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Are you freaking out about writing your dissertation discussion? This is understandable, considering the dissertation discussion is the most important chapter of the dissertation. To take all of the stress out of it, buy your dissertation discussion online.

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Submitted by Anonymous on 05 April, 2015

The discussion is the most important part of the dissertation because it is the very heart of the entire project, as it is here you get to explain what your results actually mean. The discussion is the main reason why anyone would want to read the dissertation, which means it’s essential to write a quality one.

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A simple way of thinking about the dissertation discussion is that it should interpret and describe the significance of your results and how they relate to the research problem. Using your results, what new thinking can you add to the debate around the research problem? It’s essential that the dissertation discussion contain entirely new analysis. It’s fine for the discussion to be connected thematically to the introduction, as both sections present the research problem, hypotheses, and aspects of the literature review. However, make sure not to simply rearrange the introduction, as doing so will make for a boring and repetitive discussion. You can avoid this fate by having the discussion pick up the explanation of the research problem and hypotheses from where it left off at the end of the introduction. Did the results conform your hypotheses? If yes, great! If not, don’t try to cover it up. Sometimes results only partially prove the hypotheses, or not prove them at all. If this happens to you, make sure to acknowledge and explain what happened, and develop a new hypothesis based on the results. Although your findings are different than what you were hoping, they still contribute to finding an answer to the research problem, and it is your job to explain how.

Once you describe the major findings of your research, explain why they matter. Why are they important? Why should anyone care? To achieve this, it is not enough to only report information in an strictly objective way. You need to actively engage the reader in your critical thinking about the results. How can you synthesize the results to develop a creative solution to an aspect of the research problem? How do the results aid you in obtaining a deeper and profound understanding of the research problem? Providing competent answers to these questions is an essential part of any dissertation discussion. An ideal situation would be a reader to finish the discussion and ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

An important aspect of explaining the importance of your results is how they address gaps in your field of study, or if they expose new gaps. Highlighting these attributes is a great way to get your dissertation noticed by other researchers.

It is also important to highlight parts of the literature review in the discussion, but make sure they relate specifically to your results in some way. This section of the discussion is critical, as you need to demonstrate the link between the previous research and your findings. Think about it as a conversation between the past and the present. This conversation provides a context for your findings, which makes them easier for the reader to understand, while also providing legitimacy to your results. It is much easier to believe something that is part of a larger pattern rather than something that exists in a vacuum.

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