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Thesis Statement For Definition Essay

Thesis Statement For Definition Essay

The purpose of a definition essay is to provide a thoroughly written lengthy explanation of a particular term. Traditionally, exemplifications are used to prove the point of the writer or to give clarity to the definition that is being considered. All definition essays are written to define a particular term, or to make an idea or a concept more comprehensible for the readers. These essays are required to have a main point or a crucial idea- and a sentence that reflects this main idea is known as a thesis statement. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the thesis statement contains the substance and the definition of the word. Other than presenting the substance of the paper, a thesis statement should also express your opinion regarding the matter. When writing thesis statements for definition essays, it is important that the writer realizes that a definition essay should not just repeat the same definition in differently structured sentences, but it should express what it particularly means to the writer.

A dictionary is quite a handy tool as it provides the author with all the various definitions of the term. From all these dictionary definitions, the writer can develop his own version of the term and put it down for the readers using his own language and general notion in the form of a thesis statement. It is required that the thesis remains short and basic, as, the necessary elaboration would be done in the paragraphs that follow the introductory paragraphs. And this very ability to keep the thesis statement concise without any distortion of its true meaning is what tests the skill of the writer.

Where to put the thesis statement

The thesis statement should be provided in the introductory paragraph of your essay. This is because by reading the thesis statement the reader will understand what to expect and where the essay is heading. To serve the purpose a thesis statement is supposed to fulfill, one should absolutely avoid putting it late into the essay or even in the middle.

Do not announce your point in an obvious manner

As it is the job of the thesis statement to introduce the reader to your writer's concept of the term, the writer cannot afford to be vague- the thesis statement requires him to be specific. Moreover, one does not need to make the reader aware that he/she is reading his personal opinion by announcing it right in the essay. For instance, 'According to me…', 'In this paper I want to express that…' etc. These kinds of sentence structures should be avoided at all cost.

The primary and secondary purpose of a thesis statement in a definition essay

In the thesis statement of a definition essay or any other essay, include only the things that will be discussed in the paragraphs that follow the introductory paragraph. As the purpose of a definition essay is to provide the readers with a broad description of a term, the thesis statement should give the readers a clear basic definition of the term. And then, throughout the entirety of the essay the writer can include different facts, examples or anecdotes in order to make it simpler for the reader to grasp. However, the secondary purpose of the writer is to persuade the reader that that particular definition is a legitimate one.


In order to come up with a great thesis statement for definition essay, one should brainstorm about the certain most vivid aspects of the term that is being written on. They should try answering the question- why do people even acknowledge the existence of this particular thing? Before penning down the thesis statement one should check that it is logical, uncomplicated, and specific. It should answer the question- what is the point I'm trying to prove to the readers? If the aforementioned features are ensured in a thesis statement, then it should be all right.

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