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Are writing a dissertation but hung up on the abstract? Did you know you can buy your dissertation abstract online? You might be thinking, “Why would I bother to buy a dissertation abstract? It’s only a couple hundred words!” It’s true that abstracts are quite short, usually about three hundred to five hundred words, but they can be very tricky to write. This is because an abstract is not merely an introduction to your dissertation. A proper abstract must act as a substitute for the entire dissertation for those readers who lack the time or energy to read the entire document. This is because it is the abstract that shows up in academic indexes so that readers can efficiently sift through many different dissertations to find what they are looking for without having to read the whole thing.

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Hence the difficulty of writing a quality abstract. It is essential to condense all the important parts of your dissertation in a very short space, which requires clear and concise writing. You also need to write the abstract well to lead readers to believe that the entire dissertation is also written well, and thus worth investing the necessary time and energy to read. Considering the abstract is an advertisement for your whole dissertation, it is a very important part of the project. If the abstract is not well written or fails to follow the proper format, it’s unlikely your dissertation will receive much notice.

To avoid this fate, you could purchase your dissertation abstract online, as there are many companies that offer dissertation writing services. However if you are looking for the best custom dissertation abstract at the lowest price, then Prescott Papers is your only choice! If you are not sure whether you can handle writing your own abstract, or if you may need professional help, read the following description to see if it matches your skills and abilities.

Abstracts must describe the dissertation’s topic, main points, and how your research will contribute to the existing scholarship. It also needs to clearly demonstrate that your work is interesting, powerful and relevant. Remember to highlight only the most important information. Every abstract includes these four main points.

  1. Research: First describe the gaps in the existing scholarship you want to address with your research. Then give a brief overview-- no more than a couple of sentences-- of the research you conducted and why it is significant.
  2. Methodology: How did you conduct your research? Answering this question depends on your particular discipline and topic of study. However, there are some universal questions to guide you in writing this section: Was your research quantitative or qualitative? If you used experiments, what helped you obtain the best data? If you did not conduct any experiments, what research methods did you pursue? How did you analyze your data and/or research?
  3. Results: This is the most important part of your dissertation (along with how you interpret the results) and thus deserves special emphasis in the abstract. You must present the results, and explain if they confirm or contradict your hypothesis. It’s essential that you report the results objectively, and in simple language that non- experts can understand. Remember, you want your abstract to advertise your dissertation to as many people as possible.
  4. Interpretation of results: Here is where you talk about the implications of your results and the significance of your findings. If you just report your results without explaining what they mean, you are forcing the reader to draw their own conclusions. This is not good because they very well may come to different conclusions than you did. To avoid this, interpret your results in clear and simple language so there is no ambiguity as to what they mean.

These may be the four main parts of an abstract, but there are more rules to remember to write one well. For example, although these parts are distinct from each other, you need to transition between them smoothly. Transitions are another element that contribute to writing well. Another essential element in writing an abstract (or anything) well is avoiding wordiness. Here the legendary advice of William Strunk in his famous “The Elements of Style” is especially useful: Omit needless words! This is a cornerstone of good writing everywhere, but considering abstracts have a short word limit, this advice must be enforced even more strictly than usual. Finally you should not include any information not in your dissertation.

If you would rather lower your stress level and purchase your dissertation abstract, then call or email us to set up a risk free, no obligation consultation. To further lower your stress, you can receive a preview of the abstract before the first payment is due. You are also entitled to free revision and editing until your abstract sounds exactly how you want it. We also guarantee your abstract will be one hundred percent original and able to pass any plagiarism test, and that it will be written by experts with PhDs. We also promise our services are completely confidential, meaning we never share your information with third parties.

So what are you waiting for? If you are searching for a custom dissertation abstract online, you have come to the right place. Prescott Papers has the best writers in the business, hands down! They know how to write an abstract that will get your dissertation noticed!

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