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Brown, Stanford Admissions Questions

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The responses from the writer tie my college applications together nicely.

Submitted by CL on 05 October, 2015

'Why do some students pay for an admissions essay?'

First, here is the simple overall reason. They want to increase their chances of getting accepted for enrollment into the university or college of their choosing. They want to get into their first choice, and they know the competition is stiff. By presenting the best possible admissions essay, they know their chances are better.

Some students choose to write their own essay, then when they review it they see it's not as compelling as it could be. They feel that this particular essay would let them down, and yet they can't see how to improve it, so they order an admissions essay from an online writing service like ours.

Alternatively, they send us what they wrote asking for an expert to work with their original essay. The result is going to be something that has their own individual stamp on it but is much better because of the feedback and editing or rewriting provided by our essay specialist.

When they get it back from our writer, they're typically delighted with the improvements. This gives them confidence to submit a superior essay at this crucial time in their education.

So the main overriding reason why students come to us to purchase their admissions essay is they want to send in a good one. But there are several other specific reasons. Let's look at them now.

  • Often it's a matter of the TIME pressure that is on today's students. Between attending classes and spending time studying, and perhaps some part time work and social commitments, they don't feel they have the requisite amount of time. They want to do a creditable job with their admissions essay (or another piece of required writing), but they don't have enough time. So they put their hand up and ask for help. Confidentially, of course.
  • Sometimes the student doesn't have a detailed understanding of the academic writing FORMAT which the institution requires. Those formats (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Oscola) differ.
  • Sometimes the subject is a compulsory one but the student finds it BORING. They would never have chosen it - except it's a required part of their course and they don't ever expect to have to use that knowledge. So there is little incentive to spend time learning enough about whatever it is to be able to write the assignment. Simple solution - hire it done!
  • Often INTERNATIONAL students, for whom English may be their second or third language, have difficulties with the subtleties and inconsistencies of the English language.

'If I write my own admissions essay, do you have any tips or advice for me?'

Certainly, we do.

In your admissions essay, be sure to show your strengths and your achievements. As well as your successes, you could also mention one or two of your weaknesses but do so in a way that won't stymie your application.

To state the obvious, you'll want no spelling mistakes and no bad grammar. Punctuation should be right too. Perhaps have an academic friend or teacher check it over for you. Or send it to us so one of our writers can review it for you.

'Are there any traps to avoid?'

Yes, let me share two traps with you.


  • If you want a competent writer to produce your essay, you simply cannot go too cheap. Ask yourself - would a professional writer work for that little money? If the writing service charges, say, $10 per page, the writer would get a maximum of $7 per page. What quality of workmanship can you reasonably expect when he (or she) is paid so little?
  • If you don't want an amateur to hastily pump out a low-quality essay for you, avoid the low-cost writing services.


  • Avoid any writing business that recycles their content. For example, by feeding the essay you hope they wrote for you into a database for re-use later. Or worse still, on-selling it to some essay farm somewhere.
  • A writing service that charges a reasonable price for quality work does not need to on-sell their work to make up for their low prices.
  • Using a dodgy writing service is a fast way to get accused of plagiarism, which you definitely want to avoid. The solution, apart from writing all your own material, is engage a quality-assured writing service that custom-creates each new piece of writing, starting with a blank screen.

After those alerts, let's get back to the big picture.


There's a lot of competition out there which means the members of the review board will be scanning thousands of essays. After a while, they all look the same.

So be creative when you explain why you want to attend their college or university. Perhaps be a little unconventional when you explain how studying there will help you achieve your career dreams. Make your resume stand out!

'As well as essays, what other writing services do you offer?'

All types, from research papers to book reviews to speeches, and more. You name it and we can almost certainly be of assistance.

We're also good at editing and proofreading, so if you have written your own admissions essay or other paper and you would feel more confident if you'd had a professional writer take a look before you send it in, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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