intercourse, therefore, is the top reason for teenage pregnancies occurring. A lack of education and awareness about such matters is also associated with this cause.

Culture also plays an important role in a teenaged woman becoming pregnant. In some societies, especially in third-world countries, women are expected to marry young, and bear children as soon as they become able (i.e. when they start to menstruate). Here, conforming to societal norms is usually perceived to be more important than preventing any health problems that may arise as a result of early pregnancy. A lack of education exists here as well.

In economically poor countries, more teenage girls are expected to become pregnant. In most cases, poverty may lead to a lack of education, which results in a host of issues that facilitate the prevalence of teenage pregnancy.

A lesser acknowledged cause of teenage pregnancy is sexual abuse, or rape. Your teenage pregnancy essay introduction may also be based on this, with a more in-depth analysis to follow.

What are the consequences of teenage pregnancy?

If you are planning to write an essay about one or more of the effects of teenage pregnancy, it may be helpful to start with an overview of one of the following.

First and foremost are the harmful effects pregnancy can have on a girl whose body is not yet fit to go into gestation. It is no surprise, therefore, that maternal death rates are highest among younger mothers. In the babies of teenage mothers, as well, can adverse health effects manifest themselves. Children born to teenaged mothers are more likely to suffer from malnutrition and developmental issues. They are also more likely to suffer from delayed psychological development. In older children born to teenaged mothers, poor academic performance has also been observed. These are only a few among many other health problems. You may choose to focus on these following your teenage pregnancy essay introduction.

Teenage pregnancy also affects the mother's education in the form of an untimely and unexpected interruption. Balancing school alongside childcare becomes an increasingly difficult task. Resulting from this, most women are unable to find proper, well-paying employment opportunities by the time their children are able to take care of themselves, and become trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Prevention of teenage pregnancy

It is an unspoken truth that given the adverse effects of teenage pregnancy, it is incumbent upon us to take measures to prevent it. In your teenage pregnancy essay introduction, it may be profitable to you to ask exactly what measures these should be. A few ideas are given below.Education about any subject whatsoever is key in implementing socially and morally responsible practices within any society. In this case, spreading education and awareness about the adverse effects of teen pregnancy is not only necessary for potential teenaged mothers and fathers, but also the parents and/or guardians of these young parents. Especially considering that teenage mothers are at an age where, although they may be old enough to make decisions regarding safe sex practices, they are still likely to be immature in the consideration of the consequences resulting from unsafe sex practices. As such, they require the guidance of their parents. More open and liberal dialogue surrounding sex and sexuality, therefore, is required.

In some countries, an abstinence-only approach is practiced in sex education, meaning, it is taught to students that abstinence from sex (not having sex at all) is the only way to avoid an early and/or unwanted pregnancy. It is important to note, however, that such methods of sex education have not been proved to be effective. This is most likely the cause of unwillingness in young people to abstain from sex. Perhaps in your essay, you may wish to highlight the importance of taking proper contraceptive measures over simply not having sex. But if you agree with this viewpoint, make sure to make that very clear in your teenage pregnancy essay introduction.

In societies where girls are expected to marry at a young age, it is crucial to change the mindsets that allow harmful traditions such as this to continue. With proper education comes proper awareness. For your teenage pregnancy essay introduction, you can put forward such notions to be elaborated in the following body paragraphs.

We hope that the topics discussed here will help you to think about teenage pregnancy more clearly so as to form a proper teenage pregnancy essay introduction. It is our goal at Prescott Papers to solve any problems you may encounter as you tackle your college essays. All papers are written with close attention to detail, tailored to suit individual needs. If you found this blog post informative, consider trying the services of Prescott Papers for your future college essays. Finally, good luck with your essay!

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