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Although the dissertation introduction comes first, many students leave it until the end because they perceive the other parts of the dissertation as being more important. While this may be true, many students wait too long and are scrambling to write their introduction at the deadline, and end up with a poor quality introduction as a result.

Give yourself some peace of mind and buy your dissertation introduction online. The introduction is short but extremely important, as you need to set up the entire dissertation. If this is not a good experience for the reader, they may not read anymore. So if you are searching for a custom dissertation introduction online, Prescott Papers is here to help. Our expert team of writers will write a dissertation introduction that will make people notice your work.

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If you are one of those people that think introductions are some of the easiest things to write, do yourself a favor and read everything a dissertation introduction must have.

First of all, remember that the abstract and introduction are two separate things! If you make this mistake your grade is sure to take a hit. Introductions simply introduce the topic of your dissertation and provide a setting for the research. Conversely the abstract is a summary of the entire dissertation. The introduction is also linked to the rest of the dissertation, in that it should smoothly transition to the main text. The abstract should function as a summary completely separate from the main text.

The introduction has to accomplish some specific goals. First, the general context in which the work exists. The reader has to have a sufficient amount of background information about the topic if they are going to make sense of the specifics of your work. Next, explain the aims and objectives of the research. What are you trying to accomplish? Is the research solving a specific problem? Or is it addressing a gap in prior research on the subject?

It may also be necessary to fully explain the dissertation’s title. What do you want the title to express? Why did you choose one word over another? Answering these questions leads smoothly to a discussion about your hypotheses that will be tested. You should explain each hypothesis in its own paragraph. Why did you choose this hypothesis? How will you test it? Also, explain how each hypothesis furthers the aims and objectives of the research.

After covering all the hypotheses, provide a brief overview of your methodology. Brief is the key word here. You have a whole chapter on methodology so you do not want to provide too much information. Yet you still need to give enough information to help the reader understand what they just read concerning your research and hypotheses. For example, it is important to define all the key terms that deal with methodology-- such as qualitative research, quantitative research, etc.-- so you can be sure the reader understands what you are trying to say. The same rule also applies to the particular theoretical framework or research philosophy you use as a guide as you write the dissertation. Your readers may not know what a “positivist” or “interpretivist” (and especially not “phenomenological”!) research philosophy means, so give them a brief definition. If you fail to make your language plan and simple enough, it is likely some readers will not attempt to tackle the entire dissertation.

Now give the reader a chapter by chapter preview of the dissertation. Explain how your argument grows with each chapter, and what information can be found in the appendices. You also need to prepare the reader for what conventions you will be using and your justifications for doing so. For example, “Although the norm is for the author to talk about themselves in the third person, I will use the first person because….”

Finally, divulge any areas of your topic that you had to exclude, and why. For example,“This project does not consider…due to insufficient resources/space/time …” “Most previous work on this topic focused on X…. however I decided to investigate Y because…”

If this sounds too complicated, or too annoying after a long project, you may want to purchase your dissertation introduction. Call Prescott Papers for a free consultation. If your dissertation happens to be due tomorrow, then you definitely need to give us a call! If you needed, we could have your custom dissertation introduction finished in as little as four hours. So if you are in an emergency situation, in danger of not completing the project on time, it would be foolish to think you can rely on redbulls and adrenaline to produce a quality dissertation introduction. At this point, your only option is to buy your dissertation introduction. If you choose Prescott Papers, you will have a professional team of PhD writers on your side that produce great original content quickly, and for a tremendous value. You will also be entitled to free editing and revisions until your dissertation introduction sounds exactly how you want.

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