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Term Paper Example

Term Paper Example

A term paper is a fairly long paper that is usually written over an entire term of your course. A term can potentially contribute to nearly 70% of your grade. Thus, a perfectly crafted term paper is essential to ensure a great grade for the term. This article gives you the mechanics of writing a term paper along with term paper examples wherever possible.

Let us look at the following elements of a term paper:

  • Basic mechanics

  • Title

  • Introduction

  • Thesis Statement

  • Body paragraphs and section headings

  • Conclusions

  • Citations Page

Basic Mechanics of term paper writing

The term paper must definitely be typed and there should be content only one side of the paper. Many times, you must submit a cover page consisting of the submission date, name of the student, the name of the course, and your professor's name. You must remember to use a consistent form of numbering and labeling tables and figures.

If there are many tables and figures and graphs, then you must include a separate appendix giving a full-list of these details along with the page number on which they are appearing. You must allocate descriptive captions for all the tables and figures and if they come from another source, then you must also cite the source accurately (both in-text and on the citations page).


The title of your term paper must be definitive, succinct, informative, and unique. A title such as "An Overview of the Advent of Slavery in the United States in the early 15th century" is a much better title than "Slavery in the US." Titles must announce the term paper's specific purpose and serve to focus the readers' mind on a particular path.


This is where your writing ability to hold the readers' attention must come to the fore. You can straight away announce the topic of the paper or you could use a relevant narrative to inform the readers of your argument.

If your topic is about the effects of poor mining designs, you can start by talking about how poor mining design of a pillar in a salt mine developed a crack and drained a lake completely into the mine.

If your topic was on the importance of finding alternative source of energy because of depleting sources of petroleum, you could start your paper with how it takes several thousands of years of organic matter to be buried deep inside the earth before it can be converted into one gallon of petrol.

The introduction of the paper should define the scope and limit of the paper's purpose and scope. You must introduce the topic broadly first and then slowly funnel it to your main topic that you intend to answer in your term paper. Background information about the topic needs to be given there so that the readers can understand and appreciate the contribution of your paper. The length of the introduction should ideally be about 5-10% of the length of the entire term paper. Here are some examples of opening sentences that can potentially grab the readers' attention:

Many times, the images that our eyes see can be quite misleading and contrary to the actual object. For example, when you see a stick in a glass of water, it appears bent. Or railway tracks seem to converge at a far distance… (For a paper on optical illusion)

Suddenly I felt a strange sense of déjà vu. I was standing in the middle of a mall in Kansas City and I realized it looked exactly the same as another mall in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or any other city in the country. Is the mall culture taking away the uniqueness of each city? - For a paper on the importance of saving the identity of cities and towns of our country.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is such an important aspect of your term paper that although it is part of the introduction, I have chosen to explain it under a separate heading. A thesis statement is considered good if it fits only in the paper for which it was created. Thesis statement forecasts the contents of the paper for the readers telling them in unequivocal terms what to expect in the paper. Specificity, uniqueness, and succinctness are elements of a good thesis statement.

Examples of some good thesis statement:

The purpose of this paper is to challenge the forecast made by land fill experts that these spaces will be overflowing by 2020 in the state of [name of the state] by offering effective recycling solutions that will make up for the dwindling of land fill spaces in this region.

This paper will illustrate how the lack of a feasible solution for the third and final phase of partition is hindering the current peace negotiations in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Body Paragraphs and section headings

It is very important not to simple label the entire middle portion of your term paper as "Main Body" and fill it with a wall of text. You must necessarily organize it into headings (and subheadings, if needed) and discuss each of these in a focused manner. Use of section headings helps you and your readers get the flow of content through the entire paper.

These headings are like a signpost helping you know where data about a specific subheading will be found. It is important to make your section headings clear and specific to prevent straying from the main topic of the heading. Here are some examples:

Section headings for a topic on how color works in nature

  • Color by scattering of light: how the size of each particle affects scattering

  • Color by scattering of light: how the positions of the observer and the source affect color

  • How does the sky appear blue? The effect of multiple scattering

  • Color by absorption: Multiple scattering media

  • Color by absorption: the elusive nature of microscopic mechanisms

Section headings for a topic on the supply and demand of asbestos

  • The structure of the asbestos industry

  • The properties and mining methods of asbestos

  • World reserves

  • Co-products and by-products

  • The economic factors that affect demand and supply of asbestos

  • Recommendations to correct imbalance in demand and supply

If you notice, when readers see the section headings, they will clearly understand what will be discussed in each section. So, if any reader wants to know only about the recommendations, he or she will go straight to that section instead of having to needlessly labor over the rest of the paper that might not be useful for the reader at that point in time.


This is the last section of the term paper. If you are not sure how to write your conclusion, you can look at the introduction again and how you formed the thesis statement. Then ask yourself as to how you achieved the means to answering that research question. While the conclusion can summarize your term paper, it cannot be based only on this summary. You must logically and significantly arrive at your term paper's realization of its stated objectives.

Instead of merely starting with phrases such as "In conclusion" or "Therefore" etc, try to make your conclusion a graceful statement that leads the readers to a convincing end of your term paper. Remember that a conclusion should represent conviction of your results through the evidence that you have submitted in your paper. An example of a convincing sample:

Much of the evidence presented in this paper goes to prove that bone mineral density of women is positively affected by exercise and physical activity. In fact, this paper has presented evidence wherein exercise has improved the bone mineral density especially in premenopausal women. There is ample evidence to suggest that even in post-menopausal women exercise does improve bone mineral density though to a lesser degree than in premenopausal women. This paper clearly evidences that women across all ages are benefitted by exercising. Exercise is never too late to start off to reduce the risk of osteoporosis or at least to lessen the severity of the disorder.

Citations Page

This page should contain the complete list of sources cited in your term paper in alphabetical order of the author's surname.

Final Notes

Writing a well-crafted term paper is the ultimate reflection of the knowledge and skill you have gained right through the term. As you advance in your course, you will find the level of difficulty in writing each term paper increases exponentially.

This is because the depths of knowledge at each term get deeper than the previous term making it more difficult to learn and master the subject concepts. Moreover, the expectations from your professors for you to get better at your term paper writing skills also increase thereby increasing the difficulty levels at each stage.

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