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On this page, we ask and answer questions about custom admissions writing services.


It's a group of trained writers who offer their professional services to write whatever the client needs. It may be a dissertation, an essay, a research paper, or a term paper. It may even be a thesis proposal or a thesis.

In the context of applying to your dream university or college, it may be the admissions essay you need help with. Whatever your need, the experienced writers here can help.

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Since my writing is, I think, the weakest part of my application, I am glad that this service is here. Applying to a few schools was alot easier with their help.

Submitted by Andrew on 30 November, 2015


The modern academic system is designed to educate in a certain way, with a heavy reliance on the written word. Once upon a time, apprenticeships were a common way to learn. An expert took his new student under his wing and the young person learned by watching and doing under the careful eye of an experienced practitioner.

Not so today. At least in many cases.

Due to the economic pressures of needing to educate so many people today, the easiest method is to run every student through the same system, with its strong emphasis on writing and written examinations.

That's fine for those who are adept at writing. But creating meaningful written expression is very challenging for some people. They have many skills, but writing is not one of them.

These students find the class-based, writing-based educational system difficult. Fortunately there is a solution available to help them overcome that hurdle. The solution is to get help with the parts of the curriculum they find most difficult - in this case, essay writing.

Getting in to the university or college of your choice often comes down to a writing task, too. This is because it's not feasible for university admissions staff to privately interview each and every applicant. They need some culling procedure. Some way to filter out the students they think will have a harder time at university. That's where the admissions essay comes in.

The staff who write custom admissions essays are aware of what's required of a good admissions essay, and they work hard to produce to order.


Talking of hard work, we acknowledge that writing a great essay is hard mental work. Even for experienced writers. It's especially challenging for people who are not good at writing… people whose strengths lie in any of the disciplines that do not rely so much on linguistic abilities.

Whether you are good at writing or not, putting together a custom admissions essay (or any essay at all) is not simple. Sometimes the problem is the basic one for many students — there's just not enough time in the day. Sometimes the problem is that you don't understand the assigned topic well enough to write at length on it. Sometimes the research required to become competent on that topic seems to be an insurmountable problem.

At times like these, custom admissions writing services are available online to get you out of a tight spot. Reach out and get the help you need.


Let's walk through the process so there are no surprises.

When you get help from professional custom admissions writing services like ours, you first need to supply us with your details (the course you're doing, the particular assignment or admissions essay topic, the due date, and some personal information about yourself and what we need to highlight when we write).

Then we assign your project to one of our custom essay writing specialists. These are well-educated experts who have written essays on all manner of topics.

Since some topics are evergreens, they may well have researched your particular subject already, making them even more expert as they've had time to mull over the material.

Either way, your writing task is assigned to one of our people. He or she then starts work on it, with a careful eye on the due date and the desired length of your article or essay.

Once it's finished, you are notified that it is available. When you review it, if anything needs a spot of editing, there is a way for you to say so and the editing process begins, again keeping in mind the deadline you specify.


The writers here at our custom admissions writing service are experienced writers. Collectively they've been writing, editing and proofreading for many years. They know what college and university admission essays should look like. They know what the admissions committees are looking for - and they can supply it.

It (almost) goes without saying that your essay will be free of all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Also, it will conform to the format which your university requires, which is why we ask where you are submitting this essay to.

Each admissions essay (along with all of our other writing tasks) are fully individualized, that is, we don't work with a fill-in-the-blanks template system. Certainly we have lists of what your college or university requires (the headings, for example), but each item of writing is produced exclusively for you.

We are keenly aware that colleges and universities use a range of software tools to detect plagiarism. Your essay must be original and unique. And it will be.

Whatever the academic field you want to enter, and whatever level it's at, we can deliver an essay you will be pleased to receive. If you choose to give it your own personal touch after we're finished, that's great too.

Whatever format your school requires (including APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Oscola), we can deliver you a professional document in that format, one that will be entirely free of plagiarism. Knowing that plagiarism can get you expelled, we take this part of our responsibility to you very seriously.

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