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What is the purpose of a resume? It has just one job. To get you the interview.

How does it do that? By packaging your skills, experience, job history and qualifications into an attractively presented document which will get you an invitation to come in for an interview.

Sounds simple? Not really. Let me explain.

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A job is advertised online and within minutes the first of several hundred resumes start to arrive electronically. But the recruiter is ultimately looking for just one person. Or occasionally two.

That means ninety-nine percent of the resumes in his inbox (or hers) will never make the grade. So the recruiter's first task is to glance at every resume to decide if it's worth spending a little more time on. So the cruel reality is that you have just a few seconds to make a positive impression.

To be candid, busy hiring officers are looking for any reason to reject a job applicant. Anything that looks a bit off is reason enough to discard that person's resume.

That's not fair, you say. And we agree with you. You may be perfectly equipped to do the job, but if your resume doesn't shine, you'll never get to first base. This highlights the value of making use of a professional resume writing service.

Who can benefit from engaging a resume writing service? New graduates, job changers and career changers. Anyone who has been long term unemployed can benefit too. Plus those whose unpolished resumes are not getting them to the interview room.

How long should your resume be? That depends on your situation. For a new graduate, one page is usually sufficient to succinctly tell your story. Older or more experienced people will often benefit from longer resumes, but two pages is usually the maximum length. Three pages is rare. Exceptions to the two-page rule of thumb may include senior staff and those who are transitioning from one vocation to another and wish to capitalize on their transferable skills or experience.


Can you prepare your own resume? Certainly you can, but there are risks when you submit a DIY resume because, without wishing to be rude, the person who is sitting at home writing their own resume does not know what the resume writing services know. Worse still, the DIY folks don't know what they don't know.

The most effective resumes will include what employers are looking for, and nothing more. The trained experts at the professional resume writing services know what to include and what to exclude. Surprisingly, what you exclude can be almost as important as what you choose to include. It can be a sign of job fit, or otherwise. Effective resumes leave out the things recruiters are not interested in.

Choice of words also makes a difference. The resume pro will be using the appropriate terminology.

Layout also matters. The information contained in your resume should be formatted in a crisp attractive layout that is instantly appealing to the busy recruiter the moment he or she sees your document.


Split testing is a technique used by marketing professionals to discover the most effective way to present a product or service. It has been proven many times that the choice of words makes a statistically significant difference to the response rate. As well as testing various headlines and body text, marketers assess the effectiveness of button labels such as 'Get started', 'Click here', 'Subscribe', 'Sign up' and many others. They monitor the click-through rates of the alternatives to see which gets the most clicks.

But it's not just words. They also test colors because it's well known in the industry that the choice of color for the button does make a difference. Orange is best.

And again, it's not just words and colors. There are many variables including typeface, font size, sentence length, paragraph length, the use of images, the placement of images and many more elements on a web page.

Now what, you may be wondering, has all that got to do with my resume? A great deal, as it turns out, because your resume is a marketing tool. The product it's marketing is YOU!

Just as split testing has shown that seemingly-insignificant elements can make a surprisingly big difference to the outcome of a marketing campaign, so can some of the 'small things' in your resume.

For example, how to handle any weaknesses in your profile? Perhaps you had a period of unemployment. There are ways to put a positive spin on that. What if your skill set is reasonably complete but there is a gap. That's where transferable skills can come into play. Resume writing services can help you bridge that apparent gap.

While two resumes may contain identical information, one is presented the way the recruiting office is expecting and the other is not. Guess which one goes into the digital bin.

To maximize the chance of getting invited for an interview, job candidates are well advised to present their skills and experience in the best possible way by employing a resume writing service online. You get the benefits of their professional know-how from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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