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In the world of executive job search, your goal is to submit the one executive CV that stands out from all its competitors. How to achieve that?

Focus on answering the company's key questions.

And they are?

The company's goals for this new hiring will be revealed in the job ad. They're hiring to solve a problem. And if you can solve their problem, tell them so in your CV.

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Submitted by Gary E. Roach on 21 July, 2015

We've all heard of WIIFM. 'What's in it for me?' We know that people are generally self-interested and the same is true of companies. The only reason a commercial enterprise or a nonprofit wants to add another senior employee to their payroll is corporate self-interest. They want to get something done. Something important to them. Whether their goal is growth or transition or something else, the new hire is taken on to get the mission accomplished.

Understanding that, it is clear that the job of your CV is to show them you can do what they want. That you can get the job done. That you can achieve their goals. A professional CV writer will package your previous achievements to illustrate exactly how they apply to the job at hand.

Your CV will tell them what's in it for them when they hire you.

Tragically (for the man or woman who wants the job), many executive CVs fail to clearly address this vital factor. The result is that somebody else gets the job. This is why you should put your curriculum vitae into the hands of a professional writer!

Why Buy An Executive CV When You Could Write Your Own?

An expert CV consultant will seek to tailor the CV to tie into the job requirements that are indicated in the job ad. His (or her) task is to show the ways in which you meet the company's stated reasons for hiring.

The only reason the company wants to bring on another high-level executive is to solve a problem. The challenge could be to reverse a slide in profitability, to steer the company through a difficult change in the market, or to manage a growth phase.

How To Make Your Executive CV Stand Out

The job of the CV writer is to package the strongest of your relevant assets in such a way as to make you stand out. Your CV writer is, in effect, your personal marketing manager.

The goal of the CV is to get you into the interview. As a senior executive, your hiring process will include meeting the company's leadership team or even the Board. They need to assess how you would fit with the company ethos. But it all starts with submitting a professional Curriculum Vitae that addresses their stated needs.

While a job opening at a lower level in the company may generate hundreds of responses that have to be efficiently filtered down to a short list, there will be fewer applications for senior positions and therefore more time will be taken to consider each applicant. Nevertheless, in order to stand out, your CV must address the company's key concerns and do so in a crisp convincing manner.

The company only wants to hire one person. To be that one person, your executive CV must quickly show them you've got what they want. And what the employer wants has been clearly signaled in their job ad. They have a problem to solve, a challenge to meet.

Show them you have already delivered the kind of results they're looking for. Sure, you delivered those results in a different setting but by emphasizing (and illustrating) your flexibility, your CV will show how those skills and achievements can benefit the new employer. High level executive positions are filled by results-oriented leaders who are also capable communicators. Unless you're coming from a similar position, they'll also value flexibility.

So what it comes down to is focus. Whether your CV is presenting your achievements, your skills or your employment history, the focus must single-mindedly be on answering their one big question.

An example. Say the prospective employer needs a new leader to get them out of a sliding market share with declining profits. If you managed a company division that downsized by ten percent over two years while increasing profitability by nine percent, say so. Use numbers. Be specific. Tie all that in to the goals stated in the job ad.

A professionally prepared CV will include a powerful summary of your best relevant achievements, quantifying them with numbers wherever possible, and focusing the whole presentation on the WIIFM factor.

With wide-ranging experience in CV preparation, the CV writing service know what is works in today's job market, and what doesn't. They know what format and layout and fonts and colors (or colours, for our UK readers) conform to the prevailing best practice in your arena.

Why Purchase An Executive CV Online?

When you purchase your executive curriculum vitae online, one immediate benefit is the time saving you get.

As a busy executive with senior responsibilities in your present role, your time is at a premium. As such, it makes sense to go online to buy your executive CV from a specialist who has written hundreds of job application documents for other high level folk before.

Another significant benefit is that you are leveraging their expertise. As an accomplished professional yourself, you know the value of having experts to assist you at work. In the surprisingly-difficult task of writing an interview-winning CV, it just makes sense to engage the help of a pro.

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