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It almost goes without saying that the upwardly mobile professional will not take the do-it-yourself route to preparing a CV. Instead, you will choose to buy a CV. Or to be more precise, you will purchase the services of a CV professional so you can submit the best possible document as part of your career advancement strategy.

So let's spend a few moments considering the wisdom of choosing to purchase a curriculum vitae, instead of knocking one up yourself at home.

The professional CV writer will work with you to present a compact and attractive document which efficiently highlights your strengths and experiences and packages them in such a way as to appeal to your prospective employer.

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Submitted by Phil on 11 September, 2015

What is the difference between a résumé and a CV? - and which do I need?

While a résumé is the standard when applying for most non-academic positions, academics and medical professionals will submit a Curriculum Vitae, or CV for short. Typically it will be a longer document in order to highlight a longer career with a greater span of achievements. Any publications you have contributed to will often be included.

Your CV can be formatted in one of two ways: either chronologically or functionally, or a hybrid where both formats are used to highlight different parts of your skill set and experience.

The chronological format (or often the reverse chronological format) outlines the significant features of the successive stages of your career over the years.

In contrast, a functional (or 'skills-based') format is used to coalesce a diverse set of skills that you may have developed in several different contexts. The functional CV can show how your background has prepared you for the role you are aspiring to.

Say you've had several unrelated jobs, perhaps even in different vocations. A skillful CV consultant can bring them together in a functional CV format to demonstrate that your diverse abilities and wide-ranging experience have prepared you to make a successful, even innovative, contribution to the new employer. As such, the functional CV format can work well to highlight your growth.

Having noted the different CV formats, let's turn to the question of whether you should prepare your own CV or purchase a CV from a professional CV writing service?

Let me ask you...

  • When a health emergency arises, do we reach out to a doctor or a first aid volunteer?
  • When building a new home, do we hire an architect or a trainee draftsman to draw up the plans?
  • When preparing your last will and testament, was it a fill-in-the-blank document you purchased from a bookstore or did you go to a lawyer who specializes in wills?

The answers are, of course, obvious. We reach out to experienced professionals when we want the job done right. We value their training and their expertise.

The same wisdom applies to getting your career correctly documented before you submit it to the institution you would now like to be working with.

Why Buy Your CV Online?


In the same way that we turn to a trained expert when it comes to our health, our home and our finances, it just makes sense to commission a professional to assist you during times of career change.

Companies that specialize in preparing CVs and résumés have a depth of experience, having prepared many thousands of CVs and résumés in a multitude of professions and vocations.

Also, they are in touch with current trends in the marketplace. The CV that got you the job five years ago may not swing it today, even if you update it.


Although the cost of professional CV preparation may not be a concern to you, your time almost certainly is at a premium. This is one of the great advantages of engaging the services of an online CV company. Your time commitment will be at a minimum, compared to the amount of time you would have to block out to visit their office complex.


By working with an online CV preparer, you have the benefits of complete privacy. Your colleagues do not need to know of your ambition to move on. Your employer doesn't either.

You fill in the needed details online in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. Then if the consultant feels that further details or clarifications are needed, the contact options include phone, email or Skype.

Buy A CV... Because Perception Matters

Companies spend millions on their image. They do this because perception matters. They want to be 'top of mind' when consumers start to think about their product category.

Marketing professionals have said many times that you will sell more of an average product that has great marketing than you can when you have a great product with only average marketing.

Marketers know it's often more profitable to spend money on promotion than it is on developing a better product. As much as we might dislike that, it's an all-too-common reality.

And the point here is? No matter how good you are, you need to be well marketed. That's where a professionally prepared CV comes into its own.

When you purchase a Curriculum Vitae online, you're making one of those small but savvy investments that can make a substantial difference in your career development. Perception really does matter.

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