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The personal statement is your chance at selling yourself in the application process. Personal statements are usually an integral part of the application process, since it is your chance to provide qualitative information to admissions committees about who you are in your own words. It may be general with no specified prompt (common practice for medical or law school applications), or it may require responses to specific questions (usually for business and graduate school applications).


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Overview of the Personal Statement:

In the former case, you’re allowed ultimate freedom in regards to what you may write about, but it is recommended you specifically highlight your qualities and experiences in the context of what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, for a medical school admissions personal statement, the de-facto question to answer is ‘why do you want to pursue medicine?’ In contrast, the former type of personal statement requires special attention to specific questions in order to answer each question as needed. Whichever of these types of personal statements you are required to write, it is true of all personal statements that it is your best opportunity to highlight your characteristics, qualities, and achievements that may not be readily available on your application elsewhere.

Also, all personal statement types seek—either directly or indirectly—to know who you are and what you’ve accomplished, which together paint a picture of you and your capacity for success in the program to which you are applying. Buy personal statements from our experts and your purchase will be a custom personal statement, which will help your personal statement shine above the rest.

Do’s and Don’ts for a Strong Personal Statement:

If you got here by searching “buy custom personal statement,” you likely want to know what goes into a good personal statement. It's important to understand what makes up a personal statement to make an informed decision.

If you buy personal statements from us, then you can feel confident that your personal statement is strong and competitive. Purchase our personal statement services in order to gain depth rather than length in your custom personal statement—a common pitfall of personal statements. This illustrates a few key points: (1) shows admissions committees your ability to write succinctly; (2) narrows the focus to one or two ideas or experiences which effectively present what you intend.

A strong personal statement also tells the reader something interesting about you or your experiences that no other applicant could say, differentiating you from the rest of the competition. An integral part of highlighting what makes you unique simultaneously provides the reader about what drives you and presents an honest representation of yourself and not some ‘idealized’ candidate. Describing through experiences what drives you is imperative to a strong personal statement, because you’re indicating to the reader your self-awareness and dedication to your future goal. Impeccable grammar and writing style, which requires strong writing and proofreading skills, are also an integral part of an excellent personal statement. It’s important to know, though, simply knowing these guidelines or rules don’t equal a strong personal statement; however, with the right resources and guidance, adhering to these set of rules or guidelines does equal a strong personal statement.

When you decide to buy, personal statement online writing professionals will assist you promptly. are well-versed in these guidelines/rules that make a strong personal statement. Our experts in personal statement writing are experienced and mechanically sound writers and editors, as well as experienced in providing invaluable online expertise in writing every kind of personal statement. Not only is our team of writing professionals ready to help you implement these guidelines, but they will also help you avoid common pitfalls in writing personal statements.

If you purchase personal statement services from our experts, your purchase will ensure that your personal statement is a strong and competitive personal statement, which entails avoidance of commonly made mistakes. Many applicants writing personal statements make these mistakes, because they are not experts in writing personal statements. For instance, it’s just as important to avoid repeating information that can be found elsewhere in your application as it is to be free of any grammar/mechanical errors. This mistake may be easily avoided, but we’ve found still found it to be a common occurrence in personal statements.

Also, complaints or excuses about one’s circumstances in life as the cause of some blemishes on one’s application is not recommended, and a subtle mistake when writing a personal statement, but a glaring mistake when it is read. It can be important to discuss a disadvantaged background, if, that is, it is done carefully and thoughtfully. If you buy our personal statement writing services, our experienced professionals will help you decipher how to successfully navigate apparent application blemishes.

Another common pitfall in personal statements is the use of uninteresting clichéd introductions and/or conclusions. As a reader, the first impression you receive from a personal statement is in the intro and the last impression is in the conclusion, so these are important yet overlooked aspects of personal statements. We’ve seen many versions of boring and overused intros and conclusions. Original introductions and conclusions pay dividends for our clients, because our experts can spot any trace of a clichéd intro or conclusion from a mile away.

Buy Personal Statement Services from our Experts for an Edge Above the Competition:

Invest in yourself and make the purchase, personal statement online help from our writing services, and stand above the competition. Every application cycle for undergraduate or post-graduate admissions, there is an increase in competition, making application essays like the personal statement increasingly important. Our dedicated and experienced personal statement professionals spend all the time you need to perfect your personal statement. We are attentive to what your personal statement may need to make it go from weak to strong. You can order knowing that you'll get your money's worth when you purchase personal statements.

Our experts are up-to-date with today’s dynamic admissions landscape, and will guide you through your personal statement writing process with polished editing and personalized critiques in order to help you make a positive impact on admissions committees. We are dedicated to mold your personal statement and shine necessary to bring out the best you in your personal statement. Here’s your chance to find out why we’re a cut above the rest. If you’re looking for assistance and guidance in writing a compelling personal statement, look no further—we’ve got you covered. Contact us now in order to buy custom personal statements that best fit your needs.

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