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"Just how important is a cover letter anyway?"

What a great question to start off with. So let's first clarify the important role that the cover letter has in the job application process.

The cover letter (or as they say in the UK, the covering letter) is one of the vital tools you'll be using in a successful and productive job search. And that, of course, is your goal. Together, the resume and the cover letter are designed to get you into the interview.

Then once you're in the interview room, your goal there is to get the job, or at least get invited back for a second interview. Congrats if you get asked to come in again!

Trying to ger hired

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I have been trying to get a job for three months now. I think that this cover letter will really help me out. Thank you to all who helped.

Submitted by James on 05 January, 2015


Here, in a nutshell, is why the cover letter is so important. Your resume is about you and your past whereas your cover letter is about the employer and your future. See the very different focus there? One is focused on you, the other focuses on the company you want to work for.

Put that way, it's a no-brainer. You need a cover letter. In fact, you need a good strong cover letter because it has an important job to do.

Its job is to SELL you.

In the cover letter, you have an opportunity to sell yourself. Tell the recruiter about yourself, your goals and what you want to achieve or become in life.

What you are doing by sharing these personal insights is giving the recruiter valuable information on why you should be considered for the position, above the others who are also applying.


Remember, these recruiters are reading through (well, probably just skimming) dozens of applications. Maybe hundreds. The task of the cover letter is to share something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Something that will make him or her want to read your entire package.

After you've read dozens of them, cover letters all start to look pretty much the same, right?

The employer is looking for somebody to stand out from the pack. Bear that in mind with every sentence you write. Make his/her job easier. Give them a reason to see you as an ideal interview candidate.


Your cover letter is attached to your resume, so it should not be a copy of the exact same information that's in your resume. Not at all. Don't copy a single sentence.

You need to reword or repackage what's in your resume (which in essence is a list of your skills and experiences) so as to connect those "facts about you" with the job criteria outlined in the job ad.

"What happens if I don't include a cover letter with my resume?"

Since it's normal to send in your resume with a cover letter, odds are that it will be seen in a negative light if you don't do the expected thing.

It could be taken as a sign of negligence, and who wants to hire a staff member who is neglectful? Answer: nobody.

Or it might be seen as disrespectful. "This person wasn't even courteous enough to include a cover letter."

Either way, our advice is to send a well-written cover letter with your resume. It's an opportunity to make a pleasing first impression which will get the recruiter's attention. So be sure to take the time to outline your work background, experience, skills and education in a way that relates to the job you're interested in.

Explain why you're the perfect candidate for the position, and be brief in doing so.

As you can see, achieving this in a single page calls for a high standard of writing prowess. And that is why we recommend using the professional services of trained writers who know how to present job applicants in the best light. Hopefully you will choose our cover letter writing service!

However if you plan to write your own cover letter, the following sections will be of interest.

"So what should I include in my cover letter?"

After a formal salutation (because this is a business letter), identify the job you are applying for and explain why you are interested in it. Tie what you say here to what they have included in their job ad. Explain why they should choose you, without being too egotistical (that doesn't go over too well!). Then give your contact details, and close in a business-like manner.

"Do you have any other tips for me?"

The best advice about how to write a cover letter is to think like an employer or the person reading your cover letter while you are writing it.

By way of quick tips:

  • Write concisely, don't ramble or repeat yourself.

  • Use clear formal language because this is a professional business letter.

  • Be sure your cover letter is tailored to the job.

  • No pink (or any other color) paper. And no perfume! Use matching paper for both your resume and its cover letter.

"I'm struggling with my cover letter. Will you help me?"

Certainly. We'd be pleased to hear from you. You can either send us what you've written so far, or just your personal information and we can start from scratch.

Writing a strong cover letter is almost an art form. It takes time and the more you do it, the better you get. With all the experience we've had, we're quite good at it now. Contact us and see.

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