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Topics For Research Paper

Topics for Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a daunting task even for a seasoned academic. Even as students take on advanced courses, the process of preparing for and writing research papers continues to challenge them and feel them with dread. The most daunting of tasks is choosing the right topics for research paper. This article is intended to give you some topics for research papers in science, history, and literature.

Topics for research paper – Science

While doing a science research paper may appear daunting for the novice student, you will realize it is a lot of fun and you learn a lot during the process. Moreover, there are plenty of reputable and up-to-date journals available online the various science subjects.

Paleo diets are becoming very popular today and there are claims that our prehistoric ancestors lived on this kind of a diet (eating only meats). Is this claim true? Is a paleo diet the optimal diet for humans?

Europe is opposing the implantation of genetically modified crops. Is this based on economics or science?

How can autistic people be helped so that they can live easily in mainstream society?

Are the annual health checkups a necessity? Is it the way to make people stay healthy?

Is it possible to come up with cures for cancer and other such illnesses by doing more research on rare genetic disorders?

Is space exploration a necessity for humans? Do we need to spend such huge amounts of money on space exploration when we have other social pressing needs vying for our attention?

What do we know about dark energy?

Why is sleep necessary for us and how much is the ideal duration for sleep?

What is chronic fatigue? Can it be really diagnosed as a disease? Is there a cure for it?

Is it harmful or helpful to allow wild animals to interact with humans?

Are science museums really helping students to learn science?

The studies conducted under behavioral epigenetics claim that traumatic experiences like the Cultural Revolution and the Holocaust can affect the DNA and be transferred genetically to the next generations. Is this true? How can we make use of the outcomes of such studies?

How did human speech and languages evolve? Can we find clues by studying more about social interactions by primates?

Why are some diseases (such as whooping cough and measles) which we believed were eradicated are returning?

Topics for research papers – History

A great journey of preparing for and writing a research paper starts with choosing the right topic. You must remember that writing a history research paper is writing history in your own voice that will be read and studied for years after your time. So, when you are going to create history, shouldn't you spend some time and energy on choosing the right topic? Here are some sample history topics:

Games and sports have been part of the human history since ancient times. Games are an essential part of every culture in this world. You can use a particular sport or a particular championship and do your paper on it.

Clothing and garments are part of human history from the times they were recorded. You can choose a particular culture of the world and talk about how its garments have evolved over the years. Alternately, you can choose a particular garment that has maintained 'fashionable' status even today and trace its history.

The US is such a diverse and vast country socially speaking that it would be naïve to generalize its culture and social norms

You can talk about the history of a technological device tracing it from its origins to its current state.

Taboos exist in every culture of the human race. You can pick a taboo that cuts across the cultural border and discuss it in detail.

Censorship has always come in the way of free expression following it like a shadow and rearing its ugly head many times in human history. You can discuss this topic by discussing major censorship issues of the world with a focus on a particular century

Superstitions exist in all cultures. In fact, there are some superstitions that are so deeply ingrained in our psyche that all men and women (including highly educated and qualified scientists) give in to the fear of such superstitions.

The history of human rights has undergone tremendous change. You can write a paper on this topic.

You can choose anyone of the following topics under the civil rights movement in the US for your research paper:

  • Segregated eateries, churches, and other public spaces

  • The threats from fanatical clubs such as Ku Klux Klan and others

  • Discrimination in employment

  • Discrimination in voting rights and in holding public offices

  • The restriction on interracial marriages

  • Unsolicited violence such as assaults and lynching

Topics for research paper – Literature

Literature is a vast subject and finding a suitable topic for you research can be like searching for a needle in the haystack. The following broad ideas can lead you to your favorite research topic:

Gender roles in literature – How are the characters of men and women portrayed in novels? Are they very different from what exists in society or do they reflect what is actually happening in reality? You can use two or more novels from the same time period and compare and contrasts the characters.

Comparing genres – How does every genre of writing choose to tell its story? You can choose two or three genres and compare and contrast their characteristic features.

Historical background of authors – You can choose one or two authors and tell elucidate their histories. Were there any controversies in their lives? Did these controversies affect their writing? What is the significance of the novel with respect to the author's contemporary times?

Politics - Take one or two novels from the same time period. Do the books address the same political issues of those times? Compare and contrast their political ideas?

Religion – Choose a novel that you believe is religious. What is the religion the book is promoting and how is it being done?

Compare and contrast characters – You can choose to compare and contrast two characters from the same novel or take two similar characters from two different novels and compare and contrast them.

Allusions – Most great novels are replete with allusions. Discuss the importance of understanding the allusions to be able to better relate to the novel under consideration.

Final Notes

Choosing the perfect research topic requires you to be true to yourself. Mentors and supervisors and other peer pressures might push you in different directions. But, you must remember that the success of a research paper is heavily dependent on what you like to do and your passions. If the topic is popular but you are not interested in it at all, then it makes sense not to choose the topic.

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