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Ready to apply for that Internship? Have you been scouring the boards for your next step? Want that special internship that will take you closer to your goal?

We know what it is like to have found an advert that sounds like ‘you’. To almost be able to see that job, and you in it, in your mind’s eye... but then feel that old sinking feeling. “Oh no! I have the write a resume and an internship cover letter. I never know what to write!” “How can I sell myself so well they will HAVE to take me on?”

Many people are just like you. Great at what they do – or, at least, great at learning their subject – but not natural communicators on paper. We give you a flying start because you can buy your internship cover letter online! In fact, you can purchase your custom internship cover letters too.

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The decision to hire some help because I only have about two weeks or so off before I'm back in classes I think really helps in getting one of these internship sfor the next term. I think I'll end up getting my name our there to a lot more places and I think that having them refine some of the work will make sure that the applications are really seen and actually read instead of thrown in the trash bin

Submitted by Jack on 29 October, 2015

We know what the people hiring you for the internship want and we know how to lay that out so that the whole appearance of your introductory cover letter spells quality, clarity and class. You can get peace of mind really easily by clicking the orange buttong above to buy your internship cover letter.

Or you can put one together yourself by following our helpful guidelines

Our Top Tips for Writing your Internship Cover Letter

  • Make it look smart and professional by having it structured into short, to-the-point paragraphs.
  • No more than one page. Your reader will scan it. You have 30 seconds to make enough of an impact so entice them to read your resume!
  • Use a very readable typeface such as Arial 11pt. Of, course, make sure it is spelling error free and your tenses all match! Good grammar counts.
  • If you are using a paper letter, rather than emailing documents, get the best quality, neutral paper and envelope you can find. Your internship cover letter has to ‘feel’ good at an unconscious level.
  • Do a serious amount of research. Yes, even for a cover letter. Think how much stronger the impact will be if you have the person’s name in the salutation.
  • Know yourself. Internship cover letters need to convey your personality as well as information about your strengths. If you are an enthusiastic, passionate person, let that come across.
  • Add some follow-up action for either you or them, to take. For example, offer to phone in 2 days time. Tell them that you are able to come to an interview at their convenience. Make sure they finish reading that letter with the idea that action can be taken.

So, if all of that seems quite a tall order remember that you can buy an internship cover letter right here. In fact, if you want to get a cover letter that is specifically for internship applications you can buy custom internship cover letters too. It is so much easier to buy your internship cover letter online and just download it immediately. It means that you can get that application off today – not tomorrow… or the day after… or even next week. Organisations want action people. Being able to follow up so professionally and so quickly tells them a lot about you right away.

There is another possibility. Maybe you are in the situation where you haven’t seen an ad. Maybe you are looking at organisations and planning to write letters and send out your resume on spec. That can be even more daunting! You probably think, quite rightly, that they get lots of unsolicited proposals and then you lose confidence about whether they would even look at yours as it comes in.

Once again we can come to the rescue. You can purchase your internship cover letter here and know that you have a good start. It can be reassuring to know that if the letter is opened the reader will not just toss it away because it is full of mistakes or is too long to hold their attention.

If you want to have a go at writing your own ‘on spec’ cover letter here are the two most helpful tips we can give you for getting this right.

Top Tip for Sending out Your Resume On Spec.

  • Get the cover letter right.
  • Do even more research. You have to customise each one enough to make it look unique. Do not give the impression of doing a mass mail out! Never!

In this situation, you need to really pump up the volume in the letter about why it is YOU they should pay attention to. And you need to tell them why YOU want to work with THEM. This can feel uncomfortable to many people. We tend not to be at ease selling ourselves. That is why it can be so much better to purchase your internship cover letters online. Think of getting several different cover letters when you buy the internship cover letters. That way you can use different cover letters for the organisations you have selected. This is helpful to you as each style in the custom internship letters says something a little different about you.

It also says something about the company you want to contact. Through your research, you will pick up a company’s culture as you read about them. See how they present themselves and then select and buy an internship cover letter that is custom made to fit that kind of company. .

Good luck. You can do it – and we can help in so many ways. Have a look through our cover letters and buy your special internship custom cover letter right now.

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