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In this article, let's discuss why it's a good idea to get your CV prepared by a CV writing service rather than creating your own job pitch.

We'll also look at what you can expect when you engage a Curriculum Vitae writing service, and what CV writing professionals bring to the table to empower you in your job search.

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Submitted by Mike on 10 February, 2016

What Are CV Writing Services? And Why Would Anybody Use One?

These are companies whose staff have been specially trained to write cutting edge job application documents including resumes, CVs and cover letters. They know the difference between résumés and CVs, and when and where each should be used.

Although the words curriculum vitae are Latin for course of life, your CV doesn't need to cover everything you've ever done. Not at all. It needs only to provide a brief account of your education, qualifications and previous occupations. It's typically used in an academic setting to apply for faculty or research positions as well as grants and fellowships. You would provide a CV, rather than a résumé, wherever your teaching experience or research performance would strengthen your submission.

Staff at these curriculum vitae writing services are writing CVs and other related documents all day long. As a result, they're very good at it.

Depending on the type of job you are applying for, the CV company may have specialists in your field who have prepared hundreds of CVs for senior staffers like yourself over the years. As a whole, the CV company keeps up to date with developments in most professions, with some staff as dedicated specialists for various professions.

As the jargon changes, they keep up with it, so your CV will not sound like it came out of the ark.

Their experience and their expertise are available to help you get the interview you want.

Now, let me ask you a question that will help with perspective here. Which doctor would you choose to consult? The freshly graduated young person or someone with years of experience under their belt? The answer is, of course, obvious the moment we ask the question.

How To Get The Best Value From Curriculum Vitae Writing Services Online

The first step is straight forward. It's a matter of preparing your relevant employment history and your skills self-analysis, then going online. Your chosen CV writing service will provide a form into which you can enter your data.


Some of the questions they ask are straight forward. Some will make you think - which is both challenging and helpful. Being called on to do some lateral thinking is one of the great benefits of going the online route, apart from savings in both time and cost, as significant as they are. Sitting at your screen, you can, for example, take all the time you need to frame a succinct tagline that reflects who you are and what assets you bring.

To get the best value from the CV writing service you select, it's wise to think about how your management experience has either used or developed (or both) skills that are transferable to a different industry or to a different level of responsibility as you progress along your current career path.

Doing this self-analysis will help you provide your CV consultant with the best possible inputs so he or she can produce a powerful and appealing representation of the ways in which you can benefit the employer.


They want to see them in CVs from senior level people. So when compiling the salient points of your story, remember to be as specific as you can about the ways in which you added value to your current employer (and your past employers if possible, to show a track record of contribution).

They don't want to know you 'increased the turnover.' They want to know by how much.

If you reduced wastage by 7% or you cut downtime by 1.25 man-hours per worker per week as a result of streamlining a process, be sure to include those statistics.

Pitfalls Of Not Using One Of The CV Writing Services

If you choose not to engage a CV writing service, there are some pitfalls worth noting. You may be tempted to simply update the job application document which you prepared four years ago, the one that successfully secured your present job.

Odds are, however, that your old CV will no longer sparkle like it once did. In fact, it's almost certain that it won't. The jobs marketplace is constantly changing, with those changes being driven by many forces, not the least of which is the internet.

The preferred document layout for your profession may have changed. Unless you're in HR, you'd have no reason to be aware of a change like that but not knowing it could cruel your prospects. For example, not so long ago, it was customary to include an objective near the top of resumes and CVs. Not today.

Even something as seemingly-simple as presenting your CV in an attractive format is difficult. It's easy to look amateurish but your CV professional will know how to use colors tastefully so the immediate response to your CV is a positive one. Most of us won't take a second look at a book with a dull cover. You don't want a CV like that.

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