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Topics For Essays

Topics for Essays

The most important element of any great essay is to keep the readers engaged in your narrative. The first element to get this reader engagement is the right choice of topic. Subjects that are outdated and irrelevant to the target audience will not help in holding the attention of your readers.

There are a large number of topics that you can choose to write your essay if the same has not been given by your professors. The flip side is that there are so many topics for essays to choose from that the selection process itself is quite a daunting task.

This article gives you topics for the four basic types of essays including:

  • Narrative

  • Descriptive

  • Argumentative

  • Persuasive

Topics for essays – Narrative

Narrative essays focus on storytelling or describing an event that occurred in the narrator's life. This is why narrative essays are very personal and close to the essay writer. You can contact our custom essay writers at Prescott Papers who can write any kind of essay for you. Here are some topics for narrative essays:

An experience or an event that left you feeling disillusioned

One of the most frightening experiences you have had till date

Describe the most embarrassing moment in your life.

Describe a dangerous event in your life and how you responded to it

Describe a memorable journey

Write about a breakup in a relationship or friendship

Describe a moment in your life when you felt a sense of success

Describe a moment in your life when you felt a sense of failure

Talk about an encounter with someone special that changed the course of your life

A very positive experience that renewed hope and faith in your life

The events that happened on the first day of college

The events that happened on the first day of work

The strangest job interview you ever faced

Your last day at this organization

The first most serious misunderstanding in your life and its after-effects

The first rejection in your life that you cannot forget

Talk about meeting your role-model for the first time in person. Did the person live up to your expectations?

A family event that you cannot forget

Your first travel abroad

An encounter with authority that you would like to forget

An encounter with authority that you would not like to forget

An experience during your adolescence that helped you grow as a person

Talk about an experience that made you realize true values of life that were taught by your parents and which you, till then, treated casually

Talk about an experience that helped you appreciate your life better

Talk about an experience during an encounter wherein you faced the unpleasant effects of cowardice

An experience that taught you appearances can be quite deceiving

Talk about an experience that reflected true heroism for you

Talk about a rebellious act you indulged which changed your life

Talk about an experience which resulted in getting your desires but you were unhappy

Topics for essay - Descriptive

Descriptive essays must be written in such a way that your readers feel, hear, and see what you felt, heard, and saw. The challenge about writing a descriptive essay is to make even a dull and routine topic highly interesting and fun for the reader. The topics for essays given below are meant to trigger your descriptive thinking and writing power:

Write a descriptive essay about a memorable holiday you had with your family. Include descriptions of the place and other interesting details

Describe your favorite haunt writing in detail about the ambiance, the décor, and the experiences that you like best, and anything else of interest

What was the first experience in your life that moved you? Describe it in detail.

Describe the smells, sights, feelings, and sounds that you experienced when you went abroad for the first time

Describe your first date making sure you fit in the smells, sights, feeling, and sounds that you felt and experienced

Write a descriptive about the worst day in your life till date

Write about a favorite city, town, or village giving us details of its smells, sights, feelings, and sounds

Write a descriptive essay describing the feelings and experiences you went through when you got lost for the first time in a new city or town. Talk about what was going on in your mind? Tell us what you were seeing, feeling, and how did you find your way back?

Describe the experiences you had while learning a new language

Describe a concert or a musical or a play you went to the theater to watch and describe everything there, the smells, sights, feelings, and sounds.

Describe your feelings and what happened afterward when you meant your best friend from school unexpectedly after a very long time

Describe someone and his or her life who has had a great influence over your life

Describe a person about whom you feel weird

Write a descriptive essay about a bizarre event that occurred in your life

Topics for essays - Argumentative

Argumentative essays require you to take a firm stand and convince the reader that your point is correct. An argumentative essay intends to alter the opinion of the readers. Topics for argumentative essays should ideally be those that are being discussed in society currently. The topics should necessarily have more than one viewpoint. Here are some topics for argumentative essays:

Poor accounting processes will result in business losses

It is alright to use torture to counter and prevent terrorism

Should the government be allowed to levy tax at all on citizens?

It is alright to ban certain books or films to help society

Owning guns by private citizens must be made illegal

Should the government be allowed to tap our cell phone calls and messages?

Paying waiters less than the minimum hourly rate is unfair

Illegal immigrants can bring in a lot of good for our society

Should students be allowed to take a class on subjects they are experts in?

Should schools include sign language along with foreign language?

Should there be a dress code in colleges and schools to improve dress discipline?

Should single-sex education be included in colleges and schools?

Should sports be made a mandatory subject in college?

Should public schools teach students world religions?

Free meals should be provided in public schools because hunger hinders the learning process

Should standardized tests in schools and colleges be done away with?

First aid and CPR instructions must be made mandatory in high school.

Home education should be restricted only to those students who have a medical issue

Topics for essays – Persuasive

Persuasive essays are quite similar to argumentative essays wherein you persuade your readers to agree with your perspective. The difference lies in the fact that in an argumentative essay, you must follow a train of discussion instead of focusing on a single opinion. Topics for persuasive essays are usually written in a sentence form instead of a question because topics must imply that your statement is correct. Here are a few sample topics:

There is an unequal gender representation in politics

Using cell phone and texting reduces focus in a person

Textbooks should be replaced by tablets and iPads

Freedom of expression is not totally free. You cannot say what you want without taking into account sensibilities of the target audience.

Fencing the border completely will prevent illegal immigration

Cyber-hacking is an essential intelligence tool needed by all nations

Colleges must use filters to block inappropriate content from being streamed

Social network platforms should be allowed in college premises

Domestic terrorism is not as big an issue as it is made out to be

The elderly people in our community are the worst hit by identity theft

Recycling should be mandated by law

Final Notes

I hope some of the above topics for essays are motivating enough for you to start the writing process. While initially, you might feel the pressure of writing a good essay, with practice, you will get better and each essay you plan and write will improve your writing skills significantly. As I said earlier, our custom essay writers at Prescott Papers will be happy to help you right through the essay writing process.

Our teams of professional, experienced, and talented writers and editors are standing by to guide you with all your academic writing and editing needs. Do not hesitate to call Prescott Papers for custom essays, research papers, dissertations, assignments, and more.

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