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Let me guess. You're here because you want to buy a resume online? Thought so.

Perhaps you did an internet search using Google, Yahoo! or Bing, or your other favorite search engine. Or possibly you clicked through to here from elsewhere on the site. In any event, welcome… because here we are discussing the benefits of purchasing a résumé online.

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This was the first time I have hired anyone to help with job hunting. I'm very particular about my resumes/cover letters/CVs, since I want them to represent my best self, so I was a little nervous about ordering. Prescott Papers kept their word though! The resume was shining and clean. They consolidated my resume down to a single page and emphasized the most important parts which I think will help a lot in my job search. The organization looked really good as well. When I give this to hiring managers they'll be able to skim through it easily and quickly which I also think will help me a lot in the job search.

Submitted by Hayley Garcia on 28 April, 2015

Why Buy A Resume Online?

There are many good reasons to do so. Let's talk about them.


Nobody is looking over your shoulder or listening in to your discussions when you buy a résumé online. You can complete the whole process with an assurance of privacy and confidentiality. You can address the changes you are planning to make in your employment life without peer pressure or other people prying. And you won't continue to get unwanted advice offered by folks who take joy in sharing their opinions, whether they're worth listening to or not.


When you engage an online resume service, you don't need to ask for time off from work. Your boss and your associates at work do not need to know you are even considering a move.

This is a huge advantage of going online to buy your resume. From the moment that you signal to your supervisor that you are looking for greener employment pastures, things can start to get difficult at work. In most cases, it's best that they don't know.


Some good workers would rather avoid a face-to-face discussion if they could. Although they do their jobs well, some people find it uncomfortable or even challenging to enter a new social setting. Sure, they will have to grin and bear it when it comes to attending an interview but if you'd rather avoid social pressure when you can, then being able to able to buy a résumé online is ideal for you.


One of the great advantages when you buy your resume online is speed. You can enter your data as fast (or as slow) as you wish. Be sure to double check what you have written, of course, to ensure a high quality end product that doesn't need to be corrected due to any typing mistakes you made.

Another time-saving benefit is the speed of electronic submission. Gone are the days of waiting for the postal service to deliver snail mail to your mail box. E-documents arrive within seconds of being sent.

If the resume professional you are dealing with has questions, he or she can send you a short email and you can get back to them with a prompt response. Or they can phone you if you prefer, or use Skype for an internet-mediated discussion. All of these options help to facilitate the speedy delivery of your resume.


The power of internet connectedness these days means you can do this whole thing from the comfort and safety of your own home, without impacting on your current work commitments and without having to travel to the resume writer's premises. With travel times as long as they are for many of us today, not having to travel is just another advantage of going the online route for your next resume.


When You Purchase A résumé online, you need high-quality writers. Years ago, if you were looking for a job and wanted help with your resume, you had to visit your local library to borrow a book on résumé writing. Then you would have had to plow through it, hoping to extract the best ideas that are relevant to you. The author probably covered all manner of situations in the book. Most of them didn't apply to you, right?

Then you had to begin the demanding work of preparing your own resume. Far easier said than done, as you will know if you'd tried to do this yourself.

Maybe the book's author was simply a journalist who did a quick bit of research before writing the book, or perhaps you got lucky and found something authoritative written by a specialist in job hunting and career change. Or possibly the book (or was it books, plural?) you borrowed from the library were less than helpful to you personally. Some books are like that. Great content but they don't directly apply to you and your situation.

However today, because of the worldwide web, we have access to experts. Some of these consultants will have chosen to work from home; some will be in an office. But it makes no difference to you. You are still tapping into their expertise and their experience in writing hundreds (or even thousands) of résumés.

Specialization by the resume provider's staff means that whatever your vocation, the company will have a specialist with deep experience in your area.


When you buy your resume from an online resume service, they don't need a fancy office in a high rent part of the city. So you don't have to pay for your share of that. All you want is their know-how… their skill in preparing your personal marketing document (that's what a resume is - your personal marketing representative!). With lower overheads, an online resume service can offer a more attractive price for their service, without cutting any quality corners. And you benefit from the cost savings, while still getting a professionally prepared résumé.

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