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Formatting is a substantial part of your grade for university papers. Handing in a paper that is perfectly formatted gives a great first impression to your professors. Cleanly written and correctly formatted papers improve grades substantially.

Save hours of time with our custom academic paper writing service. Buy papers written to your custom formatting requirements - all formatting and citation styles are available! Want a style not listed on this page? You can specify alternate or custom formatting styles during the order process.

MLA Format Paper

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I have had an overall positive experience buying from Prescott Papers. I appreciate that edits were offered to tweak the formatting to comply with my professor's requirements for MLA format.

Submitted by RSK on 19 October, 2015

Why buy a paper custom-formatted by Prescott Papers?

Professors can tell the difference between quickly-written papers by non-native speakers and professional-quality papers written by real world experts. Our ivy-league graduates, PhDs, and former professors write perfect papers and make sure that your paper meets your academic formatting requirements.

The Importance of Formatting

How important is formatting for academic papers? The answer is that it is more important than you may think! Formatting is important because...

  • Papers with correct academic formatting stand out. Make a good first impression with your paper.
  • Formatting makes your papers easy to read! Make life easy for your grader and see your score shoot through the roof!
  • Formatting is often a large part of your grade, which can make the difference between full letter grades.

Buy your custom papers from Prescott Papers and ensure that your custom formatting requirements are followed. With all the benefits of perfect formatting, your paper will be the best in the class!

Edits and Revisions Included

After ordering a paper, you may have requests for how to improve the paper further. Need your Chicago format paper switched from footnotes citations in in-text citations? We'll help you ASAP! We work with you based on your feedback to make sure that your paper if formatted and written perfectly.

Expedited Delivery Available

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