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Words To Write A Definition Essay On

Words to Write a Definition Essay On

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First, you may be asking yourself exactly what is a definition essay. It is basically a short, written piece which lays out, in detail, what a chosen word signifies and how people generally perceive and understand it. The concept of what type of essay we are talking about is not hard to understand, however, this kind of paper can sometimes be quite difficult to write. A definition essay's main objective is to explain what a certain word means. Now, depending on the chosen term, the essay can take on distinctive paths. A word with a more definitive and concrete meaning, such as table or window will be a much more straightforward piece. On the other hand, a term like love or pride are much more powerful and the final essay will likely have a lot more feeling and opinion included.

Since an entire essay is being focused on one, single term, the writer goes into much more depth than a simple dictionary definition. As you know, in a dictionary, a term is usually defined in just a few words or one sentence. However, a definition essay will consist of multiple paragraphs. Writers of such essays will usually include a short denotation or some type of general definition of the word, but will also include a connotation and go into extensive detail, include personal interpretation, experience, sentiment, analysis and more.

The fact that definition essays include a personal side or connection to a word, make them more interesting. Definition essays have to show an intricate showcasing of the writer's opinion of the subject word or term. I, for example, might associate the word winter with snow, where as another person may link the word winter with vacationing in a hot climate. These kinds of essays often help others see vocabulary through another's eyes.

In addition, it is important to keep the chosen topic very short; generally, one, or potentially two words. If you decide to write about the idea of open-mindedness that should be the term you are defining throughout your entire piece. You shouldn't, for example, title your paper, "Why People Should Appreciate Open-Mindedness."

One of the more important parts about writing a definition essay is deciding which word you will focus on. Our team of professional writers, recommends choosing an abstract word that doesn't have an obvious or sole meaning. If you were to choose a word like this, such as water, for example, you won't have as much to write about. After defining the word, there isn't much room to expand. If you, however, pick a more complex word with a broader, more abstract meaning you will have a lot more to work with and will be able to add personal connotation and experience in regards to the term.

More abstract and philosophical terms are great for writing definition essays. We generally recommend words such as the following: truth, fidelity, prejudice, ambition, hatred, tolerance, loyalty, insensitivity, etc. These types of words tend to spark a certain feeling for each person. These terms give you plenty of room to define, expand and add in personal connotation.

Another great suggestion for a topic word for your definition essay would be to use a term from another culture or language. Often times, there are certain words that exist in other languages, that simply don't exist in English. This can be very attractive and educational for a reader. One example of this would be the term burro in the Spanish language. The direct translation of the word is donkey, however in many Spanish speaking cultures, the word burro has another meaning entirely. Burro has a very negative connotation and can also mean stupid or incompetent. A term like this could open up many pathways to writing a very interesting definition essay.

Another great recommendation while deciding which word to use is to make sure that it is a controversial and disputable term. While the word may mean something very clear to you, maybe it takes on an entirely different meaning to another person. If your word does this, then it's probably a great choice and will make your essay more enticing and add a whole other level of depth. We also recommendable to pick a word that is very familiar to you. If you feel as though you have a comfortable and personal grasp on the word you choose, the actual writing of the paper will come much more naturally to you. Also, for the most part, if the word is familiar to you, it will likely be more recognizable to other people, which will cause more interest and enthusiasm for your piece.

Before jumping into the writing of your definition essay, you should have planned a general layout regarding the flow of your paper. Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph which should grab your reader's attention. An interesting fact, a funny story or an experience of your own are all perfect ways to start. At the end of your first paragraph is where you should place your thesis statement. The thesis statement should include your topic and its more generally accepted definition.

Your essay should include approximately three body paragraphs. The first of the three should start to evaluate, personally interpret, analyze and compare the word you chose. This is generally where people will start to get a feel for how you understand the word. In the second paragraph, you can demonstrate and depict the word with personal and general examples. In your last body paragraph, it is important to illustrate, contextualize and clarify any loose ends. Here you can give more specific information and background. A conclusion paragraph will give closure to your piece and should include a brief summary. Many writers like to add a personal prediction, comparison or anecdote.

At this point, you may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, well you're right! Writing a definition essay is not an easy task, but you are in luck because we are here to help you. We hope the suggestions above help you with starting your paper, but if you feel you need further assistance, you can contact our professionals; we'll even write you a full paper from scratch!


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