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So this is the first time you are needing a proper resume? Congratulations! You're ready to enter the next phase of life and you want to do it right.

You want an attractive resume that will bring your skills and strengths to the attention of the employers you want to work for.

Now, you could try to put together your own resume but many people find it unexpectedly difficult to do that. Especially when you've never do it before. And that is why they choose to buy their entry level resume online.

Getting somebody else to do it saves you a lot of headaches, and choosing to purchase an entry level résumé online means your first resume will be done right. That can make a very real difference to the outcome for you.

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I had no idea where to start with my resume, this helps alot

Submitted by JCS on 14 April, 2015

As we all know, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. A professionally prepared resume can be an immense help in creating a positive first impression.

So let's talk about the process. What happens when you buy an entry level resume online?

Buy An Entry Level Resume Online

First, we need to check that we're both on the same page, by asking - What is the purpose of a resume? In other words, why do you need one?

And more importantly, why do you need a resume prepared by an expert? Considering that you could put one together yourself, this is an important question and we will answer that shortly.

What is the job of a resume?

The job is a resume is to get you into an interview with your prospective employer.

So the job of an entry level resume is to get you into an interview for your first job. Or your first 'serious' job because maybe you've worked for the corner shop or packed groceries for the local supermarket at night or done some other part time work while you were studying. But now you're ready to enter the mainstream job market… which is why you now need the right tool for the job. You need a resume.

Preferably one that sparkles!

So here's the job-getting plan: - You gather the information and documents that tell your personal story (educational achievements, experiences you've had, memberships you had during college, certificates for extra-curricular activities, etc). - You purchase an entry level resume online from a professional resume service. - You send your resume to the employers you'd like to work for. - They like what they see in your resume and they invite you in for an interview.

It is during the interview that they can see what kind of a person you are, and you can tell them more about your relevant experiences and strengths. If there is a good fit between you and what the company is looking for in an employee, that's when things get exciting.

It's great to anticipate the excitement of getting your first real job and starting to earn some decent money. Before that happens, however, you have to get invited in for an interview and the best way to make that happen is to send them a professionally prepared resume that 'sells' you.

Your Personal Marketing Document

Yes, your resume is a marketing document. The 'product' it's selling is you. That resume is going to be your marketing department.

It's a single piece of paper that summarizes all that's important to your future employer about you. I said 'paper' because your resume can be printed but most times it will be transmitted electronically.

If you have a lot of work experience and achievements, your résumé may run over onto the second page, but is not common for junior employees. Whether it's printed or not, an entry level resume is still going to be, in most cases, a single page.

Stand Out!

You want to stand out from the crowd. An entry level résumé that has been prepared by an experienced résumé professional can do just that… make you stand out from all the others who are competing with you for that position.

Your resume needs to clearly and accurately present your strengths - especially the ones applicable to the job.

Your resume can also address any deficits in your profile, such as subjects you did not do so well at or gaps in your experience when compared to what the company is ideally looking for in an employee. There are several ways to handle these weaknesses and a resume expert knows them all.

Why Buy Your Entry Level Résumé Online

  • FASTER & EASIER. It's far quicker than having to personally visit an office in the city. You enter your personal details into an online form, then you click a button and your information instantly reaches the resume provider's inbox.
  • CHEAPER. By engaging the services of an online resume service, you're not paying your share of an expensive building in the city. The consultant you deal with may even be a teleworker who does not need to commute in and out of the city every day. That can save the company money too, which gets reflected in the price they charge you. If the remote worker needs to discuss your situation with a colleague, they can always do that before completing your resume.
  • SMARTER. When you choose to buy your entry level résumé from an online company, you're making a smart choice. You get expertise at the lowest possible price from a trained expert who is a part of a team of resume experts.

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