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If you were thinking of putting your own internship resume together, I'd like to talk with you for a few moments.

I'd like to suggest getting a trained professional to help you with this important document. Why? Because it's your life we are talking about. It's one of the first steps in getting your career started, the career which will (in part) identify you in the years ahead. Getting an internship is not for everybody, but since you're here it's obviously important to you.

And that's why I'd like to help you by raising some of the issues that may not be self-apparent.


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The Choice to Buy an Internship Resume Online

'What is a resume anyway?'

- It's an advertisement. It's an ad for YOU. You are the product that your resume is promoting. That's a great reason why you'd want to get it done right. Because, in effect, your resume is you.

How's that? The internship manager has not met you. He (or she) doesn't know you from Adam, as they say. They know nothing about you, your personality, and the amazing unique individual that you are. All they've got is a piece of paper. Probably two pages.

Those two pages have a big job to do. They're supposed to bring you to the top of the pile.

How big is the pile? Recruiters get hundreds of applications for internship positions. That's an awful lot of competition. And that is why your resume needs to really shine.


Making you stand out from the herd is the job of the resume. Not to lie about you, because that will get you into a world of trouble if you do make it through to an interview on the strength of such misrepresentations.

No, the job of the resume preparer is to accurately highlight your many strengths and skills and connect them to the workplace requirements that the company has outlined in their ad.

Why Buy Your Internship Resume Online?

  • Privacy. It's just you and the resume consultant working together. Nobody else has to attend the meeting because you fill out your details in an online form and then the communication between you both can also be handled entirely online (or by phone if you wish). Skype is an option too, but again that's private and confidential.

  • Faster and cheaper. You have plenty of things you want to do with your time. Traveling to a city office is not one of them. These days going online to get stuff done is normal. We enjoy the speed and efficiency that the web brings us.

  • Professionalism. You get the help of an expert when you choose an online resume provider. Why? Because the company has dedicated staff whose main focus is internship resumes. They have other specialists who handle other kinds of CVs and resumes too. When you hire a professional and give them your data, they'll get it right. That's what you want - your resume done right!

  • Easily updated. As your career progresses, your work history can quickly be updated and a resume with a different focus can be generated easily.


They are looking for 'fit'. Not how physically fit you are, but how you would fit into their organization. That's a combination of skills, experience, attitude and aptitude.

As a young person, you may feel that your skills profile is a bit thin. And maybe it is. But that doesn't have to be a killer.

Having no paid work experience is not a make-or-break matter because companies know that young people have not had the years to build up a profile of contribution and career growth.

So they look for different things. Mainly they are looking for aptitude. Whether you will fit into the business.

'So what are they looking for?'


Your internship resume is your vehicle to show them what you CAN do. Make a list of your past experiences and extract the transferable skills from each of them.

Make a list of, say, your top 5 skills. With a bit of lateral thinking, you will be able to identify abilities you honed during those experiences.

For example, decisiveness. It's important for leaders at work to be decisive, not wishy washy. Was there a time when you were confronted with the need to make a decision fast?

For another example, let's think about flexibility. Consider a scenario when the first solution you tried failed but you kept trying different things until something worked. Would a real world job value flexibility like that? You bet.

This same scenario could be used to highlight the persistence you developed at the same time. Companies want staff who will push through difficulties. An internship applicant who shows this attribute is a strong candidate for the role.

Recruiters are not only looking at what you've done. They look at what you ARE. Because what you are (your character) underpins what you can do for them.

Many skills are transferable. That is, although they were developed in one context, they are beneficial in a range of different contexts, including at work.

Purchase an Internship Resume Online and Get it Right!

Don't wing it by writing your internship CV yourself and getting it wrong.

If you've not prepared a CV before, it can be quite daunting. You won't know what to include and, just as importantly, how to say things. That is where it pays to buy an internship CV. Or to be more accurate,it pays to buy the services of an internship CV professional who will write it for you, using the information you supply to him or her.

The company's recruiter has not met you. The only things the recruiter will know about you are what goes into your internship CV. The way the document expresses itself is a direct representation of you, the person.


A final word about testimonials. Do you know somebody who would be likely to impress the person assessing you for your internship manager? Ask them (politely) if they would write a character testimonial for you.

Now, who might you ask? A neighbor who is active in Lions. A school teacher who knows you. A family friend who is a policeman. And there are many other 'impressive' people around. Have a think about who you know that would endorse you as a good, industrious, kind or generous person.

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