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On first glance, a study abroad application essay seems similar to the essay you submitted with your college application except of course that it is sent to a college or university in another country.

However there are some important differences, and that's what we'll be talking about here.

In your study abroad application essay, you need to address at least four topics, as well as the achievements and experiences you wrote about in your previous college admissions essay. So this is at least as difficult as the essay you've already written.

If there are ways you can connect that earlier content to your desire to study abroad, great. Do it.

Applying for semester overseas

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I very much appreciate that their was a writer that spoke Spanish on the team so that he could handle the application for study abroad in Spain. THeir were a few parts that needed to understand in Spanish so having that language problem solved was why I chose them

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Here are the four concepts you need to convey when applying to study at a foreign university or college.


  • WHY ABROAD. The foreign school wants to know why you have chosen to study outside your home country. Use this discussion as an introduction to the rest of your essay. Later in the paper you will elaborate on some of the themes you first raise here.
  • WHY THEIR COUNTRY. Here is your opportunity to highlight why you would like to study in this particular country, as well as how you believe living and studying there will benefit and enrich you as a person. Tell them why it's important to you to do this.
  • WHY THEIR SCHOOL. Of all the learning institutions in their country, you have chosen this particular one. Now it is time to tell them why. What is it that particularly attracts you to their college or university? Perhaps their faculty has a strong reputation, or their research department. Something has led you to select this school and now is a good time to explain your decision process.
  • WHY YOU'RE INTERESTED. As well as summarizing your main points (without repeating your actual words), here is where you elaborate on your interest in living and learning in a new country. Talk about the broadening of mind and perspective that you know you will gain from spending time outside your country and at their school. If you have particular ties to this country, let them know. For example, when I was in high school a long time ago, I had a pen pal in Japan and I've been interested in all things Japanese ever since.


  • Before the admissions committee will approve your application, they will want to know that you are capable of living on your own, that you are a mature student who will take this study opportunity seriously. They don't want to take on a liability or a ne'er-do-well so you need to convince them you are ready, willing and able to work hard to achieve your educational and life goals.
  • Leaving your country and making good in a new land is a challenge. If there are experiences you have had that will help the admissions staff to see that you are equipped to take all that in your stride, be sure to reference them in your essay. Show them you've got what it takes.
  • Show them you're serious. Mind you, we're not saying you should be so serious you cannot enjoy life. Schools the world over want their students to be balanced so having fun is okay - so long as you can also knuckle down and do the work you've contracted to do. What we are saying is that it's okay to include just enough in your essay to show you are a joyful, balanced person as well as a dedicated student who will enhance their school while you're there.


  • Write it yourself after you've scoured the internet for information. You could no doubt find a sample or a template and just replace the details in the sample essay with your own details. But I wouldn't recommend that. And here's why. Universities and colleges have seen them all. The admissions staff will quickly recognize it if you use a template-driven essay outline. Using one is a shortcut to rejection and your travel dreams go down the tube.
  • Your better choice, unless you are an accomplished essayist, is to pay for a study abroad application essay. Engage the professional services of a trained essay writer who has worked on many study abroad application essays already. For you, it is perhaps the first time you've written one. For our writers, it's not. You'd be stressed. They are not. Writing your essay is all in day's work for them - and you'd be amazed at how much less stress a professional experiences when writing, compared to how burdened you feel when you're crafting your own application essay.


When you are applying to study abroad, it will remind you of the process of applying to get into college. That was a lot of work. This will be too.

You will do well to put in the same level of effort to get into the overseas study program as you did to get into college.

Except when going overseas, additional documents are needed. They may include health clearance forms (your general health, your vaccinations record), letters of recommendation (for example, from academics you know), your course selections and in most cases a personal statement which is otherwise known as your study abroad essay. That's the one we can help with. You, of course, will have to organize the rest.

Now if all this sounds like a bit too much for you to tackle but you still are passionate about going overseas while you are young, you might be asking "Will you write my study abroad application for me?" - and the answer is yes. Contact us to start the conversation.

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