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Thesis For Human Trafficking

Writing a Thesis for Human Trafficking

As the human species races forward, we have come a long way. Whether it be on educational levels, economical levels, architectural levels and on many other fronts, we have truly reached high peaks. If we look back at time and compare where we stand today in comparison to where we have stood over the ages, we will come to realize we are one remarkable race! Sadly, while we are in awe of our profoundness, we have to give way to the other side of the coin, the evil that we have expanded on and allowed to spread throughout the world. One of these evils is that of human trafficking. Unfortunately, human trafficking is real and is a serious problem that we have yet to tackle and get rid of for good. Among the other disasters and challenges we face, ranging from drugs, crime, immorality on all levels, we have the serious crisis of human trafficking.

What is human trafficking?

With so many definitions out there, many of you may be wondering what is human trafficking and what does it constitute of? Human trafficking in short is the illegal movement or transportation of people, usually for the drives of forced labour or marketable sexual exploitation where prostitution is used. It violates human rights from numerous angles and brings up issues of human rights, justice, law of rule, etc.

For an in-depth definition of human trafficking, the UNDP has set a detailed definition. The summary of which is as follows:

Trafficking in persons is defined as the transportation, transfer, recruitment, receipt or harbouring of persons, by methods of the threat or through the practice of force or through other forms of coercion, whether it be abduction, deception, fraud, abuse of authority or through a position of defenselessness or through the providing or accepting of payments or profits to attain the consent of an individual having control over another individual, for the objective of exploitation. Exploitation includes, at the least form, the exploitation of prostitution of individuals or other methods of sexual exploitation, services that are forced, forced labour, slavery or practices that are like slavery, subjugation or the abstraction of organs.

Human trafficking is an international occurrence and stands second only to the transnational drug trade in relativity to systematized crime. According to some evaluations, human trafficking stands at a multi-billion dollar business industry, which affects millions of people in practically every country across the world. Human trafficking is in essence equated to slavery on modern day terms.

The illegal movement of people against their will or permission isn't spatially constricted to any specific geographic regions. Human trafficking is affecting just about every continent and country on the face of the earth. Sadly, with the increasing rate of globalization, the magnitude of human trafficking seems to only increase since the last decade, powered continuously by a greater need of forced labor in order to meet the ever growing demands for cheaper commodities in the first world countries or the developed world.

Writing a thesis on human trafficking

A thesis is a lengthy essay or dissertation, which includes personal research and is written by a candidate who is earning a university degree. As such, all thesis papers require thorough research and knowledge on the topic in hand before it can be written. As a writer for a thesis paper, you need to first identify your objectives. Why do you want to write a thesis on human trafficking? Who do you intend the thesis paper to be read by? What are the areas you want to cover in your thesis paper?

Writing a thesis for human trafficking is significant due to the nature of the topic and the importance it holds on a global platform. Since human trafficking is a vast topic and requires an ample amount of research, statistics, factual reporting, references to policies and much more, it might be a good idea to shorten down on the topic. When you can identify which area you want to write on, your research work is also cut down. You can write with a clearer objective in mind rather than focusing on too many areas all at once.

Focus on one area under human trafficking. Maybe you want to focus on child trafficking in particular countries and the end results for these children, what actually ends up happening to these children once they are trafficked. The appalling realities that children not only in the East face but West as well, may come off as a complete shock to your readers. You may want to write about women trafficking and how most of these young and older women end up working as prostitutes. Organ or body part trafficking is another part of human trafficking that you can write on. Whichever angle you want to write your thesis on, you must be prepared to understand the crux of the matter, why is it happening and what factors are causing such a crime to occur on such large scales?

Irrelevant of which area of human trafficking you decide to write on, keep the following points in mind, in addition to others you may decide to include:

-Define human trafficking according to authentic sources. You can touch on how the definition has changed over the years and where our understanding stands in current times.

-How has the history of human trafficking affected where human trafficking stands today on a local or global front?

-What are the evils of human trafficking? How is it impacting or changing the world we live in today?

-Which countries or areas does the human trafficking you are writing about occur in? Where is it most prevalent?

-What are potential solutions to the problem of human trafficking and what can your reader do to take part in the solutions suggested?

As a researcher, you don't want to include your opinion but you do want to take a stance on which angle you would like to present your paper. Mention your stance within the thesis statement.

Ensuring the use of a good thesis statement

One of the key parts of a good thesis paper is the thesis statement itself. A thesis statement states the main idea of the thesis. It identifies the central idea and allows the author to have a control over the ideas that follow in the writing. A thesis statement does not just announce the topic that the thesis paper will center on. In a thesis paper, the thesis statement will give an overall point and direction for the rest of the paper. As such, the best place for the thesis statement is the first paragraph, particularly the last sentence of the first paragraph. If placed the sentence is put in the beginning, the primary goal of the thesis statement is achieved, which is to allow the reader to apprehend what is coming and the opinion by which the paper will be centralized.

If you are having difficulties in writing a thesis on human trafficking or are in doubt as to how to go about it, feel free to turn to our specialist writers at Prescott Papers.

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