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Writing Prompts For College Students

Writing Prompts for College Students

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So, you've been asked to complete some type of writing assignment; maybe it's an essay, a short story, journal, or an article. No matter what you're going to write, you will need to start with a creative prompt. Your first question may be what exactly is a writing. Well, let us help make that clear. Basically, a writing prompt is just a topic that you will use for the main focal point of the piece you will write. This prompt could be as short a just one word or maybe even a phrase. Some people use a more extensive idea or even a picture to use as their prompt. It is recommended to remember to maintain the focus and not stray too far from your prompt throughout your essay, short story, etc.

It is possible that you have multiple ideas that you want to include in what you're writing but haven't yet decided on your principle prompt. That is okay, and sometimes is even recommended, to just start writing and your focal point will come clear later in your writing process. The objective is to get started writing and get your ideas down and not to be held back by any inhibitions or doubts.

It is important that your prompt inspires new ideas and imaginative thinking. It is also a good idea to evaluate your personal experience with writing. If you have written a lot, you may want to consider writing about something more complex and in depth. If you are a beginner, however, it might be a better idea to stick with a more basic prompt that you are very comfortable with. Either way, chose a topic you feel passionate about that you would like to further dissect. If the idea you have makes you feel excited and you feel you can personally connect and relate to it, then it's probably a great place to start. This way you won't run out of ideas and will be able to expand and explain both facts and personal opinion.

You might have heard that it is a good idea to pick a prompt that inspires you, but when someone asks you what inspires you and you find yourself at a loss for words, think about this. Your own personal life and life experiences are where most people get their inspiration. Consider something you have had contrasting ideas on in conversation. Maybe there was something you heard on the radio, read or saw on TV that you completely disagreed with. Now your passion and personal opinion are starting to come out. This could be a good place to start. Another fun place to find inspiration are in your own dreams. A dream can spark an idea or plot that you may not have come up with otherwise. It's a great idea to have a pad of paper and pen by your bed, just so you can jot things down throughout the night.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why should you write a prompt and why it's beneficial. Let our team of professionals help you understand this. It can be difficult to start writing when you have nothing to really focus on. Usually writers just need an idea to get their creative juices flowing. Sometimes people spend too much time racking their brains of how to start or what to focus on but once you have a prompt, it's common for ideas and personal opinion to start coming to you more easily. A prompt tends to do just that, prompt other ideas and can even trigger your imagination. It can be exciting how many ideas you can come up with once you get started. In addition, especially if you will be writing frequently, it is important to form healthy habits for writing. If you are diligent with your habits and organize your writing process, you will find it easier to write more and for longer periods of time.

While writing your prompt you should avoid including the words why and explain, as these words tend to close many doors and take away from creative writing. Too much alliteration, too many puns and rhyming can also take away from your piece. Readers can often become distracted by these styles and although you might include some of this in your piece, they should not be your focal point, so avoid them in your prompt.

Now, we'd like to help get your creative wheels turning and give you some ideas. Maybe you can pick one of the following prompts and get started writing. If you still feel like you're at a loss, let us help. We can write entire papers for you on any topic. Our team of professional writers start from scratch and are able to deliver great quality of work on short notice.

For now, let us give you a few ideas, so open up your mind and let your imagination flow. Writing about something dark, like war, fear, hate or cruel can be a great place to start. If you chose a topic like this, try to find the positive side or a negative issue. It can be fun or even funny to write about something embarrassing; like falling down in public or having toilet paper dragging from your shoe and how you and others perceived/dealt with the situation. Many writers find it thought provoking and inspirational to write about their religion, faith and spiritual beliefs. A great place to start is revisiting some of your earliest memories or first experiences with that faith. This type of prompt can also be very interesting to readers, whether they agree with what you're saying, or not.

If the previous prompts don't seem to get your wheels turning, here are some other great ideas for inspiring creative writing. Focusing your paper on devastating news from a medical professional can really grab the reader's attention and open up a field of endless possibilities for you to write about. You could write about you or another person doing something wrong and getting away with and maybe even coming out on top. Family is another very intricate writing theme. You often hear people say "Family is everything," however often times families drift or even fall apart and leave individuals feeling alone or at a loss. You could write about a personal family experience or something someone close to you has gone through in regards to family.

Just a few more original a moving ideas for your writing prompt are these. The idea of writing about a twinkle is someone's eye are be very intriguing. Also writing about whether someone or something is good or evil can spark a number of ideas. One more prompt that can get you thinking is writing about your body or body image in general in different cultures and societies today. You might be a college student and find yourself in a number of first time experiences. Write about them. How are they similar of different from what you expected?

Really the options are endless. Anything can be built on and expanded upon, especially if you feel passionate about it. As long as you have an opinion or stance on the prompt you decide on, you should be able to have enough material to work with.

We hope that the suggestion and ideas we provide here will help you decide on a writing prompt. If, however, you still feel unsure of what to write about, please feel free to contact us! We are here to help and are even available to write not only your prompt, but your entire piece. Just let us know what it is you need and we can get started right away! Writing prompts, especially for college level students, is one of our specialties, so don't hesitate any longer and contact us today.


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