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Thesis Statement For Depression

30. Thesis Statement for Depression

When it comes to writing an essay, the most common mistake that a majority of the writers seem to make is when they launch straight into the main point. This happens when the writer does not give any sort of introduction and jumps right into the main point, which barely resembles an introduction. In this way, the readers will not be able to get any sort of background information regarding what they are reading. Halfway through the essay they might be able to get some bits and pieces, based on the writing skills of the writer. This also seems to be one of the main reasons why many the students seem to get less than average grades. This is because they forget to include the most important part of the essay – the thesis statement.

Writing the thesis statement is not a big secret or a secret formula, as it is the one that writers are most likely to forget. Even if they remember to apply it, they do so wrongly. This is due to their poor understanding of the concept. Therefore, in basic terms, the thesis statement is the main claim that will be up for debate throughout the entire essay. This is because if it is a generally agreed upon idea or belief, then there will be no scope to present any argument. In addition, it also means that there would be no point in writing your essay in the first place. If the idea that you are presenting is not debatable or refutable, it will just become one boring essay. In other words, it will be like one of those pieces that people might read just for the sake of reading – it is not something that will interest them or enlighten them.

Therefore, just with the help of this one sentence, you will be able to give the reader a very clear idea about what you are going to be talking about throughout the entire essay. However, the thesis statement is not something which should be mistaken with the topic sentence.

If you are thinking about writing a thesis statement for depression, you might be stuck. Despite depression being one of the topics that is widely discussed in our modern society, it remains taboo. This is despite the fact that various awareness programs and campaigns are being undertaken, both by the government and private initiatives. This is due to the common belief that if anyone is known to suffer from depression, they actually become a burden on their family. Not only that, but victims of depression seem to be looked at in a negative light. Therefore, even if you think that you will write a strong thesis statement on this topic, you might just fail to make an impact.

Basically, you want to make the thesis statement very strong. This is so that the reader will be motivated to read your entire piece. In that case, you can read below about some helpful tips on writing a very strong thesis statement.

  • One of the first things that you will need to do is decide on your purpose. This is something that you can easily do in one simple sentence. This is because when you submit your paper to your lecturer or supervisor, the first thing that they will look for is your purpose. In other words, the main reason for which you are writing on this topic in the first place. This is because if you do not decide on your purpose right at the very beginning, it can actually become quite difficult to maintain the pace and flow throughout the entire paper. Also, you might also find it difficult to complete the whole thing.

  • Before you start writing your thesis statement, it is important that you pick your desired topic. So despite depression being a very broad and vague topic, it will be quite difficult to write an essay, much less a thesis statement. This is because you might be confused about which aspect you want to make the highlight of your paper.

  • Another thing, which is very commonly mistaken, is the belief that you cannot alter your thesis statement. Some people think that now that you have decided on your thesis statement and gotten that in writing, there is no way that you can go back and change it. Much to your relief, this is absolutely untrue. Since your thesis statement will be the central theme of your story, you can change it as many times as is needed, as long as it fits the story. It can also be the other way round. Basically, you can alter it based on the direction that you are writing your story or essay. So do not be afraid to go back and make changes. Only stop when you are completely satisfied with the thesis statement that you came up with and when you believe that it goes with the entire paper.

  • When writing your thesis statement, it will also be helpful if you make a checklist of the things that you need to include in your essay. This is because during the course of the essay, there will be tons of things which you might try to cram inside your brain. Therefore, it is quite likely that you might slip in certain parts, and as luck will have it, you will most probably not remember it until the last minute when it is too late. So, to prevent any sort of last minute hassle, take the time out in making a checklist for your thesis statement. In order to do this, you will first need to confirm your topic sentence. Without confirming your topic sentence, it will be very difficult to determine the focal point of your essay or paper.

  • Lastly, the thesis statement on depression needs to be very specific. While you can definitely beat around the bush, it is not something which will work in your favor. In fact, it might even lead to your marks being deducted. If you think that by writing more you will be able to impress the reader, you will just be doing the exact opposite.

As you can see, writing a thesis statement for depression is not as easy as people make it sound. On the other hand, it is not virtually impossible as well. Since depression is a common topic for writing papers now, you will easily find some ideas. Based on that, you will then be able to construct a thesis statement which is bound to leave an impact on the readers' minds.

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