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Thesis Statement For A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Thesis Statement for A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Gabriel García Márquez's short story A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is a short story that was first published in 1955. The book has a simple story and is considered to fall under the genre of magic realism. Magic realism is termed as an artistic or literary genre where a realistic narrative along with naturalistic methods are put together with surreal elements of fantasy or dream. The story is told in such a way that readers can sense both real and imaginative elements throughout. Imagination is expanded through the use of realistic elements. As such, Márquez did a good job in writing the short story, keeping all of the elements of magic realism in mind.

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is centered around a couple and their ill child. In the beginning of the story, it had apparently been raining for 3 days and crabs are found all over. Pelayo and Elisenda (the two main characters), husband and wife have a child who has fallen ill due to the stench coming from the crabs. An elderly man who has enormous wings is discovered in their backyard. Once the couple tries to speak to this man, he speaks in a language that they are unable to comprehend. They take this man to be lost. While they are coming up with their own conclusions about this strange man, one of their neighbors informs them that the man is an angel.

Pelayo then decides to keep the angel locked in a chicken coop throughout the night. He plans on sending him off on a raft in the morning. The next morning, a priest named Father Gonzaga comes to the couple's home along with the rest of the neighborhood in order to test this strange man and figure out whether he is an angel or not. Father Gonzaga finds numerous reasons for the man being an angel and not a human, some of the reasons being the fact that the man cannot comprehend Latin and he also has many moral values instilled in him.

Elisenda feels tired from cleaning up after all of the visitors and decides to charge people who come to see this 'angel.' He charges a fee of 5 cents per entrance. Eventually the couple become rich from these visits.

However, to the couple's misfortune, the crowds soon lose interest in the angel as another strange creature comes to their attention. The new creature turns out to be a woman who had disobeyed her parents when she was younger and since then has been changed into a tarantula. In order for this tarantula to continue telling them her story, the people within the community throw meatballs into her mouth. They label these meatballs as her measures of nourishment. Even though the people in the town are no longer interested in the angel, the family ends up saving enough money to build themselves a mansion surrounded by gardens and balconies. They seem to be happy with their unintended success, not having anticipated it. The angel's health starts to decline, and it awaits death. On his last winter inside the chicken coop his health miraculously improves and he grows new feathers.

Eventually the chicken coop collapses and the 'angel' moves in with the couple. Over the years, the angel starts to become a nuisance for the family. At a certain point Elisenda even tries to shoo him away from their lives. The 'angel' tries to fly away many times without success. Finally, at the end he manages to leave the house. He is able to fly away after having gained enough strength.

Definition of a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a crucial part of a good paper or essay. A thesis statement refers to the sentence that outlines precisely the main area of discussion for the essay or writing and helps the writer control the remaining ideas that follow in a paper. The main notions tie back to the thesis statement. It is important to understand that a thesis statement is not a sentence that simply states the topic of the essay being written. A good thesis statement usually gives an opinion or conclusion that the writer has regarding a particular topic. This topic could be anything ranging from something that they experienced to something that they may have read. The thesis statement stands as the sentence of direction for the essay in hand, allowing both the writer and reader to follow the writing in an organized form.

It is best to place the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of the essay. This is simply because the objective of the thesis statement is best fulfilled if the statement is kept in the beginning rather than in the middle of the writing. Upon reading the statement, the reader should have an overall idea of where the writer intends to go with the writing. They should be able to anticipate the perspectives from which the topic will be examined.

Writing a thesis statement for A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Writing a thesis statement for A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings can be done from different angles, depending on what your objective for the paper is. There are several elements that the short story touches on.

One of the main topics that the story delves on is the loss that the townspeople go through of spiritual meaning in their lives. Once they are informed regarding an angel being present in their town, they react with a desire for amusement or entertainment rather than being awed at the supernatural creature. Most of the townspeople simply stare at this angel while some go to it in hopes of achieving some kind of healing or miraculous remedial, they go back home disheartened when they are unable to get what they desire. The couple uses the angel to make profits financially instead of using it as a spiritual reminder (as is customary with the symbol of an angel). In fact, they seem relieved once the angel leaves. A good thesis statement considering this aspect might be:

-As human beings continue to transform well into the modern era, their link with spirituality continues to fade.

-The townspeople's diminishing curiosity towards the old man exposes their reluctance to believe in something that goes against pre-existing creeds that were not explained to them thoroughly, in order to believe in the spider woman simply because she succeeded in explaining herself in believable terms.

-The major flaw in the townspeople is not that they fail to interpret the angel itself, rather it is their failure to acknowledge the importance of their own role in the process of interpreting the significance of particular elements in their lives.

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