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"What is a startup business plan anyway?"

It's nothing less than your road map to business success. That might sound cliched, but without a carefully considered business plan you're most likely on the road to failure.

Sorry to be a killjoy! But since you've arrived at this page I am going to posit that you already understand the value and importance of a comprehensive business plan for your startup.

help with dry cleaner store

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i am happy to say that the company i have run in the past few years has started to have much success. we are opening up another store and so i bought a plan and some help with figuring out costs and with the accounting. i think we are off to a powerful start up on the second score.

Submitted by Raneem Aswad on 29 December, 2015

"And what should I include in it?"

Your business plan is where you explain how you will be forming and operating your forthcoming business.

It's smart to include a review of the strengths and weaknesses of your new business as evidence that you've considered the difficulties involved. Also include how you plan to capitalize on those strengths and reduce the risks that arise from the weaknesses.

And don't worry, every business has its weaknesses. If you do not know that your business dream has its vulnerabilities, preparing a business plan should help to expose that flaw in your preparations… a flaw which savvy investors will notice.

Your business plan should also outline to interested parties the ways you hope to develop your company in the years ahead.

That's why creating a startup business plan is a key strategy to your business success.

"Who is my new business plan for? Who will be reading it?"

In most cases, startups will be looking for investors to help finance their new venture. These are the people who will be carefully reading through your business plan, in order to make a decision on whether or not they will invest in your dream.

Your potential investors could venture capitalists, angel investors, high net worth individuals, private equity firms or other institutions. In other words, serious players in the money market… people to be accorded due respect.

Whoever they are, they will want sufficient information to make a sound investment decision. That's why it pays to order a startup business plan rather than go the DIY route and try to prepare your own.

You will be pouring a lot of the proverbial "blood, sweat and tears" (and long working hours) into getting your new business up and running. A writing company that has had years of experience in preparing documents for business startups is going to be a valuable ally in this process.

"It seems so complicated. Got any advice for me?"


The first time you learn about the long list of considerations involved in preparing a full business plan, it can look quite daunting. Even overwhelming.

But there is no need to be intimidated.

Many businesses are run by men and women who do not have university degrees or business school training. They have learned what they needed to along the way. When necessary, they have sought experts to help with tasks that were beyond them or needed professional input.

Writing a custom startup business plan is one of those areas where experienced help is going to be golden. That's where we can assist you.

When you purchase a startup business plan online from us, our experienced business plan writers will work with you and ask the right questions to produce the documentation you need.

This may be the first time you've ever tackled something like this. For our writers, it's not. They've helped many a new business get things moving.

But if you're wanting to write your own, here are some tips to bear in mind. Writing according to these principles is pretty much second nature for our team.


  • Make it short. A single page summary is usually enough for preliminary purposes. The full document, of course, is going to be very much longer and it will be necessary if you are seeking a loan from the bank or another lending institution. You can always ask if a "one page pitch" is sufficient but typically they will want to see a full business plan. That makes sense since they'll be lending you money.

  • Be crystal clear. If your business uses a special vocabulary, you will need to "translate" that into terms understood by educated people outside of that specialty.

  • Produce a targeted document. Target it to the audience who will be reading it. For example, if you need funding, then you would target your business plan to prospective investors.

  • Don't bother with a fill-in-the-blanks template that you can buy at a stationery store or a bookshop. Banks can sniff these out and they very quickly turn them down.

"So what should a comprehensive startup business plan include?"

Here is an ultra-brief glimpse at what goes into a fully developed business plan.

  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Convey the main features of your business, so the reader wants to know more.

  • COMPANY DESCRIPTION. Your premises, legal structure and a brief business history.

  • INDUSTRY ANALYSIS. Show you are informed about the industry you plan to enter.

  • PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Describe what you will be bringing to market.

  • TARGET MARKET & COMPETITION. Answer the question 'Who is your ideal customer?' and who else is competing for their custom.

  • MARKETING PLAN. How do you plan to reach those buyers?

  • STAFFING & ORGANIZATION. About the staff positions you'll need to fill, and the company structure.

  • FINANCIAL PLAN. Your income and expenditure predictions, and how that income will be generated.

You will convey professionalism and credibility when you submit a well-structured business plan, written in concise easy-to-read language. If you cannot write such a document yourself or do not have the time at the moment, you can purchase a startup business plan from this site. We'll be pleased to help.

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