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Do you have an great idea for a business? Fantastic! Now you need a business plan, which is the most important asset your young business has. It’s essential to convince potential investors you have a strategy they should risk money on. This is why it’s worth researchingbusiness plan writing services. There are many companies out there, but here at Prescott Papers we believe we provide the best business plan writing services available anywhere. Our business experts can help you craft the perfect business plan to woo investors and employees and set you on the path to profitability.

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I have known about Prescott Papers for a while, as I have done work with this company as a contractor in marketing. I always thought of them as more of a client of mine than me being their client, but I decided to try out one of their business plan services as part of a website and service that is in the works. The plan I got back had useful and relevant content, breakdowns of costs, projections, and various other info that I requested. I would recommend both working for them and hiring them.

Submitted by A. Dunhill on 11 January, 2015

If you try to write your own business plan, but produce a mediocre product, it will doom your business before it starts. Don’t take our word for it; follow the Small Business Administration’s advice: 'The development of a comprehensive business plan shows whether or not a business has the potential to make a profit.' This is critically important. According to Bloomberg News, eight of out ten new businesses fail within the first eighteen months. If potential investors have any inkling you may be part of the eighty percent-- a poorly written business plan would be a clear sign-- there is no way you will attract adequate financing.

You also need to attract talented employees. A great business plan is the best recruiting tool possible. No one is going to leave a steady job or take a pay cut to join a new business unless they are confident it is led by competent managers and will be profitable. Simply put, you need to make people excited. The average person would not usually equate “business plan” with “excitement” but that is exactly what a great business plan will do in the minds of potential employees.

Besides investors and employees, a business plan will also clarify the direction and vision of the business for you. This may seem self-evident, but it’s amazing how business plans evolve once the calculations are made and the research analyzed. An idea in your head looks a lot different on paper. Take the business plan as an opportunity to plan for changes in the market and new trends you may be subjected to two or three years from now. A properly prepared business owner should be ready to face most new challenges and difficulties that appear. A business plan is also a great place to set goals for your business and concrete ways to achieve them.

So you have realized the importance of a business plan with cogent and detailed writing, one that analyzes relevant statistics and facts, and lays out a clear path toward profitability. Great! How exactly do you go about accomplishing that though? If you decide to write your own plan, the first step is to spend days researching the essential qualities of a good business plan. Eventually you will be an expert on how to calculate figures like your break even point-- just estimate fixed costs, sales revenue, average gross product for each sale, and average gross profit percentage. Once those calculations are complete, divide fixed costs by gross profit percentage, and you will know how much sales revenue is necessary to break even.

Easy right? Of course, if this math does not show you breaking even, some adjustment is needed. Perhaps you will have to hire less employees, work from home, find a less expensive source of supplies, or charge more for your product or service.

Ok, you have finally got the math showing you breaking even. Nice job! However, now the real work begins. The break even analysis is just a screening tool to determine if your business is feasible, and is worth investing your time and money into. Now you need more financial analysis to determine how much money will be left over after you pay your bills and employees. For this analysis, you will need a profit and loss forecast, cash flow projection, and start up estimate.

If these terms seem foreign, you better start hitting the books. Or, you could search terms like “business plan writing service online” or “professional business plan writing services online” but then you have no guarantee of the quality or reliability of the companies that appear. That is not the case if you work with Prescott Papers. We have had hundreds of satisfied clients because we make customers satisfaction our number one priority. We accomplish this by producing consistently quality work, but also by adding a personal touch with our client relationships that is often lacking in business plan writing services online.

For example, you can discuss your project with us for free, and receive a custom preview of the project before payment is due. Clients are also entitled to free editing and revision to ensure the final project matches what you want. We know life can have crazy schedules, which is why we accept rush orders, including ones under four hours! We also have a large staff of customer service representatives to answer questions and provide whatever support you need. You will never be left talking to a robot. Finally, all transactions are 100 percent secure (we use paypal and do not save your payment information) and fully confidential, as we never share any of your information with third parties.

We believe these extra services set us apart from the average business plan writing service, and would love the opportunity to prove it to you. So if you want the company that provides the most professional business plan writing services, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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